THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 6)

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Hello everyone!!!

I am thinking to write an OS .
Should i write it after ending the ss or now? Tell me in the COMMENTS.
And yes, i am assuring u that it will only be a HAPPY ENDING.
Here goes the epi and thanks for ur response in the previous epi.

Recap- love confession and end of flashback.

The light of my life…….

Sanskar was still staring their marriage pic. His trance was broken by swara’s voice.
Swara- sanskar…..[pouts] y r u not coming down? I was calling u from a long time.
Sanskar-nothing jaan.
Swara-[mischievous] what were u doing? Hmmm… were u thinking about ur Girlfriend [dramatically] y god y is he thinking about some other woman when[wipes her fake tears] chalo atleast i am a good wife….tch….tch….tch…..
Sanskar-[chuckles] jaaaaannn….
Nothing like that. I was only thinking about my past and[pulls her into a hug] how this Angel changed this devil. How she became THE LIGHT OF HIS LIFE.
Swara-offoooo again u started… leave all this and come for Breakfast.[pokes his nose] chaloooo come na….
Saying this she dragged him downstairs and they both had their Breakfast.
Sanskar- swara gimme my all belongings.
Swara- here take it . U sanskar [slightly hit him on his forehead] can’t even find anything. My stupid cutie.
Sanskar- [pulled her into a hug with his hands on her waist] yes i can’t find. So what i have my beautiful wife with me….so……
Wait what swara u again called me cutie….
Swara-leave all this now goooo[saying this she pushed him]
sanskar-swara wait
Swara- now what[angry]
sanskar-[cutely] i want a good bye kiss.
Swara-[ smiles] ohoooo [pecked on his cheeks] now goooo
Sanskar-[cutely] not here shona i want [signs towards his lips] here.
Swara-noooooo not at all now go.
Sanskar-plzzzzzzz[puppy face]
swara-no means nooo
She turned to go but was immediately turned by her sansku who immediately pecked her lips and ran away while shouting.
Sanskar- love uuuuu…….
Swara blushes hearing him….

Sanskar’s car…..
Sanskar was talking to someone while driving the car….
Sanskar-[bossy tone]arjun i need everything ready…..
Arjun- yes sir, everything is ready u just come and check it. Sir flowers would be decorated tomorrow so tgey look fresh.
Sanskar- mmmm….ok good.
Arjun- now sir do u need anything in the decoration.
Sanskar- no, but i expect swara would like these decorations.
Arjun- sir i can assure u that mam will like those decorations and ur anniversary would become a memorable one.
Sanskar-mmmm…..good… talk to u later arjun.
Arjun-ok sir have a good day!
Sanskar disconnects the call.He starts thinking how they both completed 2 years of their marriage. Time passed in a blink of an eye and he didn’t even realized.

Next day……night….
Sanskar- swara we have to go to a client’s business party tomorrow. So….get ready.
Swara-[sad] but sanskar tomorrow is our anniversary.
Sanskar- swara this is also important.
Swara[teary eyes]- sanskar plz…….u can refuse them na…..plzzzz
Sanskar-[feeling guilty ] swara plzzz this can’t happen na, we would celebrate our anniversary after coming from the party.
Swara-[choking voice] bbbb…….but i wanted to be with u and celebrate the whole day…..
Sanskar-swara………plz…na its just an anniversary[said in a flow]
swara- [shocked]- just an anniversary…..ok sanskar no need ……i.i.i……..will get ready.
Saying this she ran upstairs….
Sanskar-[thinks] sorry swara tomorrow I wanted to give u a surprise but i ended up hurting u ………sorry…..but i promise tomorrow would be the bestest day of ur life. We both will remember it for years….

