Did you like Swara and Sanskar’s colourful avatar in Swaragini?

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Colors’ Swaragini has got an interesting new track after Abhimanyu’s entry. Ragini gets a shock when she sees Abhimanyu and wants to prove that Abhimanyu is actually her Laksh. Abhimanyu refuses to Ragini about her assumption. Ragini is sure that Laksh has taken Abhimanyu’s avatar as he is angry with family and does not want to come back home. Abhimanyu stays with his wife Mansi and little daughter. They are his world and he loves his daughter a lot. Abhimanyu is rich and handsome, and reminds the viewers of Laksh. His styling got better.

Everyone wants to see Laksh and Ragini back. To execute a happy family union, Swara and Sanskar get on this mission to find truth of Abhimanyu. Swara takes the maid avatar with colorful clothes, which is completely opposite of her personality. Similarly, Sanskar also takes Rangeela avatar and enters Abhimanyu’s house with the motive to help Swara. Swara and Sanskar are hired by Abhimanyu as helpers. They start knowing more of the lives of Abhimanyu and Mansi. Swara is sure Abhimanyu is Laksh. Swara will be proving the truth. Swara will get back Ragini’s happiness back. Sanskar and Swara look cute in their new avatars. The viewers will like some spice up in the family drama. Did you like Swara and Sanskar’s colourful avatar in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Vyshu10

    yes..they r looking cute

  2. ???loved it??

  3. absolutely correct dear..i also like swasan new and cute helpers avtaar…very excited to see romance cum fight drama

  4. Yes they look so cute….

  5. Ck1234

    blo*dy hell… RS shld change the name of show to something else.. And it will be better if Teju & Namish leaves this show…

  6. well avathar z nice.ty look gud in every avathar.bt track z nt nice.we wanted ragini to enter abhi’s home.tat wud be more apt.if writers r reading tz,tn its a request let ragini solve her problem on her own.make her independent.she is strong enough for tz.

  7. Hemanshi

    Yeah awesome but need their romance..

  8. I tot maybe after the leap.Ragini too would get equal imp……Rags too should help Swara through external means……..otherwise its better to change the name of the serial to ” swasan”…….uf this is going on…I wouldn’t be surprised or sad if this goes off sir in Dec or Jan……..

  9. swasan are alwayz cute???????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤

  10. They both look adorable in their new avatar

  11. Yeeeiii my SWASAN always look cute !!! but now super cuteee !!!!
    i can’t stop myself from admiring both
    .. they r just heavenly….
    N m happy with this track even… but one thing is i always cry seeing them… huhhhh but no worry everything will b all rit…
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  12. Raglak fans should shut up really , u wanted raglak track so enjoy it ! ! swasan will get ragini’s hapinness ! even ragini wanted to unitee swasan but swasan are upset with thiss and ruined the track -_- !

    1. dea,we ppl r open to say our opinion.Polls r conducted to know peoples views.N here NONE r blaming swasan.v r jst expressing our dissapointment towards writers/cvs.u cnt be so rude.

      1. iamsofianeak u r right, n ashi ofcourse polls r for knowing people’s views but this poll is for swasan new look not for ur raglak N moreover those stupid jealous raglak fans r just bashing swasan…

      2. ofcourse this poll z to know abt swasan new look bt we can say our views abt track ryt cz i think tz z d oly way ppl cn communicate to writers through TU.cz ty wont read WU nyhw.n plz check all the comments properly.None have bashed swasan.Jz bashing cvs

  13. I quite like there new avatar……….it bought a bit change to the show……..secondly was bored of seeing same from so long

  14. swasan are Cuties………..

  15. Pooja26

    swasan r always awsm….
    cutiepies 😉 😉
    loved dem…….

