Do you like IPKKND2 Current Track with major change in Niranjan’s perspective?

Niranjan Agnihotri, the bold and the bald villain of the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir has turned into a miserable character, as he had a change of heart after his beloved Shlok ended ties with him and left his house. Soon, Niranjan fell into a web of thoughts and memories of Shlok, and gave away all his business management to Varad, hoping he will take care of it and return it to his heir Shlok when he returns. But his elder son Varad, did not take it as a responsibility, and claimed it as his right, as he is the righteous heir of Niranjan, and took control over all the property and business of Agnihotris, which Niranjan and Shlok has built with their hard work and honesty. Varad was not a part of Agnihotri business before and has now took over everything, by claiming Niranjan to be mentally stable.

Niranjan gets raised on Varad knowing he has cheated him and gave Shlok’s position to Indrajeet Sarkar. He believes Varad is doing big mistake for which he is not regretting, and slaps him. Varad and Niranjan have an argument at home, as Niranjan tries to get the lawyer to make new will, but fails. Varad pushes him inside the room and locks him up, throwing a birthday party for him and saying all guests that Niranjan is mentally unwell and not a part of the party. They all sympathize with Varad and suddenly Niranjan enters the party and bangs on Varad with slaps. Varad loses his temper and calls off the party, and thus kicks out Niranjan from home. He makes sure that Sojal supports him, and she goes to Vridh Ashram to close those doors for Niranjan. Shlok senses his father to be in some problem, and may return to help him out. Do you like this interesting new track in the show? Let us know in this fun poll.

  1. I would like to see the implication of Varad signing papers without reading them, I would like to see Shlock and Astha success as well as taking care of both Anjali and Niranjan, and Varad loosing everything

  2. plz don’t. Off. The show

  3. The current track is so interesting … realised the meaning of relation.
    hoping that the upcoming episodes will give us, the viewers , a great treat & also hoping for nice & beautiful romantic scenes
    b/w our ashlok. ……..

  4. getting more interesting…waiting for Shlok to take over the business again

  5. Yes. It’s good track…
    One sml request don’t go off show plzzzzzzzz

  6. Luma Al-jader

    yes its interesting specially after today episode which accelerate the events no dragging was there hope the storyline moves on and on and gets more interesting always with new twist but wish to see more of Aastha and Shlok as they are the leads of the show and wish it will not go off air because this show has many potentials to survive

  7. Yes it wud be Gud to c him accepting n repenting mistake. Realising value of relations.. Atleast he was true to love fa his son though his ego subsided it b4.

  8. and also NA misses anjali too …. wanting to see NA and anjali joining !!!!!!!!

    1. yes i also want that

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