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“hello..!!”she answered the call trying hard to hide her blush.
“Ragu beta,stop spinning like a spring and talk to him.!”janaki teases her.
“maa..!”she shoots her with the death glares.
“hmm..bolo laksh..”she uttered finally with a grin crept on her lips.
Soon her smile vanished from her lips,her face turned pale overshadowing the blush she had few seconds ago,her eyes turned glazzy with the glass layer of newly formed hot salty tears,her forehead was slick with sweat,her soft hands started shivering making the phone to slip on the floor with a thud.
Everyone gets shocked,soon she collapses on the floor giving company to her broken mobile which he gifted.

“Ragini..!!”everyone panicked but she was not in the state of listening to anyone.
Her head starts revolving,stirring the fear in her more.Those words ranged continuously in her mind.
“The owner of the phone met with an accident,i have seen your number in the call history.can you please come to LIFELINE HOSPITAL..”
The same thing kept echoed in her mind.
“laksh.”she screamed and the tears trailed its way out.
The mobile rang again but this time it wasn’t ragini’s mobile, Shekhar received the call and the next moment he fell on the chair with blank expression,everyone went to him leaving the broken ragini behind.

“What happened Shekhar.?”janaki mumbled shivering.

“Laksh..l..laksh m..met with an a..accident..!”Shekhar stuttered.
Then only they heard their ragini’s sobs.When they turned back,she is found nowhere.
Ragini is running on the road madly between the vehicles like she had a skateboard,people around her gasps and taunts her for being so careless when a car was about to hit her but she escaped in a mere moment.
She never know how long she ran but still she didn’t found her destination,she found herself lost somewhere in the dark.
“Laksh.!”her eyes welled up with the freshly formed tears.

“Ragini.”she heard someone’s voice and found sanskar behind her.
“Sanskar..is laksh ok.?everything is fine na.?just a minor accident right.?tell me na sanskar.?”she bombarded him with back to back questions and panics too.
“Relax Ragini..!Laksh will be alright.Everyone is searching for you.Laksh is right,you are so careless.How could you runaway from the house.?do you know how long we searched you.?”said sanskar increasing ragini’s agony.
“Laksh will be alright Ragini.Come let’s go to our family first.They’re waiting for u.”Said he and made her sit inside the car.
All the way she was crying,crying and crying alone.

The name board reminds her the phone call.
“Please come to LIFELINE HOSPITAL.”
“Please come to LIFELINE HOSPITAL.”kept ringing in her mind stirring her heart weak,her sobs increased vigorously when her emotions got overpowered.
Sanskar consoles her but she wasn’t listening him.He somehow managed to took her outside the operation theatre where entire Maheshwari’s were in the same state like her.

“Maa.”Ragini ran to ap and cries bitterly.
“Ragu beta,laksh will be alright.Don’t worry.God is with us.”ap consoles her hiding her own uncontrollable emotions for her son’s state.
The light outside the operation theatre gets off and the door opened.
“Doctor.how is laksh.?”Dp uttered.

“We tried our best Mr.Maheshwari but there are many internal brain injuries.We can’t say anything until he gets conscious.If he didn’t get conscious within 24 hours then there is a possibility of him getting into coma.”doctor said.
Ragini’s sobs increased when she heard doctor’s words,ap too joined her by now.
Both Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s were not in the mood of thinking about anything other than laksh’s well being.Now their only hope is on god’s hands.

Ragini prayed for laksh’s well being.She didn’t even had water since she heard the accident news.
It’s almost 24 hours.
Doctor came and informed “I am sorry.We tried our best but he is not responding.He went to COMA.”
“What.?”dp and Shekhar said in union.
“We are treating him still,there are chances for him gaining the conscious.He may get away from it within a day,week,2months or may be a year.”the doctor said.
Ragini gets shattered completely,her heart fails to beat for a moment,she ran to him ignoring everyone around her.

