Limitless Hatred Instills Limitless Love ~ A Story Of Revenge Turned To Love Episode 3

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The episode starts with Rishi and Maya hitting each other’s foreheads. Rishi smiles on getting hit by Maya while she feels irritated. Rudra who had been just coming out of his cabin notices the two and clenches his fist hard. Rishi says, “Wow baby, it is so nice to get hit right on the head by YOU!!!” Rudra who is unable to hear the conversation between the two keeps looking at them. Maya notices Rudra staring towards them and smiles saying, “Well it’s bad luck to get hit by someone on the head once so to ward off the bad luck, we should hit our heads once more!!!” She forwards her head towards him. Rishi happily brings his head forward towards Maya and the two bang their heads meekly once again. Rudra is unable to bear seeing the TWO TOGETHER and comes towards them. He asks Rishi, “What are you doing here Rish??? don’t you know that interns get fired if they don’t do their work ON TIME!!!” Rishi gets nervous on hearing that. He is about to excuse himself, when Rudra shows his hand towards him and stops him saying, “And our STARWRITER, Ms. Maya Jaisingh doesn’t like any COZINESS from MEN!!! So better stay away from her than GETTING YOURSELF HURT BY GETTING COZY WITH HER!!!” He turns back and starts to move away, when Maya says while winking at Rishi “It’s TRUE that I don’t like MEN getting COZY towards ME, but I find RISHI really INTRESTING!!!” Rudra frowns at her words with his back turned towards her, while Rishi smiles. Rudra turns towards Maya, while standing face to face with her and looking straight into her eyes and asks her, “IS THERE ANY CATEGORY THAT YOU HAVE MADE FOR YOURSELF, A CATEGORY OF MEN WHOM YOU CHOOSE TO DISLIKE AND KEEP AWAY FROM, WHILE A CATEGORY OF MEN WHOM YOU FEEL INTRESTED IN.” Maya looks back straight into his eyes and replies, “Do you have any PROBLEM if I do have??” when Ananya comes and notices the two-standing right in face of the other and sharing a deep eye lock.  She gets tensed while Maya continues, “Mr. Rudra Roy, first you seemed to have problems with me giving my full rights to Rajeev and now you seem have problem with ME finding interest in your brother!!! What is YOUR ACTUAL PROBLEM Mr. Rudra??” Ananya interrupts, “He has no PROBLEMS with anyone!!! He is just OVERPROTECTIVE ABOUT WORK AND DOES NOT WANT ANYTHING WRONG HAPPENING WITH HIS COMPANY!!!” Maya looks at Ananya and then looks back at Rudra and says, “If that is the CASE, then as I had ALREADY MENTIONED EARLIER, YOU NEED NOT TEACH ME, HOW TO SELL MY BOOKS, MY WRITING IS ENOUGH AND MY WRITING SHOWS THE INTENSITY OF MY WORK!!! So Mr. Rudra Roy, you need not worry about my work, MY WRITING WILL BE THE BIGGEST PROOF OF MY WORK!!!” Rudra looks back into Maya’s eyes on hearing that, he frowns while she stays calm “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….” plays in the background. Ananya gets tensed again seeing them both and says, “Rudra, I think we should discuss with each other regarding our engagement!!!” Rudra without turning towards her says, “Which will happen this evening!!!” All the four of them get shocked on hearing that. Maya feels a deep pain within her but tries to stay as motionless as possible. Rudra takes off his eyes from her and looks at Ananya and continues, “Yes Anu, after all we are going to get engaged, so why not today itself!!!” Ananya, however is not convinced and opens her mouth to say something when Rudra comes towards her and holds her hand. Maya looks on dismayed. Rudra continues, “Don’t worry about my FAMILY, I will convince Ma, Dadi and Diya Aunty and YOUR FAVORITE MJ UNCLE….” he then turns his head and looks at Maya from the corner of his eyes and continues “…. after all he is a heartthrob of WOMEN.” Both Rishi and Ananya get confused with his words but Rudra without heeding them continues, “I’m sure he will agree FOR YOUR HAPINESS!!!” Ananya nods smilingly. Rudra goes on saying while still carefully noticing Maya from the corner of his eyes and putting his right hand forward to Ananya, “So are you READY TO BECOME MRS. RUDRA ROY!!!” Maya gets heartbroken, she starts shivering, while, Rishi smiles beamingly at his brother’s gestures. Ananya looks at Rudra with tears in her eyes and hugs him tightly saying YES. Maya’s mouth open in DEJECTION, SHE CONTROLS HER TEARS!!! “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….” Plays

