Little Things (Chaper 20) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

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Little Things (Chapter 20)

Anjali:But What happened Khushi ji?
Khushi:Jo insaan hum pe barosa nahi rakh sakte hum unse baat karna nahi chahte (I don’t want to talk to people who doesn’t trust me)
Arnav:I am sorry for whatever i said. I know i shouldn’t have said all that. When i am angry i stop thinking.

Khushi:Aaj se aapko sochna padega. Har baat aap do bhar soch ke bolenge. (From today you will have to think. You will think twice before you speak)

Arnav bents his head down.

KHUSHI: can you promise me?
Arnav:May be.
Khushi:Yes or No
Arnav keeps his palm on top of Khushi’s.
Arnav:Yes.and please forgive me.

Khushi hugs him.
Khushi forwards her hand.
Arnav smiles and hugs her.

Khushi smiles.

Arnav then bend on his knee and takes out a ring.

Arnav:Khushi! On behalf of my whole family, i promise you that i will always take care of you, i will never leave you under any serious circumstances, i will always make you happy, and i will never let a drop of tear on your eyes. Would you like to be mine and mine forever?

Khushi was shocked,she never expected that.

Anjali:Awww! Khushi ji ha bolo (Khushi ji say yes)
Khushi:Ha!(Yes) ,
Arnav hugs her.She smiles shyly.

Shyam:Humare wapas aane se itni Khushiya (Too much happiness after my entry)
Anjali:Nahi, meri beti ki aane se itni Khushi aayi hai (No its because my daughter came)
Shyam:Rani sahiba… Humari beti! (Queen! Its our daughter)

Anjali hugs him

Arnav:But di where was she all this while? Why did you hide it from us?

Anjali:I had ran away from our house when you threw Shyam ji out. And i went to the orphanage and i delivered my baby there. And after baby i decided not to return back, but when i knew that you came to know about me. I asked the warden to look after my daughter and i had promised my daughter that i would bring her back to her house one day with her father to receive her. Because i was angry on you both.

Nani hugs Anjali and says sorry. Arnav hugs Shyam and looks at the small baby. She looked around the whole house, the only two familiar faces were Khushi’s and Anjali’s.

Arnav takes her in hand.
Arnav:Hi Sana! I am your mamu.
Arnav:No Beta its
Arnav:Arre why is she saying Ma.. Mi.

Anjali and Khushi laugh looking at eachother.

Khushi:She calls me Mami.
Shyam:But why?
Arnav:Is that the only two words she knoe?
Anjali and Khushi nods.
Khushi:Sorry Arnav, Sorry bhayya.
Anjali:One day when she called me Ma. I was so happy. And then when Khushi took her in arms,she said Ma….mi.

Then Shyam takes her.

Shyam:Humari rajkumari humein Pa pa bulayegi na (My princess will call me Papa right?)
Arnav:Arre why does she say like that? After the first half she adds i.

Khushi:I have no idea.
Anjali:Heyy bhagwan ab meri bachchi ka kya hoga? (Now what will happen to my daughter?)
Shyam:Rani sahiba aap tension mat lijiye. Khushi kudh usko suthar degi (Rani sahiba please dont take tensio. Now Khushi will solve this)


Khushi:God! Now i will have to find a way out for this also.

Khushi takes Sana into her lap.

Khushi:Sana beta say Mama
Arnav glare
Khushi:Say Nani.
Nani glare
Khushi:Say Khushi.

Khushi excitedly looks at others. All glare

Khushi:Say Ma.
Anjali smiles all happy
Khushi:Say Pa.
Shyam glares
Khushi:Say Arnav
Arnav:Heyy thats a cool name, i like it. Thanks Sana (He kiss on her forehead)
Khushi:Beta Say Papa.
Shyam smiles and kiss on Sana’s forhead.
Khushi:Thank god! She said.

Anjali:Come to ma.

All again look at Khushi. Khushi keeps her hand on head helplessly.


I know this was a boring ff, because more than Arshi my focus was family. Its my last ss ….i will be back with next one soon.

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  1. Bhut sweet hae yaar.keep it up yaar

  2. Akshaya.123

    wow yaar. awesome viru.. enjoyed it a lot.. the baby bonds well with khushi. thats awesome. waiting for the next episode

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