Limitless Hatred Instills Limitless Love ~ A Story Of Revenge Turned To Love Episode 4

The episode starts with Rishi in a state of shock asking Maya, “What??? What did you just say???”, Maya turns towards Rishi, comes near him, smiles and says, “Whatever you heard, baby!!! How long can we HIDE OUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR FAMILY!! SO TODAY WHEN YOUR BROTHER IS GETTING ENGAGED, WHY NOT WE TOO MOVE FORWARD IN OUR RELATIONSHIP???” Rishi’s eyes widen in shocked fear and is about to ask Maya something, when an intern of Ruan Publications interrupts their conversation, “Excuse me Ma’am, working in Ruan Publications for the past one and half month, I have heard a lot about our MYSTERIOUS WRITER IN BLACK CLOTHES, but this was the FIRST DAY, when I came to know that our writer is called MAYA JAISINGH and the from that moment, I am just flattered by the mysteriousness OF YOUR PRESENCE, so I just wanted to click a SELFIE with you, Ma’am!!!” The intern without any hesitations quickly takes out her phone. Rishi gets nervous and tries to stop her but before that Maya snatches the phone from the intern’s hand and throws it hard on the floor, shattering it into pieces. She shouts at the intern “Maya Jaisingh is MYSTERIOUS AND SHE HATES TO REVEAL HER MYSTERIOUSNESS TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD, so better ASK MY PERMISSION BEFORE TRYING TO CLICK MY PHOTO!!!” The intern trembles in fear seeing the beastly side of Maya and looks down in embarrassment. Rishi tries to pacify the situation by catching Maya’s shoulders, who was still glowering at the intern, saying, “Oh come on baby, leave all this, let’s go and have a COFFEE and talk about ourselves!!!” Maya calms down and turns towards Rishi smilingly and nods. Rishi gets surprised on seeing the sudden change of mood of Maya, while Maya moves forward still glowering, “I have to PLAY MY GAMES WELL WITH RISHI BECAUSE HE IS MY WAY TO GET INTO THE ROY MANSION!!!”

At Ruan Publications Café

Rishi asks Maya, “What was all that baby??? Why did you have get so vexed with that INTERN??? Okay I understand you don’t want to reveal YOUR IDENTITY to the OUTSIDE WORLD!!! But if that is the case then how did you agree to reveal about OUR RELATIONSHIP IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY???” Maya closes one side of her fists downwards away from the sight of Rishi and catches Rishi’s hands using the other hand explaining, “Baby, things have their own ways to UNFOLD, it’s true that I don’t want to reveal my identity to the whole world, but THIS EVENING, WHEN THE TRUTH OF OUR RELATION WILL COME OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR FAMILY, THEN I WILL NOT HAVE ANYMORE  RESTRICTIONS REGARDING MY IDENTITY BEING KNOWN TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!!!” Rishi smiles and says, “Ooooh!!!”, while Maya smirks thinking, “Of course, this evening will not just be the day of HAPPINESS of your son’s engagement, MJ!!! But it will also be the LAST DAY OF YOUR JOY, BECAUSE I’M COMING BACK TO YOUR LIFE!!!” Maya continues with Rishi, “Now listen, Rishi, this is what we have to do this evening!!!” Rishi listens to her plan carefully and gets terrified, he asks her, “But Maya….” When all of a sudden, Rudra who had been passing towards his CABIN, notices Maya and Rishi together in the café with their hands enclosed, he calls out saying, “I would like to have a serious discussion with our STAR WRITER, so would you mind coming into my cabin please!!” Maya nods at him and looks back at Rishi saying, “Whatever I said should happen this evening, Rishi, otherwise JUST FORGET ABOUT ME FOREVER!!!” after which Maya leaves while pulling off her hand forcefully from him and turns on the opposite side, smirking evilly, while thinking, “I know Rishi that you will never go AGAINST MY PLANS, BECAUSE I’M REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOU!!”, while Rishi looks on worriedly towards her from behind.