Her heart ached the most when she saw her love laying unconsciously connected with many machines and she couldn’t bear this pain anymore.
“What about the troth you made laksh.come with me,enough of your drama.Everyone is waiting for you only.Come let’s go.Laksh..!”She sobs holding his hand and the tear drop touched his finger.
“Laksh.!”she cried badly looking at him who doesn’t reacts.
“It’s laksh.”

“Yeah..I know.”
“So..are you coming today.!”he asked excitedly.
“No I can’t.”
“but why.All of your family would be coming right then why won’t you Ragini.!”
“Dadi told me that i should not meet you before our marriage.”she mumbled.
“Okay fine.Then I will come and meet you at evening.”laksh muttered.
“What.?no no.please understand laksh ji.”
“First stop calling me ji and all..and I am coming that’s final.”He said in bossy tone.
“No you should not.”she said but he cuts her by giving her back to back kisses on phone.
“I love you Ragini.”he whispers.

“Hum bhi.”she blushed.
“What’s this Ragu.? HUM BHI..say those three words sweetly.I am dying to hear it from you.”He asks romantically but she remained silent.
Laksh heard janaki’s voice.
“So maa is there with you that’s why you are hesitating right.”he asks suppressing his laughter.
“Hmm..”she hummed still blushing.
“But I won’t leave you until you say it.”he further makes her crazy with his sweet torture.
“Laksh.!”she stretches his name huskily.

“Yeah..i am listening sweetheart say it.”he said.
“I.i… L…love. Y..You…l..Laksh.”she stuttered and it came out as a mere whisper.
“Love you too darling and I will meet you in evening.bye.”he disconnected the call.
Fb ends..
“I love you laksh.”She says without stuttering this time.

“He is in coma and the chances are slim.!”the nurse said.
“He is very stubborn and plays hard to get.He had confessed thousands of time in our past.Now he turned greedy,i think he wants a million proposal from me.Hey na Laksh.”she said suppressing her tears.
“Please laksh.wake up na.”she pleaded him but there is no reaction in him.
The pain is unbearable,the one who always shown his love is now chopping her soul completely.
Days passed but there is no improvement in his health condition but Ragini never ever lost her hope.

“Durgaprasad ji.”dadi visited mm.
Ap greeted her and took her blessings.Parvati hesitates how to start but somehow gathered her strength and spoke up.
“Ji.,is there any improvement in laksh’s health.”parvati uttered breaking the silence.
Ap shooks her head negatively and the tears never failed in occupying her eyes.
“Durgaprasad ji,I want to say something but please don’t mistake me.”dadi muttered softly.
“Boliye ji.”Dp said.
“Woh Durgaprasad ji.let’s break this alliance of Ragini and Lakshya.”dadi said huskily and AP’s heart ached the most after hearing this.

“Maa ji..”Ap startled.
“I know it’s not the right time to discuss this but think about my laadoo,we can’t risk her life right.I came to this decision because the chances of Laksh getting back from coma is very less.please try to understand our side too.i can’t see ragini’s life getting ruined.”dadi said folding her hands together.

Ap doesn’t know how to react,while durgaprasad remained silent without giving her reply.
“Maa ji is right Annapurna.”dp said and felt a urge to leave from mm excusing himself.
Dp knows how madly raglak love each other even they didn’t expressed their eyes shown the love carving for the other.He cursed himself for his inability.
“does Ragini knows this.?”ap questioned dadiji.

“I know how to handle her Annapurna ji.”dadi said in her as usual tone and left the mm.
Ap felt like her son’s life had been ruined but she never thought from Gadodia’s side.
“What will I say to laksh when he get back from coma.?What would be his reaction when he came to know that Ragini is no more in his life.?”ap cries bitterly.
“Maa..!please control yourself.You know what Ragini won’t leave our laksh maa,trust me.”Parineeta consoles her.

