My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 7

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chapter :- 07

in bedi mansion …
kk room…

arjun knock the door ..

arjun :- excuse me…

kk:- bhaiya .. what is this!! why somuch formality …

arjun :- you’re very big man who never share his problems to me and never consider us as your family ..

kk:- no bhaiya .. not like that.. My friend chea..

arjun :- stop… again you lie to me.. why you going to academy??? i saw you near academy ..

kk:-(shocked) I went to drop aki..

arjun :- really!! what magic? i also drop akash ..
you also drop another akash ..
so two akash ..

kk:-ok … ok… sorry …

arjun :- i want true not sorry … don’t control your pain or hide it… please share this to me…

kk:- sharanya!! again i see her..

arjun :-(shocked) what???
how is this possible???

kk:- that girl who slap aki is sharanya….

arjun :- if that is sharanya then she will never touch akash … you know na… past is past.. don’t spoil you’re future for you past… i know it’s difficult one but not impossible ..
come one ….

kk:-you are correct! but i still feel she is my sharanya ..

arjun :- then go to her .. ask about her .. clear your doubt .. I’ll also come ok.. let see if i also fee like that…

kk nods….




anamika :- hey what is this..
(her white dress have orange juice)

arjun mouth turn as o sharp..
varun chuckle ..

varun:- madam that is orange juice ..

anamika:- how dare you .. you make fun of this..

varun:- noo.. trust me this is only orange juice ..

anamika :-(angrily) shut up..
I’ll .. I’ll ..

arjun :- cool anamika .. it’s just an accident .. we are don’t see him.. we also have some wrong ..

anamika :- arjun keep silent ..

varun :- arjun /anamika ( smile broadly) wow…wow.. fantastic.

anamika :- what fantastic … you…

varun :- no.. i mean ..

anamika :- yes you are big ego ghost .. I’ll teach..

varun :-(see her like impossible to talk to her)
hey anamika rathore …

ana/arju:-(equally shocked) what?

varun :- you’re not change in this long time .. last time you blast with my ice cream and spoiled that now this juice .. and if you get angry then you will turn as cute angry bird who never listen to anyone also arjun bedi too…

….arju / anami remember their childhood incident which their meet first time ….

anami and arjun come to school that time anami collided with vvarun ice cream then they fighting ..
that is varun first day …
later in class they became friends when varun save them from teacher when both share answer in exam..
he never friends with anyone except them because of ???
(he is elder but he studied in their class because of his father business he studied first two years in London …
now he return India so his parents Joined him to this class for his easy..)
he worried for this and arjun and anamika console him..
make him smile..
varun help him in study..
.. their sweet friendship grown ..
they became close friends ..
their best friends …
one day varun leave school because her badi papa died
they return London for badi ma safety ..
they cried badly when they seperet….
after that he never return … arjun and anshi miss him every day but he never return .. but they still best friends ..

…………….flashback end….

arjun /anamika :- varu…….

they jumped and hug him .. all three are in floor…
they return to childhood everyone look him who in food supply area….
but they never stop…
smile loudly …


in dance floor area of party ..
shivani and radhu in one table
and kk, aki,anshi in another one not see each other.

shivi:-bhaiya is late!!
radhu :- i think he’ll in some call …
shivani :- whatever.. I’ll go and check ..
radhika :- ok…

kk:- why they take tomuch time..

aki chuckle ..

kk:- what funny.

aki hold kk cheek

aki:- aww cute…

kk:- what nonsense ..

aki and anshi smile ..

aki :- darling they are lovers so they will share hug.. kiss or…

kk:- shhhhhh..

aki smile ..

aki:- enjoy kk.. come let dance come…

he dragging him to dance floor and make him rotating …

aki:- where is he go while rotation ..(smile)
he got call and goes to speak ..

kk rotate and the end he fall over radhika lap…

…..ek deewana playing in background ….

after 5min..

they back to normal ..

radhu :- are you fine na??
(butterfly fly around her stomach)

(he remember arjun words)

radhu pov..
wow god my superman.. today i save him.. wow how cute..
don’t over react radhu.. please calm your emotional .. i know if you see him then your emotional will catch fire… control ..

kk pov..
i want to clear my misunderstands ..

kk:- what’s your name..
radhu :-radhika gupta.
kk:-your place ..
radhu :-London ..last month return to india for academy work … we’ll never turn London future ..
kk leave ..

radhu obey his words and return answer like good student.. her mind tells he is best for her ..he is her superman he’ll save her..
he is her hope … she don’t know why she feel like this but. she never search reason only obey this…
she look his when he leave he take to her ..
he console his bio..
wow she want to dance around party… big smile in her mouth….


akash in phone ..

akash :- yes mom.. we are in here .. we will return in 2 hours and when will you return from temple ..

madhavi :- we will return soon.. ok dear bye.. mom will call later..

aki:- ok bye..

when aki return he see shivani she also see akash ..


anshi in mind:- why this arjun take somuch time …
(she going to check arjun ..)

she looks anrjun and anamika talk with someone and smile .. his back only vision to her.. anamika see her and come to her..

anami:- hey come yar .. your school junior who our best friend who obey your orders..

anshi :-who..

ana:- hey varun..

anshi about to smile but change as shocked …

other hand arjun look anshi and tell to varun..

arjun :- her your senior and my di .. behind you..

varun look surprised :- anshi…
(he turns)

they have eyelock….
… plays…oh..jaana..


Shivani :- hey what are you doing here.. this is not a children park..

akash :- ha..ha.. very funny madam..

shivani :- hey..

akash :- really funny ..

shivani :- come with me..

akash :- but..

shivani :- cctv ..

akash :- ok…

They going to the food supply area enterence ..

shivani get call and while looking to phone screen ..

shivani :- go and get cool drink .. (show toward store room by mistake)

akash pov:- what ?? this ghosty is very much annoyed .. this is dark room … if tell her then she will tell to me ” you’re kid”..

he enter to room with control his fear some big box is about to fall over him something hold that.. box is fly in air ..
akash feel something wrong .. he is turn and lose the cool drink water in fear that he hold .. and see everything normal …
shivani only in before him..

suddenly he hug shivani in fear ..
she confused and realize he in fear because his heart beat fast …

shivani response his hug and pat his back…

..jaana na dil…music plays???????


akash and shivani in one table

shivani :- why you goes that room..

akash :-(angry) you only show that direction..

shivani :-(realize her mistake) shit… sorry…

give water to him..

shivani :-what happened there..

…akash remember how he saw the shadow of box hold by something in in front of wall then he turn nothing in there except her….

shivani :-(laugh) sorry ..

akash mouth turn as o sharp…

episode end with akash face.

precap:- kk and anshi in tension … akash smile at shivani …. anamika looks some shadow ….

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  1. Jana na dil se door….song for shivik.. And ek deewana tha…song for krishika… that’s nice. You are fantastic girl.. Keep going.

    1. Dishani01

      thanks tanya ??????
      Thank you somuch ..
      keep supporting???

  2. Super story
    Keep writing
    I’m loving this a lot ?????

    1. Dishani01

      ???????Thanks a lot dear .. keep commenting

  3. pls dont stop in between like others yaar, complete this fully with a good ending cause I’m loving this a lot ? and i am from south

    1. Dishani01

      I’ll give my best for you dearest?????????

  4. Interesting story.keep going

    1. Dishani01

      thanks ?????

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