Limitless Hatred Instills Limitless Love ~ A Story Of Revenge Turned To Love Episode 2

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The episode starts with Rudra keeping the piece of sweet on the tip of Maya’s lip. Maya brings out her hands and takes it, “Congratulations and Good wishes Mr. Rudra Roy and Ms. Ananya for a NEW BEGINNING TOGETHER!!!” Rudra smirks on hearing it while Ananya looks worriedly. After saying that, Maya quickly goes out of the cabin, while Rudra continues to stare evilly at her “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….” plays in the background. After Maya leaves, Ananya asks him, “What are you trying to do???” she then reminisces the events of that morning which enters into flashback…….

Ananya comes to The Roys house for getting signatures from Rudra. After greeting Antara and Mritunjay, she heads to Rudra’s room where she finds him still on BED. She is surprised and opens the curtains of his room saying, “Uff ho Rudra, it is 8:00 A.M. and you have still not risen from your bed!!! What is the matter with you???” Then she goes towards him on the bed and pulls him upward and is amazed to find his eyes puffy red. She gets anxious, check his temperature and then catching his face asks him, “What is the matter Rudra?? Why are your eyes so red???” Rudra quickly hugs Ananya and cries out his pain on her shoulder. Ananya is surprised and pulls him forward and asks, “What is it?? What is bothering you???” Rudra tells her, “Anu, I understood today that I’m so unlucky that I can never WIN IN LOVE!!!” Ananya gets a shock of her life and is deeply pained to realise that Rudra is IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, tears fill her eyes, she wipes them and asks him, “Who is it, Rudra???” Rudra remains silent. Ananya gets irritated and raises her voice asking, “Rudra, I’M ASKING YOU, WHO IS THE GIRL WHO BROKE YOUR HEART!!!” Rudra still does not reply anything. Ananya gets restless, but then something flashes in her mind. She remembers how Rudra and Maya were getting closer over the past few days and gets doubtful over Maya. She asks him, “It’s MAYA right!!!” Rudra is astonished to hear Maya’s name and looks straight into Ananya’s eyes from which Ananya’s gets her affirmative response. She closes her eyes, takes a deep long breath and continues “What did she say??” Again, Rudra does not reply anything, Ananya gets frustrated over his silence asks in a raised voice, “Rudra, I’m asking you, what did she say that BROKE YOUR HEART???” Rudra gives in to Ananya’s demands and while reminiscing over each and everything over Maya told him yesterday, he says, “THE ONLY RELATION THAT SHE CAN HAVE WITH ME IS OF HATRED AND NOT OF LOVE!!!” Ananya is amazed at that and asks him, “But why??? Why can’t she fall in LOVE with you???” A chill runs down Rudra’s spine when he recalls what Maya said that she can only maintain a relationship of hatred with him as she had been MJ’s EX-MISTRESS, he clenches his fists, grinds his teeth with blood veins growing deep in his eyes as he thinks about his dad’s and Maya’s EXTRA-MARITAL RELATIONSHIP and how the two cheated on his mom. Ananya notices the change in Rudra’s face and asks him, “What is it, Rudra??? What is the REASON that she cannot fall in love with you???” Rudra takes a long breath and says, “Whatever is the REASON, doesn’t matter to me anymore, what matters is that the RELATION THAT I WANT TO MAINTAIN WITH MAYA FROM NOW ON!!!” Ananya is puzzled and asks, “And what have you decided on how to continue your relationship with MAYA??” Rudra clenches his fists more tightly and says, “With HATRED!!!” Ananya’s eyes widen in shock while Rudra continues, “I want to reciprocate the SAME HATRED to Maya that she is maintaining towards me!!! And for that I have to hold MYSELF STRONG gathering together the PIECES OF MY BROKEN HEART!! But don’t know how???” Ananya looks towards him on that question and tells him sternly, “I know how YOU CAN DO THAT RUDRA!!!” Rudra is surprised at her statement and asks, “How??” Ananya tells him, “Marry me Rudra!!!” Rudra is spellbound on hearing that, he asks her angrily, “Are you out of your mind Anu???? Marriage is not the solution to run away from a BROKEN HEART!!!” Ananya comes near him, holds his hands and says, “But I AM YOUR SOLUTION, Rudra!!!! Whenever you were helpless, broken and needed someone to share YOUR HEART I was the ONLY ONE THERE, Rudra, even now and in the future, only I can help you stand strong because I will be always be there for you without leaving your side, So MARRYING ME is the BEST WAY OUT TO FORGET YOUR PAST!!!” Rudra closes his eyes to think, only Maya’s face flashes through his mind, he gets disturbed, then finally her last words of ONLY MAINTING A REALTIONSHIP OF HATRED WITH HIM AS SHE HAD BEEN MJ’S EX rings in his head, he opens his eyes. Then he turns towards Ananya who had been looking expectantly towards him, comes near her, kneels down and asks, “Will you marry me, Anu???” Ananya gets excited and smiles beamingly over his question, makes him stand and hugs him tightly saying, “This is WHAT I wanted to hear from you for so LONG, Rudra!!! Of course, I WILL MARRY YOU, RUDRA!!!” Rudra looks on. Fb ends…

