live to love – part 3

Everyone goes for getting fresh
Suddenly Sona gets pulled by someone
And is pinned back at wall
Sona sees dev over there

Dev without uttering anything kisses Sona passionately
Sona reciprocates
They continue kissing each other until they were breathless
After sometime they broke apart

Sona:dev….koi dekh lega

Dev:dekhne do(romantically)

Sona:abhi nahi…kisi ne dekh liya to aafat as jayegi

Dev:to vaada karo Ki aaj raat ko milogi


Dev leaves Sona and puts his hands up in the air as if surrendering to sona

Sona smiles and runs away
Dev also smiles and runs his hands across his hair

In room…
Elena whistles


Elana:nahi main to Bata rahi hoon Ki aise bahut ladke line maarenge

Sona:kuch bhi

Elena:arre sachme
Lekin protection ke Liye na dev Ki taraf dekh lena
Dil ko thandak milegi

Sona sighs

Sona:kaisi lag rahi hoon??

Elena:ek baat Bata Ki tu sirf dev ke Liye hi hai na

Sona looks angrily at her

Elena:nahi kyunki jis tarah se tu taiyuar hui hai na usse to bahut se ladke tujhpe flat hone wale hai
Trust me…

Sona blushes and leaves

Sona and Shraddha comes with naina
Engagement happens
Anytime Sona looks at dev
He gives a remember your promise look
Sona always blushes

After dinner
Sona gets ready to meet dev
Suddenly Shraddha comes and try to take Sona to her room and have some chit chat
But Sona doesn’t want to go and gives a pleading look to elena for help
Elena understands the sign and says

Elena:arre di kya aap Sona ke saath time pass kar rahe Ho
Sona Ki company bahut boring hai
Aap mere saath chalo

And takes Shraddha with her and winks at Sona

Sona smiles at her and runs to meet dev
While running some powerful hand grabs her and once pines her to the wall
Again without uttering a word
Dev starts giving kisses and love bites to Sona at her neck
Sona moans dev’s name
Bit dev doesn’t listens to her and bites her ear lobe
Which makes shiver run in Sona’s back
Suddenly dev starts wiggling Sona br*asts with his nose
Sona enjoys it
Then dev unzips Sona’s anarkali
And put kisses and love bites there
His hands pressing sona’s br*asts
He continues
He turns sona’s right arms anarkali
And kisses her bare shoulder and also bites there
Suddenly they hear ishwari calling dev
They both get panic
Dev zips sona’s anarkali
And gives her a strong kiss on lips of farewell

I think this worked
And aap sab Ki wish poiri Ho gayi
Waiting for your comments

  1. Priya12

    Di, awesomeeee

  2. Hahahah uh got it the episode was toooooo good ur but we all want thoda zyada bda wla episode but keep posting regularly ♥♥♥
    Lots of love♥♥♥

  3. Too hot to handle..hahaha

  4. Awesome episode dear plz try to write little bit long episode dear.

  5. Priya12

    Di..we want some what long epi..di

  6. ????❤?????? amazing one shruti….. Their romance part ????

  7. Shruti710

    Thanks a lot maleeha di
    And everyone who supported me

  8. Niki645

    Awesome di!!!!??

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