My Little Sissy with DevaKShi (OS)(KRPKAB)

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A little Girl spins with PinkRose n moves straightly..
Dev runs that way n collides with her..
She is going to fall..Her pink rose too..
Dev hold her hand n catch the pink rose..

Dev kneel down n give the Pink Rose to her..
She smiles n Her BigEyes too..
LittleTears too come..
Dev wipe..
The little girl turns n smile..

Her Eyes:”Wowww!!”(Her fingers on lips)(by seeing the ground)..
The pink rose spins a single cycle slowly n falls on surface..
On surface,Charts r seen..

In charts,Drawings r seen with a sign “Dev…”
Sona in Bunny Dress unveiled her Eyes only..
Sona with Bunny Moustache…
Sona’s fingers hiding half her Eyes ..

The Pink Rose fall on one of the charts..
The little girl take the charts n see the way where Dev goes..
She hear a shout..
The voice is none other than Sona..

Sona still lightly in Bunny dress..
The little girl turns with a smile n big Eyes..
Sona see the little girl n the charts too..
She stops running..
Sona:”Do U know him?”
LittleGirl:”U Really Look like Bunny?”
Sona (eyes goes fake angry):”What..?I think U r Dev’s frnd”..

LittleGirl(twinkle Her Eyes):”Mmm….?Ssss!!!”
Sona:”O!!!Ur name”
Sona:”Like???Oh!Superr!!!How U saw Dev first?”
(Dev see from the side of the last house in road corner n again hides)..
Priya show Her Pink Rose n give tat to Sona..
Sona touch the Pink Rose..Her Eyes in Luv..
Priya see Sona’s Eyes n the Rose..
Sona see Priya..
N kneel down n give the PinkRose to Sona..

Priya:”U (Show (Sona) in her finger)
Forgive (show smiley lips by her fingers)
Dev (show charts)..

Sona:”Suree..Smileyyy”(Her fingers touch Priya’s cheek)
Priya close her Eyes by Pink Rose n smile..again give the Rose to Sona..
Priya touch Sona’s bunny ears n kiss on Sona’s forehead..
Sona:”How Sweet U?”(kiss on Priya’s cheek)
The Bunny Ears touch Priya’s cheek..

Dev (from road corner see them)..
In his Eyes,
The little girl is kissing her bunny..
Dev realise that the scenes r changed..
He see the Director..
The Director smile n show “Superr”

Near them,
One:”Sir,the Scenes r change..??!”
Director:”The Scenes maybe changed..But it’s too gud..”..(See Dev,Sona n Priya with a smile)
Few minutes ago,
The little girl comes out from a shop with a Pink Rose..
Someone:”Sir!!A child is coming out from that shop”..
Director is trying to stop..
Bt Dev reach the little girl..
Director made the camera run without choice..

Sona’s Eyes goes angry..
Priya see that n turns..
Dev is coming towards them..
Priya see Dev with a smile..
Sona too Strts smiling..n hold Priyaa..
Priya:”Our Prisoner comes”..
Dev smile n twinkle eyes by seeing Priya..
Priya smiles ..

In Priya’s Eyes..
Dev see Priya draws in a chart in a shop..
Dev asks her about the drawing.. ..Both turned to be frndzz..n asks her Frnd Dev”When ‘ll I see Again,Dev?”
Dev said to Priya about the next scene..
The next scene-Sona is trying to catch Dev!!!!

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tiz is a little OS like a little gift to my Sissy..Hope U like her..
Tanqq Frndzz..Take Care…

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  1. Oh my god Bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s superb………I love it……………..It’s sooooooooooooooooo adorable………And so cute and sweet and superb…………………..Dev sona with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..I love you Bhai………………………Thank you so much…..I love your gift……..I have no words to sayy…………..

    1. HarSHaN

      !!!!!!!Hope U like tis Sissy!!!!!!?Especially the Bunny!!!!

      1. Oh she’ soooooooooo cute………So adorable my bunny…….

  2. Aamu

    Wen o read first few lines…without checkin i got to know dat it would b u only…n der u r..
    It was superb…
    N cute tooo

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqqq Aamu!!!!!!Tanqq?

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