Do you like Sehban Azim’s entry in Thapki Pyaar Ki?

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There is a new entry in Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki. Sehban Azim entered the show as the new lead opposite Jigyasa Singh, who plays Thapki. After many hurdles, Bihaan and Vaani’s marriage could not get completed. Sankara has taken half wedding rounds with Bihaan. Thapki could not marry Bihaan and the matter halted at the mandap. To add a third angle, the new entry of Kabir brings more twists. Vaani will be getting married to Kabir as per the upcoming track.

With two ruling heroes Ankit Bathla and Manish Goplani, Sehban Azim will be the new added member in the cast of the show. There will be parallel tracks with much scope given to Sehban’s role. Sehban’s character of Kabir is rich, joyful, flirty and romantic. Kabir will fall in love with Vaani and propose her marriage.

Sehban was last seen in Star Plus’ Silsila Pyar Ka, which ended in a short span by low TRPs. He has many shows to his credit, like Dill Mill Gayye, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and Humsafars. The actor will be seen spreading his charm. Do you like Sehban Azim’s entry in Thapki Pyaar Ki? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Nehi…no kabir We just want Bihan more and more….

  2. I think the new entry willbe make so much of complications in Thahaans life,already they are lead a burnful life.

  3. I like him enough to make bihan jealous, but not if its gonna make the overly complicated tpk even more complicated lol.

  4. I like the new entry

  5. Vinolin.d

    now a days I don’t like to watch tpk
    how many triangle love?how many marriages for thapki?oh my god…I can’t tolerate…I already stops to watch tpk past 1 week.

  6. Sehban can do better shows than this..

  7. Nooooooooo. no more complication in thahaan life

  8. Kabir’s entry s good ..but already too many complications.. Thahaan’s gap should not get increased by is good if he reunites Thahaan..


    Though for me show lost its charm when tapki and dhurv pair was seprated and tapki and bihan were paired; i stopped watching and reading this show but after 2 yrs leap and re-entry of tapki to take revenge, i like to see and kabir entry made me watch show again…

  10. interesting….fingers crossed

  11. No.. I dont like.
    ONly Thahaan

  12. Show is losing its charm…we want Bihaan and Tapki together..more of Bihaan not Kabir..Tapki supposed to be a lawyer..why is her character being silly and showed as stupid…bringing in new characters not helping show…the original cast were doing very well with original bharacteristics…it was fun to watch….if the old Tapki is not back..if Bihaan and Tapki dont get together..i will stop watching…dont destroy this superb show..dont destroy the magic

  13. excuse me the show has only one hero i.e. Bihaan Pandey aka Manish Goplani. The other two are just side characters

  14. I like the actors but not in this show because this show in only for bihaaaaan ?

  15. Bihaan only will play the main role

  16. Jacqueline Nicole

    I really dont understand this stupid thapkis and CVs problem !! Y they want to make bihaan sad everyday..m in these days i only seeing bihaans sad face !!! Grrr …. they just ruined manishs chrctr!! Before this they showed kosis drama… that time i was cnfused wth the title of the show ..
    I mean thapki pyar ki or kosi pyaar ki…??? Now this !! Y u want to make us angry !!! This idiot cvs always ready to spoil thahaanians mood !!! JUST GO TO HELL!!;we only want THAHAAN !!!!!

    1. I am absolutely agree with you I just watching this show b’cos bihaan and thapki love story ,I don’t care about new entry

  17. Show has lost all its charm…. and there is only one hero of tpk and that is bihaan… not dhruv and not kabir
    Manish goplani is the soul of tpk… he is the only hero of tpk

  18. Sehban personality looks so dull in front of manish (bihaan). There is only one hero of the show and that is bihaan pandey.

  19. Thenkani.M

    Pls kabir is an excellent actir n nice character make him jodi wth shraddha r tat blady sanskar nt for thapki…thapki is for bihaan pls cvs dont b so dumb ?

  20. I only want my thahaan back forever no more triangle between them..please CVS it 10000000 time request

  21. hate this kabir….tpk have only one hero only bihan just bihan….this guy is nothing infront of our bihan….without bihan this show is nothing…
    .go to hell….

  22. I don’t understand why the producer make this plot again in this film. When Bihaan come in Thapki-Druv relationship, i think that is interesting. But now, when Kabir come is boring. Its same plot.

    I Feel happy when Thapki be strong woman again like the beggining of this serial. When she can face the world with her weakness.

    In Vani Avatar, she stronger than before. I love it and hope Bihaan will be stronger too. He can be bussinessman eventrhough low education.

  23. I love the new entry.. simple cool character.. sehban simply awesome.

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