Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 17

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Hi drs.. Thank u for ur lovely comments yesterday and yeah… I replied all ur comments. OMG! Arpita I’m scared.. pls don’t kill me.. I did not post this because I’m writing weekend shot.. I really loved the way u expressed ur emotions and love for my FF.. so sooo happy to get wonderful readers like u.. even few silent readers opend up and commented yesterday and in weekend shot part 3.. thank u all.. love u to sky.. And Episode 17 is here..

At OM:
After breakfast Dadi says its going to be a hectic day for us. Because we r doing Jagrata celebration in morning and Prinku Ranveer’s sangeet in evening.. So everyone can’t concentrate in all work so I’ve allotted work for all. Janvi u’ll take care of Jagrata preparations as its ur wish to celebrate this for Omkara. Dolly (Buama) and I will help u. Janvi says ok mummi ji but I have to tell u one thing, Chulbul have done more than half of preparations and even we don’t know about those customs and rituals. Buama says even he himself made beautiful cloths for Mata Rani. Dadi praise him. Annika and Saumya will look after food and refreshments for guests in both functions. ShivOmRu and shakti Pinky will do sangeet arrangements. Tej will join them in noon after his office.
OmRu gets excuse that they have important work in morning (to get Svetlana secret). Shivay know their plan and support them and tell he’ll handle sangeet preparations. All dispersed. In Jagrata, Dadi praise Chulbul for his work. Buama reminds Janvi to call tat singer girl. Gauri reminds and pray I have to take part in this Jagrata, but Om comes and call her for their work. He ask her to explain Rudra and leaves. Chulbul tells everything about Svetlana and her freezer in basement and send him to basement. She tell this is the chance and run away from Om’s room with his photo. She turns Gauri (bumps with Om and left her anklet/payal) and sings song. Annika Saumya Dadi Buama Janvi happy for her and liked her. She also give detailed explanation and story for Jagrata (I’m not sure whether it happens in real or not.. sorry if I’m wron.. but need this for my story). Dadi and Buama praise her for her voice and traditional values. They both talk that she would be perfect match for Omkara’s life. She stole everyone’s heart with her voice and culture. Gauri, Annika, Saumya and all other women start dancing and enjoying event. Janvi, Dadi and Buama r happy. Om come to jagrata and see everyone happy and happiness in his family. He liked her voice and act of bringing happiness in his family member’s face. He was eager to see her face but in vain.

After celebration Annika and Saumya went to arrange refreshments for guests and left for Prinku’s sangeet. Dadi and Buama taking care of real Svetlana and Om brings flower basket to keep in Mata Rani feet. Gauri prays with Om’s photo. Om’s blood fall on her and she applied it in her hairlin (same as DBO). Janvi after knowing she was not sent by her friend goes to talk with Gauri and saw this and shocked. She followed her to Chulbul room and confronts her. Gauri tell every truth and Janvi ordered her to leave OM and Om as she doesn’t want him to get broken again. She leaves Oberoi Mansion teary eyed and saw Om for last time (same as DBO). Om feels something and search for Chulbul.
In noon, Tej come from ofc and talk about arrangements.. Shakti and Pinky talk with him. Shivay in call, congratulates OmRu for finding freezer box and he too suspects y did Svetlana keep it in basement tat too behind the glass chamber. He say, its ok we’ll discuss abt it later and try to find some other clue. He saw Annika going to their room. He follows her. Annika refreshes and changed to her sangeet dress. Shivay having his coffee and go through files. Annika enquires abt OmRu’s mission and they have talk. He ask her about Jagratha celebration. She said, it was good and talk about Gauri and Dadi’s wish on Gauri. He says interesting, she was nice girl and have very sweet voice.. if I get chance to meet her her once, I should personally thank her for bringing smile and happiness in my family. Even some well person danced well with that girl and enjoyed well. Actually, that person is really a good dancer. She was surprised and ask, how did u know she sing well? U were here doing Prinku’s sangeet arrangements.. did u come there? He does not respond.. Annika picks hus file and say, answer me.. did u come there? He said, no I saw this in magical mirror. She is irritated by his joke and shout at him and turns to go. Suddenly she stopped and turned to see Shivay holding her hand. He gets up and slowly move towards Annika. Y r u coming clos to me? Annika asked. He say, why r moving away from me? She stops and ask what u want? He ask, Y r u leaving while talking? She says, because u r not answering my question and taunt me. He ask, really? If someone don’t answer then we should go.. right? Annika nods and say then wat to do if we don’t get answer? He moves close to her and hold her wrist and moved to hold her fingers. She shivered. U r wrong Annika.. we have to try till we get our answers.. should not give up. She looks at him and ask what? U want to ask something? He says, Good that u understood.. tell me what u want me to tell u that day? (same qstn from designer place..) Annika looks away and say will u be able to tell that? In front of everyone? He holds her waist and make her more close to him and he talks in her ears, don’t challenge Shivay Singh Oberoi.. She was about to talk but Dadi called her. They part away and look at each other in challenging way, she leaves. Shivay smiles at her. Dadi ask her get Prinku ready.

