My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 12… anamika remembers past


Chapter :- 12

Akash in full shock …
Radhika sits near him and holds his hand…

R- sorry aki.. i didn’t mean to hide this from you..
but i got fear to share this with you..
Please .. forgive me..
(In tears) but aki i really love him abi..
i love him deep than my self..
I didn’t tell this to shivi jet..
I want to tell this kk first that why i hide this from you…

….akash hugs radhu tightly like a child ….

Aki:- Thank you somuch .. thank you somuch.. (smiling broadly)

Radhu in confused ..

Aki:- I’m sorry .. i got shocked i didn’t except this from you… you’re nice..
i hope kk also love you…
I’m very happy. You didn’t know how much i feel happy … thank you RG to loving my brother …
You got confused na why I’m saying thanks to you??..

Akash in very much happy ..
But radhu still in confused ..

Aki:- because my kk is never fall in love after when he got cheated by one girl..
i didn’t know who is she or when it happened ..
what some years ago i meet kk when he return from his college study …
that kk is not like this…
He was very depress   ..
Now he return normally but never like before joyful, rocking kk.
I miss my old kk very much..
I hope you’ll make his life colorful again ..

Radhu :-(in tears)  i don’t know kk suffered more in past .. i love him much..
i feel love in his eyes…
when i see him i hope he’ll became my life..
thanks aki for accepting my feelings ..

Aki:- yes … bhabi .. don’t say thanks again ..(Smile)

Radhu :-(blushing)  don’t call me like this please ..

Aki:- ok ..RG … but don’t say thanks to me…

They smile ….

Aki:- we will talk about this later.. now come fast to meet ghosty else she will blast with us..

Radhu nods with smile ..
They leave to meet shivani..


Anamika in tears after looked shivi …

Ek…deewana…tha… playing in background …

She mummers “shivangi.. no…”

she runs from academy …


In Gupta mansion hall…

Varun :- why anami is so late??

Arjun :- i don’t know ..
when i leave from home i informed her after dropped akash come to varun home… but she is late..
we leaved at the same time… why she only late..
She not answers my call also…
I think our outing gets late because of her.

Varun smile ….


Anamika is driving car…
She crying badly …

Flash back shown ….

Anamika :-shivangi don’t behave like this again ..
i got afraid if anything happened than what will i tell to vyom.

Anami in tears…

Shivangi laugh ..
A girl shown look alike shivani..

Shivangi whips anamika tears..

Shivangi:- don’t afraid much di..
i know you considered me as you’re real baby sister but I’m grown up ok..
don’t feel insecure I’m brave than vyom..
I promise I’ll never leave you so early ..

Anshi hit her playfully ..

Ana:- don’t talk like this..

they smile and hug….


Anshi crying ..

Anshi :- how is this possible god…
i can’t believe my eyes..
my shivangi…

……..another … Flashback.shown…..

Anamika crying badly and open one covered body’s face  that keep in structure ..
Her hand was shivering in fear..

She is shocked and shouted ..



Anamika stops the car in front of Gupta mansion …
He closed her eyes after think about shivangi face … her smile ..

She opens her eyes..

She runs to the mansion …


Inside the Gupta mansion hall..

Varun :- calls one again to anamika … I’ll come after making a call to mom and asked when mom and dad arrived home..

Arjun nods while making call..
Varun leaves ..

Anamika runs towards arjun ..

Arjun :-(confused)  what happened to you anamika?  Why are you crying?

Anamika:-(with sobbing) arj..un.. arjun…

Arjun (cares her face) :- what happened ..

Anamika :- sh… shi…. shiv.. shiva…

Arjun face also turned as shocking …

Anamika also turned and shocked …

They shocked to looks at shivani and akash entering Gupta mansion ….

Anamika wipe her face and act like normal ..
Varun also arrived there ..

Anamika and arjun look each other ..

Arjun holds anami hand and sign don’t speak anything ..

Anami nods in agreement ..

Varun :- are you ok guys? Why are you two looking shocked?

Ar:-nothing .. that is..

Varun looks at enter and surprise to see akash with shivani..

Varun :-(smile)  that is my sister shivani…

Arjun and anamika still in shocked ..

Akash looks them and became surprise ..

Akash :- bhaiya and babhi..

Shivani look at him..

Akash :- shivani.. this is my bhaiya and bhabi…

Shivani smile towards them..

Arjun sign anami..

They also smile at shivani..

Varun :- what a surprise he is your brother?

Akash notices varun and became more surprise ..

Ak:- you…wow..(smile)

Shi:- bhaiya. . You now him early ..

Varun :- yes shivi that accident boy..

Akash looks varun helpless ..

Arjun :- accident ..

Varun:- arjun that is small thing .. one time i and your brother  save one man from accident …

Aki:-yes yes…

Arjun nods..

Anamika still looks at shivi..

Arjun looks anami..

Ar:- varun ..
i got one important thing to do that why anamika also late .. now we want to go…
we will meet later ok..

Va:-(confused)  but our..

Ar:- please ..

Var:- okk..

Arjun and anamika nods..

Arjun :- bye.. aki…
Aki:- bye bhaiya ..

Anamika and arjun are in full shocked the didn’t want to talk much or couldn’t discussed with aki… they leave from there ..

Varun :- why they act like some thing serious .. what work that??

Sh:- bhaiya we also have one important work?

Varun looks confused ..

Va:- what? ????

The episode ends with akash and shivani looking each other face…

Precap:- anshi fight with varun….. akash slaps shivani????



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