Do you like Mani’s track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going strong with Raman and Ishita having a third person between them. Mani (Abhimanyu Raghav, Ishita’s childhood- school friend) has come in the show in the past few weeks, and created a distance between Raman and Ishita, just to make Raman confess his feelings and make Ishita get the right of a wife. Mani’s character is of a suave businessman, who is intellectual and a very humble man, who gives priority to relations and friendship. Raman has not been going well seeing his wife Ishita with Mani. Raman started doubting Ishita seeing how she always praises Mani to be better than him, and hangs out with him in coffee outlets. He gets angry when Shagun taunts him on Ishita and Mani’s over friendly relation, and prediction that Ishita will leave him for Mani.

Raman has been judging Ishita being confused. Though he wanted to have trust firm on Ishita, her stupidity and not so funny admittance that she will leave her husband and kid for Mani, has shaken up Raman’s mind completely. Raman has seen her hugging Mani and heard that she loves him. Raman can’t be blamed to doubt her now, as he has got enough proof against them. Raman faces heart breaking pain again. Mani and Ishita have a talk and laugh in the party, which irks Raman seeing how over friendly they are posing to be, infront of everyone and not thinking about him. Raman gets furious seeing Ishita’s new side. What do you think about Mani’s track in the show? Should he keep playing around or should bid bye to give space to Raman and Ishita’s romance? Let us know.

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  2. Mani is handsome!
    I lyk him bt ishra r cute!

  3. he is fab if he is raman this serial trp will be high than this

  4. rittika mittal

    ishita sucka at acting !

  5. I hate Mani because of him there is a rift between Raman and ishitha
    Some times even ishitha will also be over close with Mani
    Bechari Raman……….!!!

  6. No i like mani s character becoz he is the character who builds the relation bridge btwn ishu and raman with creating some jealous among them he is the important character in ishra s life.

  7. lovemnis traxck

  8. I like mani’s character continue in this show

  9. For every relation der is a limitation nd frames ishu shd knw…..agar frnd hai tho rahe but har bar zyadaa karne ka zarurath nahi he naa…..

  10. I don’t like over-friendly nature of mani nd ishita ,there should be some limits in frndship,like ishita is doing now is too much,any husband can easily suspects

  11. there shud be a limit …initially mani’s character was gud but now its too much creating issues bw d couple …simply asking help a friend every time widout informing ur husband always be question of there is big no for mani’s character..

  12. please clear the misunderstandings between raman and ishita. and we are expecting big fight and realisation, love between them. Don’t just keep aside this track

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