Life has both sorrows and joys OS part-03 The End

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I think you all didn’t liked this OS that’s why I didn’t get many of your comments….but it’s ok, today I posted it to finish this guys…. If you think it’s your waste of time please forgive me…. And thank you so much guys who commented on the previous part…. I am really sorry for not replying you all… now let’s get into the story… happy reading…

The story starts with Gowri,
Anika comes, where Gowri is there… but Gowri is deepest thinking because of it she didn’t notice Anika’s presence…Gowri says, why he says to me as come back, he only come here na which means he comes from Australia… oh that’s why yesterday he said it’s getting late… Anika thinks, this Om na can’t keep it secret he himself give a clue to her… Anika says, no Gowri he is in Australia I only said to him we are outside that’s why he says like that to play with you…. Gowri didi see this Om na always like this, did you know how much I am getting happy…. Anika thinks don’t worry your happiness will get doubled when you see your Om… Anika now we will leave to home Gowri…Gowri why so soon didi you only said we roam around this city but now you cancelled the plan and you also like Om only… Anika ok dramabaaz come we will go wherever you want to go… Gowri hugs her and says so sweet of you didi… then they leaves to ice-cream parlor… During the time of eating ice-cream, Gowri watches outside there one small girl tries to cross the road but due to the traffic she can’t, by seeing it Gowri decided to go and sees for Anika…. But she is busy with talking to one lady… so Gowri goes to help the girl…. Gowri calls her, princess why you are crying… she says didi I can’t cross the road always my mumma comes to pick up me but today she didn’t come…. So I think to go by myself but I don’t know how to cross the road…. Gowri how bold you’re then why you get fear of it don’t worry I will say how to cross the road… and did you know address of your house… Small girl yes didi, after crossing this road I can go by myself… Gowri smiles and says come, that girl holds Gowri’s hand and says first you have to see both side of the road if any vehicle are come you have to wait… you can cross when there is no vehicles are near to you… saying this she helps her to cross the road… at the time that girl’s mom comes and she hugs her daughter… small girl says to her mom, this didi only helps me to cross the road maa and also she teach me how to cross the road… her mom thanks her and small girl kisses Gowri… then they leaves….. After that Gowri have to cross the road but she is fully lost on that girl… and she imagined her daughter like after she comes to this world how she will look like and how she speaks, by thinking like that she crosses the road…. Because of it she didn’t noticed the car which is comes with full speed…. In ice cream parlor after finished her talk with that lady Anika comes and searches for Gowri… suddenly she sees Gowri crossing the road by lost somewhere…. She gets tensed and hurriedly goes outside then only she sees that car comes with full speed…. Anika shouts Gowri then only Gowri comes to sense and she turns to see her didi at the time that car hits Gowri…. Anika shouts Gowriiiiiiii…….

All gathered around…. By the help of some people Anika admitted Gowri at hospital…. on the other side Om gets some negative thoughts…. Shivaay asked what happened Om why are you get tensed…. Om: don’t know Shivaay, but my heart says something happen to my beloved one… Rudy says when you become an astrologer…. Shivaay don’t worry Om, it’s just an illusion… Om: no Shivaay and suddenly getting thinking about Gowri in very next second he calls her number…. Anika sees Om’s name on caller id don’t know what to say…. Her hand starts to shiver and she attends the call…. Anika stops her crying and says, hello…. Om bhabhi where are you why you didn’t come back till now…. Anika controls her crying but she didn’t say anything… Om bhabhi are you there… Anika: Om and starts to cry…. Om gets panicked and stands all the others also get panicked…. Om Bhabhi why you are crying, if any problem… Anika: by crying she says, Gowri… Om gets more panicked and asks bhabhi where is Gowri she is alright na… Anika says, Gowri got an accident saying this she starts to cry aloud…. Om’s phone fell down from his hand… Shivru asked Om what happened but he stands silently without speaking anything… Shivaay takes that phone and asks Anika… Anika cries… Shivaay: Anika why are you crying, what happened… Anika: Gowri got accident Shivaay… Shivaay what, now where are you… Anika says I had admitted her in city hospital… Shivaay: we will come there you don’t worry… Here Om’s eyes fills with tears and some drops fells down… Shivaay explained everything… Rudy hugs Om and says, don’t worry Om… nothing will happen to bhabhi… saying this, the trio leaves to hospital… They reached hospital…. after seeing them she cries… Shivaay hugs her and says don’t worry Anika nothing will happen to her… Rudy asked bhabhi how this happened….

