Limitless Hatred Instills Limitless Love ~ A Story Of Revenge Turned To Love

Firstly, I would like to dedicate this ff to my three good friends and readers Shanaya, Sylvia and one more who was the one requested me to start this ff, but in private. A sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all the three of you for inspiring me into a new genre of CRIME-THRILLER ROMANCE. As I’m a writer who loves exploring writing in different genres, I was able to enter into ROMANCE & FANTASY-ROMANCE with my first two ffs. Now, with BEYHADH, it comes to CRIME-THRILLER ROMANCE.

Before starting, I would like to tell all my readers that CRIME-THRILLER ROMANCE is lot more difficult to write for which I deeply appreciate the ORIGINAL CREATIVE TEAM of BEYHADH 2 for putting an INTERESTING SHOW WITH A LOT OF DIFFERENCE.

I usually take off from the events which is already happening in the show and with the help of my Shanaya and Sylvia along with the last two episodes, I have got a good summary of the events happening till now.

So, my ff will be starting in the sequence where RUMA have realised their LOVE for each other but are unable to accept it due their past which makes them to commit greater mistakes!!!

The episode starts in the scene where Rudra and Maya are having a passionate lip lock. Suddenly, both of them start getting flashes of their betrayal of their first love and pull themselves backwards. After pulling herself backwards, Maya reminisces her each and every moment with MJ and breaks into tears. Rudra gets surprised and worried for Maya. He comes closer and keeps his hand on her shoulder, with his RUDRAAKSH BRACELET rolling downwards and poking her skin. Maya senses the bracelet and gets frustrated and quickly shakes off his hand from her shoulder while giving him a tight slap on his face. Rudra is in for a shock. Maya screams, “Keep that BRACELET of yours as far from me!!!” Rudra is astonished and also confused. He looks at his bracelet and then begins to say something when Maya signs him NO with her hand. Maya asks “That bracelet wasn’t it a gift from your dad ten years ago, right??” Rudra is appalled to realise the fact Maya knows the bracelet belongs to MJ.

Maya continues in a shaky voice, “Ten Years…Ten years back the day when your DAD!!! Mr. Mritunjay Roy destroyed my LIFE and SHATTERED it into pieces, he handed over his lucky charm, to his SON, to YOU, RUDRA!!!” Rudra feels a thunderbolt in his body. He starts shivering and asks Maya in a quaky voice, “What was your relation with MJ, Maya???” Maya stays dumb. Rudra gets angry, comes near her, catches her shoulder, shakes her and shouts, “I’m asking you, what was your relationship with MJ, Maya???” Tears roll Maya’s cheek as she says, “I WAS HIS MISTRESS, RUDRA!!!!” Rudra’s eyes widen and his hands fall down from her shoulder as he hears the revelation with a heartbreak. He moves backwards and shuts his ears tightly saying, “NO!!! NO!!! That’s not the truth!!! THAT CANNOT BE THE TRUTH!!!” Maya comes closer, removes Rudra’s hand off from his ears and says sternly, “That is the TRUTH, Rudra!!! THAT IS THE TRUTH!!! I was your dad’s mistress. He was the ONE who taught me to LOVE and destroyed me in LOVE and because of him I cannot fall in LOVE once again!!!”

Rudra looks into Maya’s eyes on hearing that, she looks back and says, “You heard it right, I cannot FALL IN LOVE with anyone and the only RELATION I can have with you is that of HATRED not LOVE, Rudra!!!” Rudra had enough, he couldn’t bear any more and quickly goes out of Maya house into the RAIN!!!

Maya falls down after his exit and weeps bitterly. Rudra goes into the road and reminisces the PASSIONATE MOMENT, he just had with Maya and the happy moments he spent with his FIRST LOVE and how MJ broke his heart at that time. He shouts out angrily, “Why Mritunjay Roy, WHY??? Why do you always come IN BETWEEN me and my LOVE??? WHY?????” His voice echoes into Maya’s room, she gets up runs towards the window, to see him cry out on the road, while she continues to weep bitterly seeing him. The song “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….”

As the song plays, Rudra slowly gets up and looks towards Maya’s window, she moves inside on seeing him. He notices it and starts walking forward towards his home. Maya goes towards the Mahavishnu’s idol to whom she prays and continues crying on its feet. Rudra reaches his room reminisces each and everything and falls flat on his bed. The song ends with Rudra and Maya closing their eyes.

