Did you like Channel V’s new show Friends Condition Apply?

The story traces the journey of Shakti, who has risked the lives of her own friends to save her Baba. They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. But what if your friend turns out to be your biggest enemy? Shakti is jolted awake by the dreadful memory of her parents’ tragic death. Later, she makes her friends Isha, Binoy, Juhi and Imple agree to participate in a social service campaign. While on their way to the suggested site, they are ambushed by a group of soldiers.Shakti goes on a trip to a hill station along with her friends, but she has devious motives. She intends to get the group kidnapped in exchange for her father’s freedom. A militant group demands the release of a noted terrorist from jail. They seek Shakti’s assistance in taking Isha, Binoy, Juhi and Imple as prisoners since their parents are influential people. Later, the youngsters try to escape from captivity.

The gang of friends prepare a perfect escape plan. Shakti tries to stop the escape without the others finding out about her ulterior motives. The gang of friends manage to escape their kidnappers and hide in the jungle. While Shakti has to prevent their rescue, she tries to stop them from contacting any authorities. One of the friends manages to make a phone call while hiding from the kidnappers. Shakti is injured and is alone in the jungle. The head of the militant group is determined to achieve the freedom of their leader with Shakti’s help. Shakti panics while escaping and gets stuck in the forest along with Chirag. Meanwhile, Isha, Binoy, Juhi, and Imple succeed in finding their way. Chirag suspects Shakti’s intentions and they confront each other. Will this gamble pay off or will she end up losing more than she bargained for? What do you think about about this show? Let us know in this poll.

  1. I like this show plz… regularly update about da show

  2. Faltu show

  3. ananaya singh

    it is a fabulous show I like the show so much its thriller and most ctacter I like is shakti and chirag they both are sweet and cute

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