Kamini and Ranveer come. Sangeet function starts. Everyone give their performance. Shivika gave special performance on a romantic song. Shivay informed about some security breach and talking with Karan. Saumya while making arrangements for refreshments, hear conversation between kamini and ranveer. They were talking about 200cr jewelry and gun shot. She was not able to hear clearly but found something fishy and say this to Annika and Rudra. They too don’t understand anything and search Shivay. Within tat kamini came to sangeet venue and started her 20mins wedding drama and ask Shivay to make decision. Shivay too agrees for Oberoi’s shock (actually Mahi enters here and after Shivay dead, he would continue as Shivay is their plan).
Annika confronts Shivay and he ask her to shut up.. which make her feel sad. She then consoles herself as he is doing this for Prinku. Shivay is kidnapped in mean time but managed to escape from goons with Khanna’s help. Shivay called Annika and said everything. Annika understood tat it was fake Shivay who accepted her demand for kamini’s drama and recalls what Saumya said. She tell him abt marriage in 20 mins drama by kamini and they should stop this wedding at any cost. Shivay tells plan (same as IB) and Annika swaps Prinku. After all dram happened, Shivay ordered commandos to catch fake Shivay. But he tricks and trap real Shivay with commandos.

Precap: Annika shot by kamini. Gauri shocked to see Kaali Thakur.

Pls do comment ur views guys.. meet u tomorrow.. love u all take care 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  5. Aastha_Reddy

    I am too younger to suggest but please add some active sentence to make it the more beautiful… a little more imagination can do it..
    The mixture of both IB and DBO is very impressive here…
    Very good work dear…
    I expect that you will take it positively as I hope we are friends…I rarely read others ff but when I read I always leave suggestions for the author….As I think they will not mind it being Ishquise here…I also expect reader to bash me in my ff…to make my work better ..
    All the very best for your life ahead dear…be a winner always…

    1. Verna

      Wow.. Thank u so much for ur valuable suggestion dr.. Of course, its ur right to tell author abt our mistakes, ur wish, ur suggestion and give ur support. pls don’t hesitate to criticise my FF..

      How can I ignore my friend’s suggestion my dr.. here all r like family so no worries even u hurt me 🙂 🙂

      Sure I’ll try my best to give more effective imaginary story dr.. sometimes its my situation to travel along with real show.. because this is crucial scene.

      And yes my dr.. I love all 3brothers so I don’t want to separate them.. so I’m writing on both shows 🙂 🙂 thank u so much for ur help and keep reading dr

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    It was awesome

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  7. It’s was an awesome episode ????.update soon.

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    Nice part

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  11. Awwwwww varna dear, you scared of me .???? don’t worry this time I am sending you a tight hug with lots of love ..accept it.
    And this ff is really amazing.pist next part ASAP.

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  13. Shivika Anu (kerala)

    Nice one Verna di. And yeah I think that instead of paragraphs , dialogue will be easy to digest .I mean , paragraphs r ok but if there is dialogue , it’ll be easy to imagine the scenes . I know that I’m too younger to suggest and I don’t know whether it works or not and I know , to write dialogue is not so easy .

    So it’s just a suggestion Decision is yours… And loved today’s one . Once again u placed me on waiting.. no prob.. take ur time and give us a khidkithod episode.. waiting anxiously………

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