Little Princess Of My Heart (Episode 3)

The minute Swara entered Sanskar’s room her heart starts to get raise. Thousands of thoughts crossed her mind. In films whenever any intimate scene comes Swara close her eyes.
Oh God what will happen now She said biting her nails. In nervousness she didn’t notice that Sanskar had entered and sat on the bed.

Till when will you bite your nails Sanskar asked making Swara to jump from her place.
She starts to play with her dress and Sanskar stood up and slowly walked towards her.
It’s late first change your dress He said and she nodded.
After sometime Swara came out wearing a yellow nighty below her knees and made her hair into a messy bun.
Sanskar who got changed in his night wear till that time chuckled seeing her dress.
Swara sit down it’s your room also He said and Swara sat on the edge.
Look Swara I know it’s all new for you and I was not ready for this marriage and tried a lot to stop this marriage after hearing your age but these old people…. Sanskar got interrupted by Swara.
Don’t talk ill about elders they always think about us only Maa told that it’s the last wish of our grandparents now they will be happy seeing us Swara said innocently making Sanskar to smile.
How cute she is talking like Raghav said she is still a kid she need someone to guide her Sanskar thought and looked at her.
Okay now tomorrow we will leave from here in the morning Sanskar said.
Ok then I will not unpack my suitcase Swara said.
Won’t you ask why Sanskar asked.
No because you are elder to me and knows what is right and wrong if you want me to come with you means there is something if not you will never take me She said with the same innocence but in a matured tone.

Sanskar is literally shocked he couldnt imagine under what circumstances this girl grown.
Swara are you mad he shouts looking at her foolishness.
Seeing his anger tears welled up in Swara’s eyes. Her lips twitched. This is not new for her to get scolds but her heart is so sensitive.
I am sorry Maa always tells that I speaks a lot I am stupid Swara said in crying tone.
Sanskar is getting angry on both the families for making this girl like this. He cool down himself and looks at her.
Hey Swara look at me he says and makes her look at him.
See if somebody tells you to do something you have to ask them for what purpose they are asking you to do and why they are asking OK look I said we will leave tomorrow ask me why Sanskar said.
Why Swara asked.
Because I am living in Mumbai I come to Kolkata whenever I get time probably it will be one or two days today I came here as I got a day leave look now we are married Sanskar said.
Oh OK Swara said and Sanskar’s shoulder fell in defeat he have to work hard to change this girl.
Ok now you sleep its getting late He said and Swara got up.
She moved towards her bag and picked a medium sized teddy bear making Sanskar shocked. God how shocks in one day.
Swara what is this He asked.
Oh this is Hedwick my sweetie I always sleep hugging him Maa asked me to leave it in the home but without her knowing I took it Swara laughed hugging it Sanskar smiled looking at her innocence.
Ok now come and sleep he said and Swara layed on her side. As it was a heavy day both drifted into the deep slumber.
Next Morning…….
Sanskar opened his eyes due to sunrays.
He felt heavy weight on him. He looks down to see Swara sleeping peacefully on his chest with her right leg and hand on him and Hedwick in her left.
Looking at her he smile and strokes her hair.
Maa five minutes I will wake up and make food for everyone please Swara said and hugged him.
Sanskar chuckled making Swara to get up from her sleep.
Aaahhhhh……. She shouted but Sanskar rolls and pins her beneath him closing her mouth.

Swara’s heart starts to raise feels someone close to her. Their eyes got locked for few minutes.
Slowly he remove his hand. And Swara breaths.
I am sorry looking at you close I thought….. Swara said and stops in the middle.
You thought……. He asked fanning his breath on her face.
Swara shivered when she felt his hand on her hip. Words got caught in her throat.
Sanskar kissed her cheek making Swara to blush red and went from there before he does something.

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