Do you like Ranveer in his new form RV post leap in MATSH?

For Ranveer, his life revolves around Ishani. He has been in love with her for as long as he can remember, but he is also conscious of the fact that his feelings will never be reciprocated. Ranveer is a silent lover whose single aim in life is to ensure that Ishani is happy. The show vividly traces the journey of Ranveer whose amorous friendship with Ishani becomes a painful point in his life, as he finds himself unable to confess his undying love for her. The series will also highlight the thin line of difference between true friendship, loyalty and unending love. Ranveer has faced a lot in the past, and post the leap, Ranveer is known as the rich business tycoon RV. His innocent and friendly character of Ranveer, changed into the rich, smart and business savvy RV, whose aim is still to become the shadow of Ishani and protect her from all odds.

After the turmoil faced by his family, they undergo a transformation and acquire Parekh family’s mansion. Ishani on the other hand is in search of the person who has acquired their property with the help of Chirag. Finally after chasing RV and eager to meet him Ishani and RV will come face to face. Ishani came to know that the employees will be talking about the new boss’ stature. Ishani was worried as she has taken some money from the locker without asking the earlier boss but she is hesitant to return the money as the boss has changed. As soon as she enters the boss’ cabin she sees RV sitting on the chair. Though Ranvir tried exposing Chirag, she is still believing him and eager to marry him. RV is angry and jealous seeing Ishani give him the terrible news of her marriage with Chirag. He also decides to marry anyone before Ishani gets married. Mr Zaveri’s daughter Ritika enters in Ranveer’s life, and would have an instant liking for RV. Zaveri is RV’s business partner.. RV’s mum starts liking her and finalizes her for him. RV agrees to marry Ritika just to make Ishani jealous in 10 days as Ishani’s marriage is after 15 days. What do you think about Ranveer and RV’s characterization? Which one was better and lovable? Let us know.

  1. Quite boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wil ranveer marry hritika r ishaani???????

  3. I like the show very much

  4. I am eager to see upcoming episodes 😀

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  6. meri ashiqui is my favorite show . I want to see ishanni and ranveer united as a freind very soon .

  7. I just love ranveer more now because he has become a rich business tycoon !! I love his attitude ! Aur picture wahi hit hoti hai jismein hero ameer ho to ab sab achaa hi hoga !!!

    1. Ur’e right

  8. RV u rockkkkk !!!

  9. RV is better and I think for a change he should get married to Hritika. Ishaani don’t trust her mom or her best friend Ranveer and blindly trusts Chirag even after seeing him with a girl. Her character is getting irritating day by day. And tired of Chirac’s evil scheming.

  10. Darfisha Shaikh

    Yes, Rv should have a change by marrying ritika

  11. Ranveer is very smart. This show is my favourite show.

  12. I love RV (shakti) a lot. I really like him soooooooooooooooooooooo much

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