At hospital..
“Laksh,you know what.today we complete our second month anniversary.so here is your gift.”Ragini presses her lips on his cheek.
“You know na laksh I won’t share my chocolate with anyone but today I decided to share it with you.come on come on wake up fast.”she said unwrapping the diary milk.
The screen turns white and went to flashback

“Where is that sound from.?”Ragini looks down from the window.
She gasps when she found Laksh there waving his hand with his trademark smile.
“Yes. Ofcourse me.”
“what are you doing here laksh.?”
“Don’t you know.?”he smirks.
“Please leave.what if someone comes.”she says.

“Wait I am coming there Ragini.”
“What.!here”she startled.
“Please don’t laksh.”she pleaded him but he ignored her pleas and climbed up.
“Help me Ragu.”He forwards his hand to her,she hesitatingly gave her hand but couldn’t pull him because of his heavy weight but somehow she did it.
“So did you miss me.”he uttered lovingly.
“Huhh..”she startled again.
“Hey hey..relax.i am just here to surprise you.so better be cool ok.”he handled the situation smoothly.

“Here.”He forwarded a bunch of chocolates.
“Choci’s..oh god..thank you so much laksh.”she pulled his cheek in excitement forgetting about what she is doing.
Laksh experienced the current through his spine but he doesn’t want to disturb this innocent kid.Her smile,her excitement,her innocence,her satisfaction even with simple things everything stirred something inside him.He realised that he started falling for her.
“Rise in love lucky.”he ruffles his hair.

“Oyiee..For me.”he pouts.
“Am sorry Mr.Lakshya.No sharing in chocolates.”She showed her tongue out.
“Ok I will take what I wanted.”said laksh with his naughty smirk.
He leans closer to her lips,ragini’s heart skips it’s beat with his closeness.she felt like her heart will come out from her ribcage,her lips starts shivering.His hands moves towards her lips and wiped the chocolate from the corner of her lips.Ragini gulps.
He took his hand to his mouth but she holds his wrist and licks the chocolate cream from his finger.

“No sharing.”She giggled.
Laksh gazed her innocence intensely and he lost himself in her pure soul.
****fb ends

“Wake up laksh.please.”her eyes welled up and the chocolate fell from her hands.
“How long you gonna give me this punishment.please wake up.i can’t live without you..please laksh.”she says caressing his cheek.
“So..!”she uttered breaking the silence between them.
“Actually what I want to say is.”laksh ran his hand on his hair being nervous.
“You don’t like me right.”she muttered cutting his sentence in middle making him to startle.
Laksh gave”What do you mean” look.

“Don’t look like that.!I know you won’t like me because you are so modernistic and look at me I am a traditional sanskari ladki,we won’t match other’s lifestyle.So it’s better to end it here.”she said in one go.
“Oh Ho..did i said so.?”laksh said raising his eyebrows,she didn’t know how to react so she lowered her eyes.

“did I say that you are not perfect for me.?oh come on Ragini,I may look modern but that doesn’t mean that I won’t follow any traditional values.I too love to obey my parents and elders if their pov is right and one more thing you are my mom’s choice and I trust my mom.”he explained clearing his side.

“is that only because I am your mom’s choice.?(he gave a confused look)I mean you like me just because your mom have chosen me,nothing else.?”she mouthed making him chuckle.
“Actually not.I like your this side Ragini,I mean the way you value every relations,the way you respect our tradition,the way you obey our elders,the way you sang the song few minutes back,the way your finger dances on the strings of that blessed sitar and the way you spoke to me few seconds ago.LOVELY RAGINI,EVERYTHING JUST IMPRESSED ME.You are an antique piece and I will keep you safe in my heart.Trust me Ragu and I will never leave you for anything,I PROMISE.”he confessed without saying those magical words.
She blushed brushing the ground.

“So..do you like me Ragini.?”he asked.
She remained silent still blushing.
“oh what does that mean Ragini.?shall I tell my mom that you don’t like her son.”he said supressing his laughter.
“No no..!”Ragini felt a urge to react but failed to understand his intentions.he gazed her intensely,it tickles her heart sweetly.