Ananya who still did not get her reply from Rudra asks him once again, “What are YOU TRYING TO DO RUDRA, when she said clearly……” Rudra interrupts and says, “MAINTAINING AN EQUAL RELATION WITH MAYA!!!” Ananya doesn’t get what he is saying and asks, “What???” Rudra turns towards her and says, “Maya Jaisingh wants to MAINTAIN A RELATIONSHIP OF HATRED with me, So I’m doing the SAME!!!! INSTILLING A RELATION OF ABSOLUTE HATRED WITH HER!!!” Ananya looks on with widened eyes at his response.

In the washroom

Maya sinks her head into a tub filled with water, flashes of painful past with MJ run over her head, she takes her head out and again sinks her head into the water, when her lip lock with Rudra flashes in her head, once again she does the same by taking her head out and sinking it again and this time Rudra announcing his engagement flashes when “Chaha Tujhe Din Ne Mere; Toh Saanso Ne Dhokha Diya….” plays. Maya starts feeling suffocated and quickly removes her head out. She then looks towards the mirror in teary eyes and says, “No no no, I have NO FEELINGS FOR HIM AND I WILL NOT LET MY FEELINGS COME IN BETWEEN MY MISSION, THIS TIME I WILL NOT FALL WEAK FOR MY HEART!!!” She then tidies her face properly and comes out when she bangs her head with Rishi. Rudra who had been just coming out his cabin sees it and hold his fists, while Rishi smiles looking at Maya.


To be continued.

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  1. Wow that flashback changed a lot ,
    Anu knows like 80% of the truth and she’s the one who asked Rudra to marry her, so I guess that changes the whole idea of who’s cheating who. With this story i think your title for this ff is just perfect.
    A small request : now that Rishi is dead in the original series😭 please don’t kill him in your ff . He definitely deserves more
    So exited for the next episode 😊

    1. With “he deserves more” i meant the actor, cuz according to the original story-line i’m actually glad that Rishi’s character died in the original series, although i do think the actor deserved more. I really loved the sweet innocent side of Rishi but if he stayed alive i feel he would turn into a negative character. And sinds the story-line of your ff is different , I don’t know yet how u are going to shape up Rishi’s character, so i Hope we can get to at least read a Little bit more of him

      1. Aleyamma

        Yup Sylvia, you have again hit the nail on its head of my story, good thinking!!!
        And as you wish Rishi is not going to die in my ff, but yeah there is will be a character development of his!!!
        So wait and watch!!!!

    2. 1st time reading this so this isn’t the original story? Is it a fan fiction?

      1. Aleyamma

        Yes Kj, it’s a ff based on Beyhad

  2. In the show, I love maya n rudra’s love chemistry but ur ff is so good that I even love their hatred. The actions like rudra holding his fist and maya sinking her head in the bathtub seem to be so real that I can feel them happening. And not all the writers can create that ambience but u can do that. I really appreciate the way u r building up the story. Now I get to see rudra’s negative side too🙂🙂 Thanks a lot for starting this ff👌👌😄😄

    1. Aleyamma

      You are welcome and as I mentioned earlier, this ff would not have been possible witout you and Sylvia!!!
      So thanks a million to you sweetheart!!!!

  3. Wow really nice update especially flashback …. but I doubt that rudra will able to hate maya … I’m sure he will get jealous after seeing maya with rishi…. waiting to read more updates …. plsss update sooon next part

    1. Aleyamma

      Oh, apologies for the delay, will try to make faster updates next time, and thanks a million for your comment Princess369.

  4. Iam really happy to find behadh ff.I really like ur concept. Wish u complete the ff. Don’t live in the middle.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Aliza and my rule is that, NEVER LEAVE THINGS IN THE MIDDLE, so for sure I will not this ff in the middle even if it becomes a big failure.

  5. Nice going but it was very short episode

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah, I know, Zainab, it happened because of the flashback sequence!!!

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