Rudra then calls out all the staff of Ruan Publications and announces, “So for the kind notice all my dear staff, Myself, Mr. Rudra Mritunjay Roy, CEO of Ruan Publications is getting engaged to the co-owner of this company Ms. Ananya TODAY!!!” Everyone claps, while Maya holds her fists tight. Rudra continues, “So all of you are welcome to come and join our FUNCTION held in my house today!!!” He then turns towards Maya and asks her, “So Ms. Maya Jaisingh you too would be joining us in my ENGAGEMENT, right???” Maya looks back angrily into Rudra’s eyes, while Rishi looks on for Maya’s reply. Maya closes her eyes takes a deep long breath and says, “OF COURSE!!! Why wouldn’t I??? After all, YOU ARE MY BOSS!!!” Rudra grins while jerking and says while looking back into her eyes, “Well then GREAT!!! See you in the party tonight!!” And he leaves after saying that with Ananya following him. Soon, everyone gets back to work while Rishi comes to Maya saying, “Wow, Baby, you are so LUCKY FOR MY LIFE!!! As soon as you came into my life, Bhai has changed his views about LOVE & MARRIAGE, now NEXT IS MY TURN!!! So, what do you say??? Shall I talk to DAD about YOU??” Maya without reacting and turning towards Rishi says, “YES!!” Rishi is in for a shock on hearing that, while Maya continues, “I think that it is TIME that you reveal to your WHOLE FAMILY that YOU ARE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH MS. MAYA JAISINGH!!!”


To be continued.

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  1. Woahhhhh😁😁I love this intense n deep fight between rudra n maya. The eye locks r so real 🥰🥰. Hope maya doesn’t let Ananya n rudra’s engagement happen. I don’t want Ananya n rudra to be together but if it takes a stunt in ur ff, I m totally up for it. 👍👍

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot for that comment, Shanaya!!! And regarding RUAN you will have to wait and see!!!
      However, RUMA ARE the central ONES and will be the CENTRAL ONES TILL THE END!!!
      You can STAY ASSURED OF THAT!!!

  2. Wow this was a really good one. 😍Totally loved it . To be honest i don’t really mind RuAn getting engaged as long as they don’t get married😛 (atleast not now ). Love the hatred/jealousy kind of feeling MayRa share towards each other. It’s actually really interesting the way you are moving forward with the story
    Thanq for not killing Rishi, 🙈 And i’m actually quite exited to see his character development (as u mentioned in your previous reply)
    One question thou : in the original series Rudra, Anu, Rishi and Rajeev are the only ones who know her that her name is Maya Jaisingh and that she is their Star writer (even the staff refers her as the madam in black clothes) and Anu used to clear the office when Maya entered the office.
    But in your ff Rudra announces his engagement in front of the staff an then turns to Maya. So does that mean that in your ff The Staff knows Maya?

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot for your apprecation regarding RUMA (I prefere RUMA like Shanaya and Lisa instead of MAYRA because Ruma sounds more authentic). And their emotions ARE INTENSE because THIS IS A REVENGE SUSPENSE THRILLER where EMOTIONS ARE ALWAYS INTENSE!!!!
      Secondly, your question, I really love that!! THAT WAS A REALLY GOOD QUESTION!!!!!👌
      I was about to stress on Maya’s identity being known to others including the STAFF OF RUAN PUBLICATIONS in the next episode but good to see you have already noticed that!!!
      Well I don’t want to reveal the events of the next episode here, but I would say one thing, “MY PLOTS USUALLY DON’T HAVE HIDDEN TRUTHS FOR LONG BE IT SUSPENSE OR DRAMA, TRUTHS GET UNVEILED VERY SOON!!!” So that is only answer for your question right now, the rest you will get it from the next episode!!!

      1. I used MayRa cuz that one is a bit more famous on some platform’s , but i think RuMa is also a good one 😊
        usually when the truth is revealed too soon i lose interest in the story but surprisingly with your ff that’s not the case. even thou one of the biggest truths is revealed in the first ep only i’m still hooked too your story
        and i think the fact that i know u reveal the truth soon makes me more excited ( it’s like untold precap )
        like when maya said ” is TIME that you reveal to your WHOLE FAMILY that YOU ARE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH MS. MAYA JAISINGH!!! ” i know that the whole family is gonna find out about her soon while in the original when she told rishi to reveal about her to the fam she did something to prevent that from happening (killing rishi)
        And i think that’s the beauty of your ff that keeps both the stories apart yet very interesting

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a million Sylvia, You are a very UNDERSTANDING READER OF MINE!!!
        You see BOTH the POSITIVES and NEGATIVES of my work and give me new ideas which actually has helped me a lot earlier in my ff on KKB and even now on Beyhadh 2. You are a great READER. Keep reading and giving in your awesome comments always!!!

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