Do you like Vivaan-Paridhi’s track in Saath Nibhana Saathiya?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya which is airing on Star Plus since 3rd May 2010, is still going strong and bringing many twists and new characters to keep the viewer’s interest. Meera worries about Gopi’s health, while Vivaan blackmails Paridhi. Mr. Mehta cancels Kokila’s bail order, thus forcing her to stay in jail. Ahem and Jigar blame him for Paridhi’s kidnapping. Gopi tries to convince Mr. Mehta that they want to help him find Paridhi. Kokila is released on bail. Gopi uses a sniffer dog to follow Vivaan’s trail in order to trace ParidhiRadha thwarts Gopi’s plan. Radha advances to slap Paridhi but Vivaan stops her. Kokila asks Gopi to stop worrying about Paridhi. Paridhi manages to free herself and tries to escape. Vivaan and Radha foil her attempt.

Gopi discovers that Vivaan took Ahem’s car without permission. The Modis find out that Vivaan has updated the wrong location of Paridhi’s wherabouts and make a plan to trap him. Kokila asks Vivaan to collect Paridhi’s belongings from their home. Vivaan takes away Paridhi’s clothes and the kite made by her. Amidst the Makar Sankranti Mela, Gopi and Koki hatch a plan to free Paridhi from Vivaan’s web, but Radha pushes Paridhi off a cliff. Gopi tries hard to save Paridhi. What do you think about this never ending melodrama in the show? Are you happy with this track of Paridhi and Vivaan? Let us know.

  1. twists and turns to keep viewers interest – what a joke

  2. This serial is simply a wastage of time. It should be stopped. It is simply incorrigible. Thank god that at that point of time I am in the office.

  3. Plz end this drama

  4. Pls end this serial soon.we cannot tolerate the evil doings of radha anymore.

  5. Yes we liked it but boring is of radha’s plz make an end to it


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  7. Not at all….total bakwas tarck…..
    just end this stupid show

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