Next day morning, At Ruan Publications

Maya reaches the office and looks out for Rudra. She doesn’t find him there and thinks, “Good, he is not here, after whatever happened yesterday, I need to stay as FAR as possible from him!!!” She turns and sees Rudra facing her right in front. They have an eye lock. He gives out an evil smile and asks her, “What happened our STAR WRITER, Maya Jaisingh, who makes everyone crazy searching for her is SEARCHING FOR SOMEONE!!!” He then comes closer and asks in a softer tone, “WHO IS THAT LUCKY ONE???” Maya glowers at him and says, “NO ONE!!!” She starts to move away when Rudra calls her out saying, “Well I was looking for you!!!” Maya turns back towards him in surprise. He continues, “I want to make an announcement that…” he again looks at her in an evil maaner and says, “RUDRA ROY, the CEO of RUAN PUBLICATIONS is getting engaged.” Maya’s eyes widen in amazement. Rudra continues, “And my fiancée is…” Rudra opens his right arm wide; Maya looks towards it in surprise “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….”. Soon, Ananya comes and holds his hand, Maya is left mouth agape, her eyes fill, but she controls herself, while Rudra keeps looking at her. Ananya continues to hug Rudra and tells him, “I LOVE YOU RUDRA!!” Maya looks down with folded hands. Rudra smiles and frees himself, takes the sweet box from Ananya’s hands, picks out a sweet from it and then, comes towards Maya forwards it to her mouth saying, “Won’t you CONGRAGULATE YOUR BOSS for his engagement, Miss. Maya Jaisingh!!!” Maya looks straight into his eyes. While Ananya keeps looking at the two. “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….”.


To be continued.

  1. That was amazinggggggg Aleyamma. Just one day back I commented the summary n today u r here with the first episode n that too with a bang???????? Congrats. I lovvveeeddd the episode

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot dear, as I mentioned this ff wouldn’t have happened without you,
      Grazie mille Shanaya!!!

    2. Bro ur doing a great job keep ip with it
      Love even from me
      Hope u fimish it aswell

    3. Aleyamma

      Yeah surely I will finish it, Kj, Thanks a million for your words!!!

  2. I feel grateful that u felt I helped u with this ff. Thanks ??

    1. Aleyamma

      Don’t mention, you were really sweet!!!

  3. hey that was fast
    I liked the first episode, i would not say i loved it (yet). I have a few reason’s for that
    1. I think it was a little too early for Rudra to find out the truth and that too from Maya herself , For me it would have been more impact-full if Rudra found out about it from someone or some situation and then confronted Maya or MJ about it
    For me the most fun part of a crime/thriller is the suspense, that’s what keeps me hooked to the story. (sometimes we know what the truth is but its the eagerness of why,when and how that truth is going to be exposed that keeps us hooked to the story)
    2. i don’t really know what your ff’s Rudra’s the actual intention are behind proposing Anu, but from what i could understand out of the scene at ruan publication is that he did that on purpose to either hurt Maya or to make Maya jealous. either way it was very selfish of him to use Anu for that. in a twisted way he is betraying Anu which is unlike Rudra (from actual show)
    Rudra is a very sensitive guy (he got an panic attack when he was stuck in the lift with Maya , just because in the past he saw his girlfriend hugging some in a lift )
    The only people he cares about in the world are Rishi, Ananya and his mom. So whenever something happens he goes straigt to them mostly Anu (he can’t go to his mom because she’s already a drug-addict , and he still considers Rishi as a kid) Even after that lift incident he went straight to Anu, just because he knew Anu was the only person who could give him some kind of peace of mind.
    I know even in the original story Rudra proposed Anu but his intentions where not selfish, he did that to avoid falling further in love with Maya. He cares a lot about Anu sinds she’s his only best friend, he knows she loves him but would not ask him to love her back ; he promised her that he would be an honest husband ( he even wanted to tell her why he wanted to marry her but she didn’t want to know)
    Rudra would never hurt or betray Anu or any girl cuz he been through the pain of betrayal by the 2 people he loved the most ( he loved his father once cuz his mom said once that Rudra used to organize MJ’s parties with lots of dedication and love) . So betraying someone who loves him would mean becoming just like MJ.
    I’m still looking forward to read the next episode’s cuz Rudra just knows that Maya was his dad’s mistress, he doesn’t know what exactly happened so that creates an suspense on Rudra’s opinion about Maya : does he sill love her and want her back by making her jealous OR does he hate her and wants to hurt her OR something else

