Do you like Sasural Simar Ka’s Hong Kong track?

Sasural Simar Ka premiered on April 25, 2011. The show is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms and tells the story of two sisters, Simar and Roli, who end up in the same home by marrying two brothers, Prem and Siddhant.The show then has many twists and turns which kept the audience glued. Roli’s marriage with Siddhant track got much elongated and then Simar and Prem faced many troubles. They still stayed united till Roli was framed in the accident, and Simar had to change her identity to save Roli from the accident case.

Simar stays as Sunaina in a different family and gets a small daughter Sanjana. Anjali and Simar go for a summer camp. Simar meets Roli in the camp and says the truth about her fake identity. She says the Roli has by mistakenly dashed and murdered Sunaina, who is Vikram Mehta’s wife, so she took up her place to save Roli and as Vikram’s family don’t know who Sunaina is they assume that Simar is Sunaina. After some days, Roli tries to find who is Sunaina and solves her murder mystery. This track also kept on going for many days, and then the track revealed Sunaina’s ghost, who got after Simar to be with her husband Vikram.

When Vikram came to know about this, he tried to make Sunaina’s soul set free, but failed, as Sunaina was about to kill Simar. She made Vikram marry Simar, which made Prem hate Simar and divorce her, and marrying Surbhi. The show has changed its track, as Simar has now gone to Hong Kong with Vikram, and Prem and Surbhi landed there too. Their confrontation has been interesting and the current track shows Simar still helping out Prem in the family business, as she wants to help the Bharadwaj family. Vikram stands by her supporting her and its Roli again, who tries her best to unite Simar and Prem. What do you think about this new track? Let us know.

  1. it good but should be better should improve a more scenes of roli and sid.and perm should clear out whom he want in his life.simar should get her daughter anjali and her family back.

  2. the new track is okay but prem promises surbhi also if he join with simar surbi
    will be alone surbi may not be a good girl at the same she is not bad also at the same time prem does not have a clear mind about his position he is very confused so better simar live alone or marry vikrant because sanju (vikrant
    daughter) also need mother’s love

  3. its a good track but i am not like surabhi pari bharadhwaj family will think simar save there simar save the family prem is not a rama but simar is seetha .simar is live alone but not married vikaranth simar acheived any one .surabi dont love prem because she not understand prem feeling so simar and prem together surabhi married vikrant simar and family will be happy next roli is pregent and episode next simar daugter roli daugter episode do u like my suggesion

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  5. its good . but litle more devlope

  6. I hate surbhi !! Please cv s reunite prem and simar !!!

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