My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 10

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Akash in unconscious .. shivani comes to him with water .. she tries her best but he never wake-up ..

S:- how’ll i make him conscious .. if him want oxygen .. i need to help him..

She come slowly towards him ..

“Jaana na dil ….” plays in background …

Her face come close to his face .. their lip are in one inch cap..
He opens his eye slowly …
He looks at shivi..
Shivi looks at shivi..

Music continue in background ..

Ek deewana tha…plays…

….radhu and kk in same position ..

Radhu :- mmmkkkmm..

Kk:- sorry ..

R:- Thanks to save him in two times ..

Kk:- two times ..

R:-(smile) yes.. you save me when i about to hit by car..

Kk remember the incident ..

Music plays…

Kk :- (in mind) why i again and again meet her.. all things happened because of akash ..
Where is him went ..

Radhu looks at kk..
Kk looks radhu ..

Kk:- (in mind) why see in here still.. if she wants anything ..

Kk/radhu :- I..

They smile..

Kk is with controlling smile..


R:-akash want i meet you..

Kk:-for what


She feels nervous ..

Kk:- don’t take much time ..

She feels sad because of his shouting ..

Kk:- sorry sorry .. radhika … I’m just asking..

He hold she by her shoulder ..

She feels some connection with his touch and looks towards his hand…

Kk:-sorry (remove his hand that hold her shoulders )

Kk phone rings ..

Kk in phone.

Kk:- yeh .. bhaiya .. akash call me to pick up.. I’ll come with him..


Kk towards akash ..

Kk:- if he arrange this.. then where is he..

She looks blankly ..
…….In library ..

Shivi in over aki..

Aki:-(confused) what are you doing over me..

S:-(come from his top) nothing .. want to wake-up you from unconscious ..

A:-(smiling mischievously) ohh like this.. i think you got spoiled by English movie and want try that with me..

S:-(annoyed) chee… you’re bad mind .. nothing like that.. and this is my false to help you..

She going to leaves but door is never opened ..

Akash got his phone that got break when he fall unconscious ..

Aki /shi:- shit…..

Shi:- what?
A:- my phone got damage ..
Why you shouted ..

Sh:- someone close the door ..

Akash:- what??????


Kk:-what ????
academy is closed!!
what happened to his phone and why he is so late…

Radhu :- shivani also late.. i have her bag and phone ..

Kk:-who is that shivani..

Radhu :- (she explain who shivani to her.. and how shivani misunderstood akash .. ) akash want you to apologize to me.. that why he call us..( she never tells about CCTV footage ..)

Kk:- then i also misunderstood you…

Radhu :- this is not important now.. we should go in and check …

Kk:- mm .. yes..


Shivani :- akash what will we do now..

Akash :-i don’t know..

Shivani :- we should waiting for someone … until morning ..

Akash :-(shocked) but until morning .. but who’ll stay here over night..

Sh:-don’t panic I’ll help you aki?????

Akash turn and looks her face with disbelieve ..


Radhu :- first we should check admission office …

Kk and radhu enter the admission room ..
A lady come in one site and write something her back is visible to them … radhu come to her and hold her shoulder..

Radhu :- shivi…

That lady turn as shivani…

Sh:- yes .. radhu ..
Sorry ..(hold her ear..)
I get some more work .. wait. I’ll. Finish and come in 5 min..

R:- it’s ok.. if you see akash ..

Sh nods no and see kk with irritated look…

In silent :- what him doing here??

Radhu :- he is my friend now.. akash never go to home jet.. he search for him..

Sh/kk:- what friend now..

Radhu :- stop making question .. come to search akash and shivani take keys .. we want to check classes …


Ak:- what you saying now..

Sh:-(smile) I’ll save you untill morning ..

Ak:-okk.. but how you know my nickname is aki..

Sh:- i just try to make short form..

Ak:-ok.. come we will break the door..

Shivani smirks…(she is not who aki thinks as shivani.. shivi..)

Suddenly thunder sounds come and tables are shaking ..

Akash with little panic ..

Ak:- shivani come here..

Akash drage f.s to under the table and they sit under the table …

Akash :-(worried) how will we escape from this…

Fack shivani smile towards his tension some shadow appear behind her like big one…..


Shivani come to check classroom … watchman come and tells ..

W.m:- shivani madam .. librarian give this old library key to me.. when he cross their that room in open so he closed and return key to me.. i want to inform this..

He leaves..

Shi:- who’ll open that..

Kk:-what ? That’s never opend when i study ..

Shi:- we also never opened past many years.. that’s just old one..

Radhu:- shivi if akash goes there then he is in dangerous ..

Kk:-what? ???

Shivani in big shock..[she think about party how he got panic ]
In mind .. ( I’ll never allow someone or something hurt you.. i want to save you.. i hope your safe.. don’t worry I’ll come to find you)

They rushed to library ..

Episode end with shivani vs fake shivani faces …..

Precap:- akash in big shock..
Anami watch something and get confused ????

a/n. guys please tell me how many one read this ff and how is your feeling if i should make something then tell me..

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