Anika explained everything… and Anika says, it’s all because of me only if I am with her then it will not be happened… then she starts to cry… Om says no bhabhi its all my mistake if I said the truth to her then this is not happened… he also cries… doctor comes… Om goes and asks doctor how is she, she will get alright na…. doctor, just calm down Mr. Omkara now we can’t say anything…. She got a severe accident so first we have to take baby out then only we can concentrate on Gowri… for this you have to sign this… Om signed those papers…. Rudy pacified him…. All family reached hospital… after sometime they hears baby’s cry… hearing this all gets happy except Om… nurse comes with baby by covering white cloth around the baby and she gives baby to Anika and she says congress it is a baby girl… all gets happy….Anika takes that baby and gives to Om… but Om stops her by saying no bhabhi first I want to see Gowri… doctor comes outside Om runs to him and asks, how is she doctor… doctor says, because of her only we can save baby easily…. Due to she tries to protect her baby she falls backside because of it her head get more hurt….till now she combat to the death for her baby but now her body didn’t accepted those medicine…. We try my best but without her cooperation we can’t do anything….. Please pray to God because, Now it’s all in God’s hand… saying this she leaves…. Hearing this Om leaves from there Rudy tries to follow him but Shivaay stops him… Om goes outside of the hospital, in park he sees one Sankarji’s idol he goes near it…. Om: are you happy… Till now she believes you only… for you she had many times fight with me….. You also know na her day will start after seeing you only like that her day will end… but what you did for her…. because of her only I am also starts to believe you but now you proved it as wrong…. Now you have to prove me if you’re god then save my Gowri…… saying this he kneels down and starts to cry aloud…. And he says I want my Gowri I want you…… without you I can’t live please come to me…. Shivaay and Rudy comes to him and hugs Om…. Shivaay: Om please don’t worry nothing will happened to Gowri…. Rudy: yes O, if you cry like this then after she comes I will say to her…. Om cries and thinks on the day of leaving Australia what Gowri says, (in spite of if anything happened to me I will not allow anything happen to our baby) then he stands up and says now I want to see Gowir saying this he goes… inside the room he goes near to her and holds his hand and says, did you think you had fulfilled your promise by saving out baby… don’t forgot on the day of our marriage what you had promised me such as you will not leave me alone…. Don’t be so selfish Gowri by leaving me alone…. please come back to me…. Did you know now another person also waiting for you…. as per my wish its small little princess but till now I didn’t see her because of you only…. Please don’t make our princess to cry more…. Saying this he cries, one drop fell on Gowri’s face in very next moment Gowri holds Om’s hand…. Then Om sees her at the time she tries to open her eyes…. By seeing it Om gets happy and he cries by calling Shivaay Rudra…. All comes inside after hearing Om’s voice…. Gowri slowly opens her eyes all sees this get happy…. Om asks, Gowri are you alright na, did you know how you make us get panic including my princess…. Hearing this Gowri search for baby… Om understands it and he goes near Anika and takes baby from her…. by seeing Om she starts to smile…. Om smiles and kissed her then he makes Gowri to see her… after seeing her Gowri’s eyes are filled with tears…. She touched her daughter and kissed her…. Rudy: bhabhi she is just like Om only… Shivaay says yes so cute just like Om…. Gowri smiles… and she holds Om’s hand…. Om looks at her and smiles…. By watching all this Shivaay says, I think we are disturbing one love birds…. Omri blushes…. Like this they started their love of life with their princess…..

****************THE END***********************

Don’t know it will be good or not but I had tried it…. If I disappointed all of you please forgive me…. Please give your valuable comments…. i know a lot of mistakes are there please try to forgive me…. This is your Maha… love you all…

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  1. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    fab ya

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u keziaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… Keep reading….

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Alekhika20…. Keep reading….

  2. Awesome episode, please don’t stop writing the story. It’s really good.

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Saai… Keep reading…. Its one shot dr….

  3. Please don’t stop writing… Love reading your writing…….. Please continue…

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Dili… Keep reading… Sure dr…

  4. Niriha

    Awesome…..loved it to the core??? fabulous

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  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely dear

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    Dear Maha
    Awwwfull And Emotional Part????OmRi And Their Princess Is Sooo Cute???Please Continue This Story With OmRi And Their Princess Life????Full On I Really Enjoy And Love This Story???????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u UF…. Keep reading… Thank u dr, sure dr…. U too dr…

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    awesome rendition…
    superb ka

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