In Rudra’s cabin

Maya knocks at his door and asks, “Can I come in, Mr. Rudra Roy???” Rudra is standing with his back turned towards Maya, tells her without turning back, “Have you ever asked BEFORE that you are asking NOW the PERMISSION TO COME IN??? Yes, please come in!!!” Maya comes inside in short steps, stands in front of his table and asks him, “What is the matter???” Rudra turns towards her, raises his voice and tells her, “WHAT IS THE MATTER??? I saw you holding hands with my BROTHER in our café!!!” Maya smirks and asks him, “So what happened??? Is Mr. Rudra Roy jealous regarding my CLOSENESS with his BROTHER???” Rudra gets irritated and tells her, “JEALOUS, My foot!!! Listen Maya, I cannot bear anyone doing WRONG WITH MY BROTHER!! Whatever happened between you and…” he stops himself, clenches his fists hard and continues, “…. whatever happened between YOU and Mr. Mritunjay Roy, you KEEP IT BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU, don’t bring Rishi or any other MEMBERS of my FAMILY in middle of all that!!! So, STAY IN YOUR LIMITS!!!” Maya looks sternly back at Rudra and asks, “Wow, someone who himself doesn’t know how to STAY IN LIMITS IS POINTING OUT TO ME TO STAY IN MY LIMITS, Great!!!”, she claps her hands on saying that, while Rudra looks confusingly at her. Maya continues, “I am talking about the ANNOUNCEMENT you just made, Rudra, wasn’t ONE OF THE CLAUSES BEFORE ME JOINING HERE WAS NOT TO REVEAL MY IDENTITY TO ANYONE, but you just REVEALED TO ALL YOUR STAFF THAT MAYA JAISINGH IS YOUR WRITER!!!” Rudra looks back angrily towards her and continues, “Well I felt WHY SHOULD I KEEP UP MY WORD FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T KEEP UP HER WORD!!!” Maya looks towards Rudra, frowning her eyebrows questioningly, Rudra continues, “I’m talking about YOUR WORD REGARDING MEN!!! You told you don’t like COZINESS with MEN BECAUSE…” Rudra stops himself again and before he could continue, Maya speaks out, “You are right!! I don’t like COZINESS from Men, but YOU!!! You too don’t seem to like me getting cozy with any MAN, is that right, Rudra??” Rudra glowers at her, while Maya continues, “Well, leave all that, today is one of the BIGGEST DAYS of your life and I’m glad that you started it with THE REVELATION OF MY IDENTITY IN FRONT OF YOUR STAFF, after all,,,,” Maya inches close to Rudra and whispers in his ears, “TRUTH WILL NOT STAY HIDDEN FOR LONG!!!!” Rudra gets confused and gets thinking, while Maya leaves after winking at him.

Evening, Roy Mansion, Engagement Party

All the guests along with Ananya’s parents Mr & Mrs. Sudhir Dutt arrive in bright glittering costumes and greet the guests. Soon, Ananya and Rudra are called in their midst who make their entrance with Rudra feeling gloomy and low. As soon they come to the middle of the crowd, MJ comes forward, takes the mike and is about to announce the engagement ritual, when Rishi holds the mike and says, before Bhai’s engagement begins, I want to announce something. MJ, confusingly gives him the mike. Rishi says, “So guys, I know all of you have come here to celebrate Bhai’s engagement and at this auspicious moment, I would like to introduce to all of you, MY FUTURE LIFE PARTNER!!!” Suddenly, all the lights turn off with one SPOTLIGHT onto the top of the stairs on the upper floor, onto Maya. Everyone turn towards her but are unable to see her face. Maya slowly makes her move downwards and when she reaches in front of everyone, all the lights turn on and everyone gets shocked to see Maya.


To be continued

(Next episode to be updated on 14-02-2020, Friday)

  1. Is maya gonna be rishi’s wife in ur ff? I don’t mind that coz I hope rudra n maya’s love story will take some turn n they’ll be together??
    Amazing episode. N thanks that u’ll update the next soon??

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Shanaya for that cute and lovely message, regarding Rishi-Rudra-Maya, I’m promoting RUMA love story so you can see how they will unite, maybe after marrying to differnt people or maybe marrying each other like the ORIGINAL SERIES, wait and see!!!

    2. amazing! so excited for the upcoming episodes 🙂

  2. Aleyamma

    The next update is rescheduled on 21-02-2020

    1. Oh. Sad but I’ll wait ???

    2. Aleyamma

      Thanks Shanaya but Apologies once again. I’m not updating this FF today and will not be doing for a some more weeks as I’m taking a break from this FF right now.
      But I assure you I am not discontinuing it as I never discontinue anything once I start and will surely update after some time.
      Right now, I will be just focusing on my three FFs on KKB, YJHJK and RadhaKrishn.

  3. Oh that’s sad ??. But I will wait till u continue it.
    I am happy that u r updating kkb on a regular basis. ?

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Shanaya!

    2. Anytime ☺️☺️
      Thanks to u that u started this ff ?

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