My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 11… anamika in shock..

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Chapter :- 11

F.S:- how much time will we sit under the table?

Akash :- i afraid of earthquake ..

F.S:-ok .. everything is fine now..
Now leave …

They come from table ..
Akash tries to find way to escaped ..

Aki :- hey come here this window is little opened..

F.S smirks looks the window that not opened ..
Akash tried hard
F.s come towards him with smile ..
“Ek..deewana ..playing background ..”
F.s about to touch aki..

finally shivani open the door and enter to the library ..

Kk and radhika also enter the library ..

…ek..deewana..tha.. playing background …..

F.s stops from touching akash and go behind …
The color full and bright library turn as older …
when they enter..
Fack shivani disappeared and akash in shocked because library turn dark of electric cut..
Akash not able to look anything …
One hand cares his hand he falls down unconscious ..

Kk looks akash …

Kk  lifts him on shoulder they reach office room..

Kk makes him sit in chair..

Shivani splash some water in akash face …

Shi:- open your eyes akash ..

Akash turns conscious state ..

Kk:- are you ok aki??

Aki:- I’m ok how will you get me here?

Kk tell full story to him..
He comes to ice cream cafe but never find aki..
So kk and radhu come in academy and find library opened so they enter there and find him unconscious.
But he never mentioned shivi..

Aki:- where is shivani?? She is ok na…

Shi:-I’m ok aki.. why are you go to library?

Aki:-(in shocked) are you crazy?? You’re the one who called me and you also with me there??

Kk:- don’t play prank now..

Aki:- oh god.. it’s not prank .. it’s true kk..  when i enter there you also reading some books shivani..

Sh:-Books ??? (Confused ) that’s a empty room. That was closed many years ago..

Aki:-don’t scare me like this .. I’m telling true..

Radhika :- i think he didn’t lie..

Aki:-yes.. my heads also pain a lot..(he hold his head)

Radhu hold his hand..
Give water to him..

Kk in thoughts. Shivani also in confused like what’s happening now..

Kk(laugh) :- you’re again cheated by me.. it’s a prank.. don’t think much..

Aki:- prank ..

Aki beat kk playfully with books in near him…

Shivi and radhu in confused ..

Kk:- ok you go to the car I’ll come after making a call to mom she called me many time and asked about you ..

Aki :- ok I’ll wait .. bye RG.

Radhu :-bye..

Aki leaves..

Radhu :- why did you lie to him..

Kk:- i think he enter library by mistake when it opened..
he got shocked because darkness  that why he unconscious ..
that time he dreamed something ..
I’ll ask him about this clearly  when he got relax..
If we pressure him then it’ll not good for him..
He is little fear type guy and very
Sensitive ….
That why i also slap you in angry radhika because he never do any wrong … he is innocent ..

They nods..

Shi:-ok .. i also think he needs some time to relive ..

She remember how she slap him ..

(Kk about to leave)

Kk:-(turn) what..

Shi:- I’m sorry what happened in past..

Kk:- it’s ok i also do some mistake .. (look towards radhu) I’m sorry radhika ..

Radhu :-sorry is not needed in friendship..

Kk:- I’m not you’re friend my brother is only you’re friend ok..

She nods like innocent baby ..

Kk(towards shivani):-  akash innocent … don’t hurts him in future ..

Shivi nods and smile ….

Some shadow in library
And hear their conversation ….
“I’m return now.. this time nobody in here to stop me from archives my goals.. I’ll write your future now and finish my revenge story  “


In Gupta mansion..
Akash room…

Akash thinks about the incident happened in library …


Akash pov…
“Who is this shivani .. when i looks her my heart Beats faster ..
Her eyes her lips everything have some connection with me ..
we are not different souls we are one..??..
I think i love her.
She is good heart girl ..
brave girl who never allow any good people struggle ..
she cares me everytime ..
I’m  falling in to her love..
I don’t know why but i love her..
Love happened as accident to me .. i hope it’ll turn as life to me when i got her.. if she accept me then I’ll also get her to home as arjun bhaiya did with bhabi”
“First i want to clears our misunderstandings then I’ll tell my feelings..”????
“Jana na ..plays”

Radhika pov…
I want to shout kk name.. i want to tell him “i love you” but i can’t when i see him i feel scared … why this happening to me… next time i should tell him about my feelings..
I think he’ll accept me.. i saw love in his eyes for me…
My parents never rejected my choice still
i hope they will accept kk☺☺?????…”
She write i love you kk in middle page of book..
And smile ..
“Ek deewana ..plays…”


In college …..

Akash and radhu enters same time ….

“Hi… RG..”scream… akash …

“Hi”radhu says with smile ..

They sit in nearly bench..
Only silent in there..
They want to share their feelings each other..

Akash break the silences..
Aki:- RG i want to talk something about shivani..(smile)

Radhu :- what? ?(surprised)

Aki:- that.. that..(with blushing)

“Radhika …..” anu shouted in distance ..

Radhu and aki turn towards her..

“Shivi called you in office ..”
Anu leaves…

Radhika stands to go that time her book fall down..
and akash picked that and shocked to see that middle page…
I love you kk…??”

Aki:-what is this??(shocked)

Radhu  in full shock and tension ..

Aki:-kk in this that my brother na..

Radhu:- that… that.. aki..(feeling with quilt of hiding truth)

Aki:- tell me..(little shouting)

Radhika :- yes..(tear fall from her eyes in quilt)

Akash sits in shock …???
Radhika looks on sad….

Anamika in car…

“Omg.. akash missed his phone in my car .. i dropped him in academy but i also not noticed this…”

She turned her car
And goes to academy again ..

She comes to academy office to inform to call aki from class area…

Shivani come towards her..

Anamika in full shocked to look shivani..

Anamika have tears in Her eyes..

She mummers ..
“Shi…….. shivangi..”

The episode end with anamika shocked face….


Precap:- anamika(run to Gupta mansion hall)
:- arjun …. arjun …(with shivering)
Arjun:- what happened anamika ..(shocked)   they shocked to see shivani enter with akash in Gupta mansion…

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  1. very nice update…waiting for the story to unfold…vyom amd shivangi then akash and shivani…plz also reveal the reasons for akash panic attacks and fear

  2. Dishani01

    I’ll give all answers in upcoming episodes one by one.. keep supporting sweetheart …????

  3. OMg so cute
    1 kind request disha don’t make vikram a villain pls

    1. Dishani01

      thanks dear..
      I’ll never make like this i hate negative because I’m feed up with now ek deewana rack .
      I’ll make is story like positive and loveable

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