Living with him with my life… (KKB) Shot 1

It’s weird though when someone comes and ask u Are u married? I mean it’s weird as he asked me at a restaurant where I was having my meals….I was alone….Is that the reason he asked me? Not really….He was with his friends and I assume they were playing truth or dare….So he dared to ask me that question….The question was fine but why should he ask that when my marriage was just cancelled? The timing that he asked me was not fine.
Anyways I was fed up of my life when people around me ask about marriage. While I was thinking about those thoughts, he came back to my table again. I am sorry! I just had to ask u that way in all of a sudden as part of the game with my friends…That was what he told me in a rush and he went off.

I was wondering he was very considerate in a way though…but he never gave me a chance to respond to him. He was talking continuously to the extent that I was just speechless!
That was the first time I met him and I didn’t expect that I will be meeting him again! Yes now I met him at the bookshop I was working…Books are my friend and the stories that I read always gave me solace….This is time it was not weird but embarrassing….This is time he came to me and asked whether I was single to be married? He asked me like that when my boss was passing me….The most embarrassing part was my boss thought he was my boyfriend! I mean how could he just ask me like that? We only met a few days ago and now he is asking me like this! At first I thought he was playing truth or dare game again! So I looked around for his friends but I was disappointed….There was no sign any of his friends….
He grabbed my hands and brought me out of the bookshop…The most weird thing is I never stop him…I was also going along with him and my boss did saw him bringing me out….I had thousand of thoughts running in my mind….Who is he? Why is he doing like this? Is he playing again? Why am I not stopping him? Was I scared? Or Do I like him that I didn’t want to stop him?

I only came back to sense when he called my name “Pragya!” I looked at the surroundings and was shocked to the core….It was someone’s house…That’s not something to be shocked about but the shocking part was….It was in a wedding arrangement! I had to blink my eyes and rub my eyes several times….He was smiling looking at my reactions. The most weird part was he was now holding onto my spectacles. I didn’t know when I gave him…..The next moment, I saw my Ma coming towards me….Now I was wondering why is she here? She hugged me with a wide smile…She was also in tears…Why was she crying? What happened made me even more shocking….There came a elderly lady who passed me the wedding attire….She asked me to get ready and I wanted to ask all of them something and that’s when my Ma said “Pragya! Get ready first…then u can ask anything u want….” I was literally brought her away from there by a group of girls…most likely to get me ready for the wedding! I was like why is this happening to me? After a few hours, I was ready again looking like a bride…This time I was totally confused and all those around me were happily smiling and teasing me….

They brought me to the mandap. I was like why everything is happening in a rush now? I looked beside me, he was sitting there in the wedding attire too…He never looked at me instead he was looking at my Ma giving a smile that was assuring to her…..Then he turned towards me and smiled again….After that, I was married to someone whom I just met a few days ago….I was surprised that he even knew what I liked and disliked in food preferences when we were eating together…How was all this possible when I met a stranger just a few days ago?
Everyone around me were filled with happiness and I was the only one who was in a confused state. That’s when he patted me and he brought me away from the crowd…..

All I had to do was again wondering why did he now brought me to his room? Oh god! What was he going to do now?
Then he started saying, “I am Abhishek who is your husband now…You could be wondering why I married u all of a sudden…It’s weird but I had no choice….” After a long time I had the courage to speak in the midst of confusion that happened around me….Pragya “No choice means?” Abhi “No choice as in I had to marry u….” Pragya “Why?” Unfortunately, there was a knock on the door which made him to hug me all of a sudden! I didn’t expected this and his Dadi entered the room. Looking at us in that way, she smiled weirdly and I was feeling very uncomfortable….Dadi “Abhi! It’s time for other rituals and u two have to come down now!” I just realized his name was Abhi…Oh god! What is this? I married a person without even knowing his name and now he was hugging me as if I was his teddy bear!
He broke the hug and looked at me with a wide smile. Abhi “I just had to hug u as Dadi was around…” I was completely annoyed and walked towards the door…he grabbed my hands again and I had no choice but to walk along with him….I had to plaster a fake smile when there was photos being taken of us….Nobody knew what I was going through….Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves….Even my Ma was happy about this sudden marriage…That’s when I thought is this a sudden marriage? It seems to be well-planned with all my relatives being here too….