    1. Aleyamma

      How did I get so lucky?
      You have hit the nail on the head!!! That was a superb analysis and I frankly appreciate your honesty regarding your perspectives about this episode!!! Merci beaucoup Sylvia!!!!
      -Firstly, regarding the climax of realisation being fast, I know it was really fast and I really do understand regarding and totally agree with you with respect to the suspenses in THRILLER which keep the viewers or the readers hooked up. But you have to wait to get the weeetness of MY APPLE!!! Because I do create suspense as you would have already seen in my earlier ff’s but by not by HIDING THE TRUTH AND DRAGGING ON THE PLOT, but I used a DIFFERENT METHOD!!! The reason for that is personally I hate the truth to be hidden for LONG!!! I like the truth to be exposed as soon as possible and the rest of the things can be things will be a mixture of thril, adventure and reality.
      -Next, on Rudra’s character, you are right regarding his intentions of proposing ANU, he is more EVIL MINDED in my ff than the INNOCENT & SWEET ONE in the original series. But, if you remeber the latest events of the last episode. It was shown that Rudra came back to Maya to know about her feelings even after propsoing Anu and declaring the news of his engagement to his WHOLE FAMILY??? So isn’t that also CHEATING???
      Infact he is marrying Anu because she is the only person who can love and take care of him, but he is marrying her because he is TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM HIS OWN FEELINGS, he is trying to run away GETTING HURT OF HEARTBREAK ONCE AGAIN, so in summary RUDRA IS CHEATING HIMSELF IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!!
      Which I did not want to happen with the character of Rudra in my ff, we can also be SINCERE & LOYAL TO SOMEONE ELSE, only when we are SINCERE AND LOYAL TO OURSELVES & BRAVE ENOUGH TO ACCEPT AND TACKLE EACH AND EVERY EMOTION EMANATING WITHIN OUR HEART!!!
      So that is what my Rudra is doing but yeah his is BEING EVIL IN THAT!!! But you will have to watch if he is really EVIL or NOT!!!
      Lastly, your suspense on Rudra’s opinion about Maya : “Does he sill love her and want her back by making her jealous OR does he hate her and wants to hurt her OR something else” is where my STORY bound on and on the other side there is also MAYA’s secrets FILLED WITH suspenses, with a few suspenses with Rishi-Ananaya and MJ!!!
      So, infact there is a lot of things to be unveiled yet, which you will have to wait and read!!!
      But I GENUINELY APPRECIATE your HONEST REMARKS and look forward for more of them!!!

    2. Anytime dear ?
      I normally don’t comment on regular episode’s because i know that the original maker is not even gonna read my opinion forget making any changes to them
      for ex with KKB everyone is complaining about things like where is sunny, where is Kiarra , and now even Rishi and Priyanka disappeared. And i think the makers do know about those complains (cuz it’s on every platform) but they’ll still do what they want.
      With your ff’s i know you read the comments and u actually appreciate it no matter if it’s a good or bad review
      I’ve seen people giving bad reviews and u still appreciating it , that’s something that makes me comfortable to post my opinion. i like reading and commenting on your posts because we both understand each other as a writer and reader.
      it’s a really good feeling to actually get a respond from someone
      And yess Rudra IS cheating HIMSELF in the original show but that is something that makes him unique i guess
      Your ff’s Rudra is different (cuz the truth revelation changes the entire situation) and that make’s this Rudra unique in a whole different way
      Now that you explained on why u did certain things (truth revealation, rudra’s act ) i have a much clearer view on your perspective for this ff, i somehow even like the fact that this Rudra is different. its like when u watch something an you’re like “but what if that happens?” and you’s ff is just the answer to that question.
      looking forward to more episode’s
      And don’t worry as long as u have me you will get these intense comments ??

    3. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Sylvia!!!

  4. Wow wow wow what a beginning

    1. Aleyamma

      Thank you Zainab

  5. Really nice update pleaseeee continue sooon … will bew be waiting for next part to ready it out

  6. MaddieDaddie9966

    What a start! This is awesome!
    I already know that u have got a great talent in writing ffs…Your ff of YJHJK is something that showcases your brilliant writing skills…And I am damn sure that u will rock this new ff of Beyhadh too…!
    What actually sparked my mind was the title that u gave to this ff: ‘Limitless Hatred Instills Limitless Love’…..
    The title is really very catchy….And I love it!
    I myself love Beyhadh a lot for its UNIQUE CONCEPT and a person like u, with extraordinary writing skills, coming forward with such a good ff is something wonderful…
    No words to express how fabulous your ff is…Keep rocking!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks da!!! I never though you will read this ff because I had not seen your comments in the daily episode’s updates but I’m really happy that you read my work and gave in your comments!!!
      Thanks again!!!

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