“I li..like you La..Laksh ji.!”she said stuttering,he gave a victorious grin.
“Come.Let’s go”he said holding his grin on his lips still.
***past end.

“Come back to me soon laksh to fulfil your promise,I know you will.!”she said wiping her tears.
“I really miss you.Miss you like hell laksh.your naughtiness is what I miss the most.please wake up Laksh,it’s hurting please come back to me.I LOVE YOU.”she placed a kiss on his forehead.
“Laadoo.”Ragini composed herself when she heard dadi’s voice.

“dadi..you here.is anything important.?”Ragini asks being worried.
“Come.Let’s go.”dadi dragged Ragini and due to that raglak hands intertwined got separated slowly.

“dadi..stop..where are you taking me.?I need to be here with laksh.please.i promise I will come home soon.”she says trying to free herself from parvati’s clutch.
“Enough of everything you have done laadoo.it’s the time for leaving him,leaving him forever.”dadi shocked Ragini by her words.
“What do you mean.?”Ragini startled.
“Come home laadoo.We broke your alliance with laksh and everything is over between you and him.so let’s leave from here Ragu.”she says just like that.

“What.?you broke our rishta.?but why dadima.?”she questioned drowned with tears.
“Why matlab.?we waited for almost 2 months but there is no improvement and it seems like he won’t get back from coma.we can’t risk your life na laadoo and we can’t see your sufferings that’s why I cancelled everything with Maheshwari’s.”Dadi said.

“do you think separating me from MY LAKSH will gain back my happiness.?if you think so then you are wrong dadi.I can’t live without him dadi,LAKSH IS MY LIFE,he is everything to me.Without him I am a lifeless soul.He gave me hopes and I know he won’t break his promise and will come back to me for fulfilling it.My happiness lies in him dadi please try to understand.Even after all this you want to take me home separating from laksh,then you will carry only my lifeless dead body.”Ragini poured her heart out and what she feels for laksh and ap who stands at the door wipes her tears and felt proud for selecting Ragini for laksh.

“I won’t leave him and that’s final.”Ragini turned and went to laksh.
“I won’t leave you laksh.”She sobs placing his hand on her forehead,a small tear drop escapes from corner of laksh’s eyes.,his fingers moved a little under ragini’s grip tickling her heart and sending electricity down her spine.

“Laksh..laksh..can you hear me.?doctor.doctor..he is reacting..My Laksh is reacting..doctor..”Ragini screams madly in happiness and never failed to witness the tear drops from his eyes,she wipes it.

Ap urged inside and starts calling his name,he slowly opened his eyelids and cleared his vision to look at the two most important ladies of his life,his mom and his love.
Laksh sighs Ragini that he is ok through his eyes,ragini’s eyes welled up in happiness.
Doctor checked him completely and said that he is perfectly alright but needs some rest to recover fully.

Everyone nodded and ap went outside the room giving privacy to the couples and also to inform maheshwari’s about laksh,she never forgot to pull away dadi along with her.
Ragini gazed laksh fondly,after nurse left the room Laksh sighs Ragini to come near him.
She immediately urged to him and cuddles drenching him with her tears.

“I missed you.”she said in between her sobs.
“Sorry for hurting you bachcha.see I came to you like I promise.”he says pecking her forehead.
“Am so happy.”she uttered burying herself deep inside him.
“So by now am I allowed to share your chocolate.?”He winks raising her chin in his hand.
“He could hear you but couldn’t react.!”Ragini reminisces doctor’s words and bit her tongue.
“No.only after our marriage.”She said lowering her eyes.

“Then marry me today itself,I can’t wait to make you mine.”He smirks staring her intensely.
“I am ready.Make your parents agree.”She said shocking him.
“You turned more naughtier Ragu.”he pulled her to his embrace.
“it’s all because of you Love Guru.”she kissed his chest near heart where she is ruling.
“Love you bachcha.”he kissed her head.

“I know.”she says closing her eyes enjoying being in his embrace.

Happy ending..!!

Once again happy birthday da iqu..love you da sissy.

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