He goes to his room and sees that she was sleeping covering herself fully. He knew she would be crying right now. He walked to bed and lay beside her. He took her in a back hug. He whispered.
Sanskar- i ma really sorry babu…..[pecked her head] i am sorry plz don’t cry. I am feeling very guilty.[tightened his hug] plz…..don’t cry.
Sanskar- [guilty voice] shona if u will cry i will also cry. I am sorry na baba. I just said that in a flow. I promise i would never say like that. If nexttime i would do it u beat me…..sorry na……….u also know na our anniversary is the most special day for me. [Smiles] u know that day a princess entered my life who became my queen. U know i love her soooooo…….much. U know she is very sweet but she teases me very much. But i love her. I love her innocence, i love her pure heart, i love her thinking,i…..i…..just love everything about her. She is veryy……..cute but u know when she gets angry her nose get red and u know she looks sooo cute……but u know when she crys [guilty] i feel very guilty that i can’t keep her happy…….u know now sge is angry with me what should i do u only tell me…..tell me na shona….should i…..
Swara turns and hugs him tightly and slightly sobs.
Swara-[sobs]i….i….its ok. No need to fell bad.
Sanskar-plz don’t cry….i am….
Swara-[wipes her tears] see i am not crying…..happy now lets sleep….come
Swara laughs seeing his cute face and pulls his cheeks.
Sanskar-swara i am thinking to take u on a date before the party. We would enjoy our full day and then….
Swara-[happily] and then will go to tge paety right.[he nods] yes yes yes yes……thankuuuuu sooooo much
Saying this she tightly hugs him.
Both hug eachother and sleeps.

Next day……in sanskar’s car
Swara-sanskar where r we going tell na
Sanskar-swara this is the 10th time u r asking the same question. Now no more questions sit quietly.
Swara pouts. After sometime she asks him.
Swara- sanskar tell me the truth.
Sanskar-what truth?
Swara-[casually] there is no party today. Right?[raises her eyebrow]
sanskar-[shocked] how did u know that???
Swara-i know everything about mr. Cutie maheshwari
Sanskar-okkk……wait…..what cutie maheshwari…..SWARA!!! [Puppy face] i am not cute……i am handsome.
Swara-[nods no cutely] nooooo u r not handsome u r hot…..[winks]
sanskar- and u r mad[swara pouts] now don’t pout otherwise i have to cancel our date and start something else [winks]
swara blushes…….

After sometime……
SWARA-Sanskar where are we going plz tell me na.
Sanskar- nooo swara its a surprise. Stay silent .
Swara-[cutely]pretty plz with a cherry on the top.
Sanskar-[sweetly]pretty no with a pumpkin on the top.
Swara-huh…….Very bad. Go i will not talk to u .huhhhh…….SANSKARRRRR!!!

Everything goes blank……..
Suddenly sanskar wakes up….. he was sweaty profusely and was hell scared.
Sanskar-[scared with teary eyes] no no no this can’t its not i…….i…..its its…..n….not true.[breaks down]nooooo this can’t happen. U can’t do this with me no u can’t no u can’t[loudly] did u listened no u can’t nooooo u can’t[started shouting] swara swra swara where r u shonaaaa…….SHONAA!!!
He gets down from the bed and started shouting…..
Sanskar-[continuously crying] shonaaaa where are u shonaa…….
Suddenly some people rushed in his room and started calming him down. But he was not in his senses. Soon they injected him with and he got unconscious. They made him lay on the bed and went out of the room…….
But still sanskar was only one name. The name of his life, his love, his angel, his SWARA, HIS SHONA.


Precap-: sanskar-don’t go swara plz…..i will die plzzzz
Swara- shhhh plz don’t say like this…….
What happened ??
Is swara dead or alive??
Was this an accident or sanskar’s dream??
If she is alive then where is she?
Was she among the people who made sanskar unconscious?
If not then who were these people?

Stay tuned to know more……

Now, tell me how was epi…..did u all liked it……so COMMENT!!
And i am really sorry for the late and small update, actually my exams are started soooo………
Sometimes i feel really bad that i can’t update quickly. soooo sorry for that and i will try my best to update the next epi soon

Soooo this is shubhangi sharma signing off!!

The end…….

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