My life….(one shot)

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I always think what will happen after death???? Do we all become
Ghost ? or will born again….
Finally I got a conclusion….that is
Let’s die first then we will found what I will happen…..but I don’t have that much strength to do so… When I born I don’t know what am I??? where I born??? To whom I born??? For what I born??? In which date I born??? But when the life runs I got to know everything…..My parents did arrange marriage by their families… It doesn’t work at all… Always fighting and crying…I baffled how my sister and me born??? My sister ragini hates me to the core but hides it..she hates me because my parents showered more love on me than her …. What I did??? What is my fault??? My parents loved me for that ragini hates me…I really laugh at my life but at the same time my eyes will become wet….I really love everyone truly…. But they are not…. Me and my family lives at my so called grandma parvati patel…who is my mother’s mother…she has a son too his name is durgaprasad patel who lives in his wife house as gar Jamai when my family shift to his house he too to his sasural…
He had two kids Laksh and uttara…Because of circumstances in life made my dad shekar loss In his business as we shift to my so called grandma parvati house…

She loves his son more than any thing in her life…. One day my parents fight because of her..Ragini also not in home as was in hostel…I was alone and crying my mom, dad, grandmaa where fighting…the very next day my father went out from the house and shifted some where…I was heart broken….I only meet my father at school and he will give me some gifts…he will drop at the end of the road … when my mom saw my gifts she will throw all this while scolding me why did I accepts this from my dad??? I was 10 at that time what I will do??? Again circumstances comes i got matured at the age of 11….but my mother didn’t tell this to anyone….days passess like express like that 2years passed ….my dad came back to home… And mother said I matured now…
All done a function….function should be done when we are happy but that thing does not give happiness only gives pain everymouth…
One day,, My sister ragini introduced one boy as a friend to my mother…
And told her that he had come to study with her….my mom said ok.. Weekly once he will come to our home…. Neither My dad know about this nor my mom told to him…as my father did not like all these things…he even did not allow us to go out side and wearing western dresses…

One day When I crossed my sister room…I saw them hugging and giggling sliently..I too sliently went from there…I was 13 that time…As I am a quiet girl…I don’t tell this thing to anyone… That thing created mess in my small heart…I too attracted to one boy…when I confirmed that he proposed my close friend and she too accepted it…and one more important thing that she said this thing to me before to him….I was heart broken… I thought to forget it as a nightmare…Then I was 14 i went to Delhi with my parents to my bua house…I saw my cousin vardaan
after years…last time I saw him when he was 12 years old and I was 9… He was 16 now… We keep distance and don’t talk to each other… That distance created an storm…we two started talking through messages like a day my bua called and told my mother about that and said not to talk to my son…my mom scolded me…that day I was crying my heart out…I felt betrayal by my life…
Finally I am 10th I travel through auto to my school….I was little fat at that time… In my auto all will tease me as I am boy particularly tease his name is Sanskar…. I used cry daily… I don’t know when how but I started liking him without my concern….If he was absent…I feels uneasy…when I saw him he will also saw me is that a dream….I baffled…I felt some connection with him…. When he smiles I too smiles…. When I go somewhere in break time with my friend I will surely saw him somewhere…wherever I go I saw him…. I baffled is he loving me??….that question created stupid thought in my heart…I started loving him…..but my love is too short….my friend riya she is also friend of him..she told me that you know what
I looked at in confusion…

She continued your enemy is in love….
What my enemy I asked
Haan I am talking about Sanskar she said….some day I told Sanskar is my enemy to her
She said jumping in excitement,, Sanskar loves one girl…that time my heart stops…I looked at her in eager she said that girl is coming in his auto…my heart started jumping in happiness… I thought it’s me…my happiness is also too short…riya continued that girl name is Kavita…my eyes got wet my vision gets blurred….my ears got dumb but I controlled I give a fake smile and goes back to my book….I could not control any more I ran to washroom and I cried whole heart…my life started laughing while clapping it’s hand loudly…..I closed my ears and cried….Kavita is studying 8 she too comes in my auto…days passess Sanskar and Kavita speaks daily in auto….I will just looking out to give them privacy…
I thought to forget it again…
I even changed my school….

My mama durgaprasad usually Daily comes to my grand maa Home and so called will not give single money for household and for her too….she hates my father….. And so she did not like us also…. She saves her pension money to his son….she pays fees to her son’s kids….and my house is not in good condition as it is built my grand maa ‘s father in 1950… day my dad asked my grand maa to give this to him…but my grand maa did not accept and she said this house is belong to her son….for that my mom dad started fighting….
Finally I completed my 10th…
My dad is not a that much good man.. I usually feel pity for my mother….
I decided one thing that I will become a doctor and I give so much money to my mom..I promised myself that I will build a house for my mother….
I studied good in 12th…I worked day and night and secured good marks… My grand maa ‘s money and property goes in one go as my cousin nikil studied mbbs….my dad has two houses in his village he solded it and makes study mbbs …Finally I became a doctor… I built my house by my own money….my mom gets proud of me…
Then one day I am getting ready…today boy’s family is coming to see me…my sister ragini come with her husband Laksh who is my another bua’s son unfortunately ragini ‘s boy friend betrayed her and runs away….for her fortunate Laksh came in her life….ragini compliant me that I am looking beautiful I just smiled…my mom came and take me down….I saw him……….. S A N S K A R…..he was looking at me…..I was in shock of my life….he asked my dad that he wants to talk to me…
I walked to my room he too followed me….I was still in shock
Sanskar “”hi”” he just said I thought he could not recognise me because that time I was fat now I became slim
He continued “” Swara do you remember me””
I was frozen at my place…he remembers me…
He said smilingly”” what?? Why are you looking at me like this am I a alien moti “”
I got angry as he called me moti
He sensed me “” don’t get angry…I will tell you are a fool if you love you could have told me “”
I was shocked and confused…
He laughed at me”” Swara I am the one who told riya that I love Kavita just to make you jealous but you stupid took serious “””
I was shocked I just don’t know I is happening…he slaps my forehead “” hey dumbo I love you”
my eyes got widen and my mouth too…he just placed his lips mine….I too started responding…I don’t know how much time passed….we both stops and started panting…my cheeks
turned red…
Sanskar smiling ”’ can I have the pleasure to hear those three words “”
I smiled and said blushingly “” I love you Sanskar”” and hugged him…he too hugged me back…
Sanskar whispers in my ear”” miss.Swara bose ready to become Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari “” and kissed my earlobe…

My thoughts were broken by a warm arm surrounded me…I just smiled and turn to find my husband Sanskar …he started giving wet kisses to me.. I was just lost in my world….I pushed him hearing a giggling sound I turned over take my baby my life varun my arms…he kissed my cheeks….I did Same with me…Sanskar frowns then his angel ran to him.. He lifts her with joy and kisses her whole face..
I thank my life for making me this much happy….my Sanskar sides me and whispers” I love you ”
I put my head on his shoulder ” I love you too Sanskar ” with a smile on my face…..
Life challenged me I fight backs so God gives me every thing ….


Hi guys the half story is my own story and the second half is my imagination….this is really happened in my life…so fight with life surely God will give you all you need …

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