LINEAGE OR LOVE?.. which one to choose A SINGLE SHOT

The words of MR.bajaj echoed in Shivaay’s ears… Shivaay now lost all his hope. Is anika really an orphan?. Doesn’t she have an background which can match up with his?..his mind was full of questions which was in the urge for getting answers..but his heart..his heart was only beating for accepting anika whole hearted!!..but Shivaay..what about her lineage?.. Shivaay headed toward his room..he saw anika ..facing her back towards him.. Shivaay felt really bad wondering about all the childhood hardship anika went through…he headed towards her and hugged her tightly.anika was quite surprised at his act .ANIKA:: shivaay is everything ok? Shivaay didn’t respond he just kept on hugging her..anika was puzzled!. SHIVAAY:: come .. ANIKA:: Where? Shivaay took her hand and went to the kitchen..he made her sit over the kitchen platform.. ANIKA:: Shivaay..will you please tell me what’s going on??

Shivaay kept his silence he took a plate .. tossed a couple of parathaas..and stared and anika. SHIVAAY:: now open your mouth .anika just did what shivaay preferred her to do. Shivaay was feeding her with great care and love..his eyes were filled with affection and love…he was completely pampering anika..he wanted her to forget all of her painful past..he won’t let her past blackmail her present and destroy her future. Pinky who was watching over ..was furious now she has to play her master stroke!! PINKY rushed to the kitchen and stared her drama “” oh my mata shivaay are you preparing the lunch for Mr.bajaj?”..after all he is ur in laws. anika turned her gaze towards Shivaay..””what is pinky aunty saying?””. PINKY:: you didn’t know?.. Shivaay went to your orphanage to get info about you..he even bought the whole orphanage just to get information about you and he found that Mr.bajaj the industrialist is ur grand father.!!

ANIKA:: didn’t say anything about this.. you didn’t consider it necessary to inform me ..can’t you even ask me a word?..and who?.Mr.bajaj he is NOT MY GRAND FATHER!!! ..tell me Shivaay…right this moment..tell you choose me or your naam khoon khandan?…I want the answer now !! SHIVAAY:: Will you please listen..lineage and background is important to principles is what makes the shivaay Singh oberoi an oberoi!!!….I can’t change it..and.. suddenly anika cuts in between.”” I got the answer shivaay..””.. Anika went but her eyes wer not filled with tears.. Shivaay pulled anika back..he expected anika to be crying but he was spell bound when he saw anika staying calm..her eyes wer not filled with tears. Instead it was filled with anger and disappointment and the feeling of losing a battle!!!!

SHIVAAY:: anika..are you okay? ANIKA:: shocked huh?..iam an independent gal with great self respect!! …and right now iam NOT READY TO WASTE MY PRECIOUS TEARS FOR SOMEONE WHO DON’T RESPECT ME AS HOW IAM!!!..IAM ANIKA!! Just anika… SHIVAAY it’s better you accept the fact!!..right now..iam really mad at you…one more second you stay next to me..I would end up doing something which will make you regret for making such stupid principles!!!.. and I WANT DIVORCE!!!..IAM NOT READY TO STAY ONE MORE DAY WITH THIS MAN WHO CAN’T RESPECT MY EXISTENCE AND MY IDENTITY.. shivaay was hell shocked…anika was literally bursting out..Shivaay never saw anika this much angry..she was boiling with anger !!.. PINKY:: OH my mata…how dare you shout at my heera beta!!

Anika was already out of control she has to break pinky oberoi greed and over smartness she has to teach shivaay that humanity comes much before lineage!! Anika went to the cupboard she opened the drawer and took the DNA reports..she threw those on pinky’s face and yelled””” shut up…you don’t even have the right to stand in front of me..ur heera beta is the illegitimate child of shakti and kamini !!! You..You gave a still birth pinky oberoi!!!! And shakti uncle took shivaay and gave to you and maahi was left along with kamini!! And SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI you are illegitimate!!! Iam sorry to say..but now it’s enough!! I had enough.. everyone played with my emotions..

BUT IAM NOT ILLEGITIMATE BUT YOU ARE!!!! ..I came up to kno about this much before..but I never even showed a slight tint of change in behavior..but shivaay you didn’t change for me..but I adjusted myself for your happiness!!now it’s enough!! ..iam done with this!!..I had a very reputed family..I don’t know what happened but I rmember having a sister and a father who didn’t cheat my mother!!!!!…but look at you pinky oberoi..see your fate. And shivaay illegitimate blood is running through your veins…I can’t share your pain deserve this!!.. saying this anika left the oberoi mansion with Sahil having great pride over her head!!.. she wasn’t ready to sacrifice her self respect and identity!! The old anika is back!! A gal filled with Independence and strength to fight for justice!!!

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