There came another confusion again….This time in the form of my Ma…She came to me and whispered in my ears “Pragya dear now u are in safe hands now…Take care of him and his family just like yours…” I was puzzled and before I could say something she hold my hands and said “Everything will be fine…” I never saw Ma being so happy to the extent she was keep on having tears of happiness….Why was everyone seemed to be happy about this marriage? I can’t say I was not happy but I was confused in why everyone were happy?
It was night now…I don’t feel like staying in his room and that too for Suhaag raat! Oh god! I don’t even know him who is he and what if he take advantage of me? I looked around in fear…..He came near me and said “You no need to worry as all these arrangements won’t affect me….” I realized he was referring to the arrangement in the room with a romantic atmosphere….Finally I was free to ask him “Why me?” Abhi “What u mean?” Pragya “As in marrying me?” Abhi “As I told u before I had no choice…” Pragya “No choice for what?” Abhi “Pragya! I am single and you are single too…And I had no choice but I had to marry u!” I was puzzled at his reasoning….It’s that a reason to marry me? There are so many girls who single out there in this city! For god’s sake why can’t he give me a valid reason?? Now I had no choice but just had to look lost in what happened to me!

I was still standing and he was sitting down on the bed. He asked me how long I was going to stand like this….I didn’t want to talk to him….I just felt I should disappear in the air….
Now his voice was louder, he asked me to just sleep beside him. I was like…how can I sleep beside a stranger? But I was doing the opposite to my thoughts…His loud voice scared me to the extent that I went slept beside him. I never even changed to comfortable clothing….He too didn’t changed from the wedding attire…I slept not facing him…anyways I didn’t want to face him too! For the whole night sleep was lost….It’s not the first time that my sleep was lost but this is the first time it was lost not at my house!

I was wondering why all this have to happen? Did Ma thought I won’t agree to a marriage and fixed it as per her wish? I was an obedient girl who always listens to my Ma but then why she arranged this marriage?
The weird thing was that he was not sleeping as well…How did I know? The mirror in front of me showed his reflection of sitting on the bed and at times walking around the room….He suddenly waked me up and I pretended to be sleeping….I still don’t know how he knew that I was pretending and he just shook me as if there was a earthquake….I woke up of course being annoyed to look at him again….He now asked me whether I wanted to know the real reason for marrying her? Without any hesitance, I said yes…There came another shock; I am the person who made your marriage to be cancelled that day….I was completely taken into shock and was very furious at him….I just slapped him hardly on his cheek! He was just standing there still as if accepting his defeat….I was so angry at him that I blurted out all my feelings that I went through after my marriage cancelled….He didn’t respond and that made me even more furious…Finally he spoke….Abhi “I didn’t do it purposely…The man u were supposed to marry was already a womanizer and that’s why I had to come up with the stupid reason that u already loved someone….” I still couldn’t accept the fact that he was trying to save me but I felt his eyes was telling the truth….He also said that it was his own brother that he blamed as womanizer….That was unbelievable to me….I never saw him or Dadi that day….All my confusions was cleared when he showed me his family photo and explained to me that his brother was actually cheating on others…especially middle class girls by marrying them with a fake family…

He now made me sit on the bed and told, I know this marriage and now what I have told u all is a shock and a confusion to u….but trust me u are the only one that I managed to save from my brother….He had done like this even before….but I couldn’t save anyone as he was doing this at different parts of India….He married girls and then left them after getting pleasure and money from them….He was very smart at faking his identity too….Somehow I managed to know that u were his target and I made him believe u loved someone which was me…..Fortunately, I was also to made him arrested by the police after your marriage got cancelled with him….
I was wondering how was I not aware of all this? Why there was no news about this? Then he explained to me that he made it to be a low profile case as his brother’s wrong actions would greatly affect his career….
Now I was wondering what kind of career was that which he thought that hiding his brother’s wrong actions to the society.

I looked at him all the while he was telling me all this….He looked like my saviour but at the same time he made me angry too!
Slowly holding my hands, he said I was not sure how to convince u to marry u for what my brother did to u! So I had to convince your mum first and then marry u in this way….
I was unable to accept his reasoning…Yes he did helped me but now it is not of a help….Marrying me is definitely not a help to me!
That was when I told him, Let me sleep….I am not sure of your help to me now….Thanks for saving me from your brother but….now what u had done is not a help to me…..It made my life now confusing…..
He gave a look as if he was wondering what is there to be confused about by getting married to him?
I looked at him again and said I had dreams after that marriage got cancelled….My Ma doesn’t knew about it….Now my dreams have shattered just because of this marriage….It’s ok….I guess I don’t have the rights to have dreams in my life…..
He looked shocked now and tried to tell something but I was not in a mood to listen and just lied on the bed by covering myself with the blanket….
That’s how my day ended with an unexpected marriage…..something else could have been done by him….as marriage was never a solution for my worries….Now my marriage itself is a worry…..not to others but it is a worry to me……

It’s a random shot so the next one will come when I am randomly thinking about this…..How was this? I guess it was confusing to me haha as I am stressed with works and ended up writing this….

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