  16. SRSL

    Just hope raglak comes back soon and I hope ragini won’t forgive laksh aka abhimanyu(if he is)soon…wanna see more ofswasan cute and funny nok-jhoks…

  17. Fairy

    Hehehehe sanky is lookng choo chueet yaar..awww!!! 😉 swasan look ws sweet n unique ..i nver imagined it yaar!!.
    Bt being a ragini fan ..m dissapointed…i need raglak track!! Swasan could help ragini in dis bt cvs r showng rags totally dependent on swasan!!dats nt fair!!plz atleast for dis tym dont break our hopes!!we want rags to bring back her laksh….. sorry if i xpected much from u cvs coz i know gvng raglak track is like climbing himalaya for u..so do wtever u guys wanna do!!its jst a small piece of advice being a fan 😉

    1. I better like ur opinions as being a raglak fan u admire swasan too….. N I being a swasan fan, I too sometime feel that they should concentrate Bt this CVS ????…dont worry n I think ragini will not forgive him abhi after the truth fingers crossed… Hope u enjoy this track as its raglak…. ?????

      1. Fairy

        Oh dats so sweet of u dr!!!yaar v r requestng from soo long to dese cvs bt dey always dissapoint us. Hope so dr ur word comes true..thnku so much for such a sweet reply 🙂 🙂 keep smiling dr 😉

      2. Aasthu

        Hey Vidhiiii !!!!!!! u r only person who didn’t misunderstand raglak fans comments……….

      3. Fairy

        Yeah aasthu !!!u r absolutely r8..vidhiz really sweet..n understandng 🙂

    2. Yes totally agree with you di…And sorry for not commenting in your ff…I am highly busy in my studies…But from next episode I will try my level best to comment on your ff…

      1. Fairy

        Riyu no worries ..now jst concentrate on ur studies dear 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..thnx for agreeing wid me yaar 🙂 🙂 keep smiling 😉

    3. Hey di totallyyyyyyyyyy agree with u..Stupid CVS..

      1. Fairy

        Hey shru …sacchi yaar!!still jst hopeing dat dey show somethng good dis tym!!! Keep smiling dr 🙂

  18. of course loved it both look so awesome swasan u r the best

  19. Mica

    i love it.. i love it.. after watched them fighting and made over swara in mature one.. i see swara too cute in that attire, even sanskar kinda so funny……
    i’m so happy…
    but, somehow i wish there is raglak sweet moment also, ty

  20. KrsytleS

    Yaaaa…both r looking so cute and their tashan ..
    Swasan ?????

  21. Of course I liked their look especially helly she is looking so cute ????❤❤❤I just love her….. Excited✌✌✌✌✌✌

  22. stupid drama

  23. CVS u do 1 thing u change the title “SWAragini”…N then give a new name…N u will also lyk tht name…OK now let me give u d list of tht names…

    Now think which 1 is ur favr8..I dont hv any problem..Arey Its Raglak’s matter na so lets Ragini handle this…Always Swara..Swara aur Sanskar k bina aisa lagta hai ki serial hi adhura hai..Aur Ragini aur Laksh ek dam side…N yeah I totally agree with u Ck1234..It will better if Tejaswi n Namish will leave this show..N Swasan fans plz dont think tht I m bashing Swara or Sanskar..I m jst telling my views..

    1. 5th one is nice , u r absolutely right , they r always concentrating on swasan only , if they want to concentrate on swasan why the show’s name is swaragini , cut out that ragini from it , i will be really happy if they show more of raglak scenes , sorry if i hurt anybody ,these are just myviews

      1. honestly, I have no prob with ur views, but here r my views

        even ragini is trying to unite swara n sanskar, so will u call it interfering ?
        u people can never be satisfied, as I see it even ragini is getting equal importance. u r getting ragnik scenes, ragini getting to know about laksh’s death,ragini hiding laksh’s death truth,raglak confrontation,ragini commiting suicide…isnt that enough?

        ragini got stabbed for saving swara,her taking fake pregnancy for sumi, her thinking about swasan even after laksh’s death …. IF DOING GUD THINGS IS CALLED MAHANTA THEN THIS IS ALSO MAHANTA JUST MAHANTA OF RAGINI…

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