Would you like to see another love triangle in Naagin 2?

Kinshuk Mahajan was last seen in Star Plus’ Tere Sheher Mein in a negative role. He will be seen as a positive character of Icchadhari Naag Rudra in Colors’ Naagin 2. His entry will create a love triangle between Rocky, Shivangi and Rudra. Sesha will be seen liking Rudra. Rudra will have a pleasing personality and win hearts by his charm and good looks. Kinshuk took a long break before appearing in Naagin 2. The actor’s fans can rejoice by his rocking entry in the weekend star packed show.

As per the track, Shivangi wants revenge from Rocky, Yamini and other members, who have killed her mother Shivanya. Rocky does not know Shivangi is a Naagin. Rocky is totally unaware of Yamini, Sesha and even Shivangi’s backgrounds and truths. Rudra will be only guy who would have Shivangi’s truth. Rudra will team up with Shivangi to settle scores with their common enemies. In the revenge seeking process, Rudra will fall in love with Shivangi. Kinshuk’s entry will take the show higher in popularity. Even the track will see Icchadhari Naagin and Naag combo on screen. Would you like to see another love triangle in Naagin 2? Let us know in the poll. You may leave a comment as well.

  1. Ck1234

    of course…. And Kinshuk Mahajan is one of my fav actors….

  2. Yea it will be great if we get to see a luv triangle. He is far far better than rocky


  4. I thought he is entering opposite Shesha ?
    This is not fair why everyone falling for Shivangi :/

  5. Siddhi

    Dont want him to enter

  6. al the best guysssssssssssss………………………..
    all the best to…………………………………….
    Kinshuk and Nagin 2………………………………….

  7. Yup. It might be fun. But I only read updates dont watch so its story that should be interesting not the face 😉

  8. Noo…triangle story please


    Its not going to be triangle…
    As Rudra will love Shivangi
    Rockey loves shivangi
    Shesha loves rockey
    Shivangi will love to take revenge and will be confused whom to love rudra or rockey
    Shesha than will love rudra

    1. Shesha has no work or what?? Let her end up with Rocky I don’t mind at all!! Btw Rocky is shivaangi’s uncle and Shesha is Shivaang’s aunt hence for that reason they would make a good pair

  10. Even kinshuk is my favourite even I want to
    I want rudra nd shivangi romance

  11. Shivangi will love rudra nd rudra will not love sheesha nd rudra will love shivangi

  12. can’t wait to see Kinshuk in naagin….. love triangle would add more color..,it would also add more difference from part-1

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