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Riya drives the car towards Rocky’s house and hides behind the window outside and she overhears…while teni is sitting down and rocky is getting ready on his room in upstairs.

Teni: rocky.. please come down fast.

Rocky : I will come within 5 minutes

Teni: ok.

After sometime rocky comes down and both goes to sheela(Rocky’s mother ) and..

Teni: maa..

Sheela: tell me beta.

Teni: we are going to award

Sheela: so..I will handle your baby okay?

Teni and rocky smiles..

Teni happily: you are my great mother in law. You just understood within a second..

Sheela smiles and..

Sheela: you too my great daughter in law..

Rocky fumes in jealousy..

Rocky: both of them forgot that there is third person both are talking as if you both are only here.

Teni laughs..

Teni: so you became I right rocky?

Sheela: yes…

Rocky: ok both don’t target to make fun with me. Its time up for award function so come let’s go teni..

Sheela smiles and..

Sheela: guys go and enjoy the function and I will look after ipshita.

Teni hugs her and..

Teni: ok..thank you maa.

Rocky and teni goes leaving ipshita with sheela while riya notices this through window and smirks..

Riya in mind: everything is happening it’s time to execute the plan..

Riya phones someone and tells something and cuts the call and smiles evilly..

Riya in mind: now your bad time starts rocky…be ready to face horrible humiliation!

Riya gets into her car and she too drives to the auditorium where the award function is happening..


gowri finishes her dressing and comes out wearing beautiful dress…

Gowri: am I looking?

Avni smiles seeing her dressed beautifully..

Avni: you are really like a diamond princess today. Iam sure your fiance will get heart attack and die in your beauty today..

Gowri blushes hearing this..

Avni: wow..I can see your blush now atself. I don’t know how your blush is going to be when you see your fiance..

Gowri: ok..stop teasing me.

Avni: ok..shall I start your hairstyle?

Gowri: yes..

Gowri sits before the mirror while Avni does Gowri’s hairstyles she gets reminded of how she used to do hairstyles for her mother…


Avni and aisha are sitting and Avni does aisha’s hairstyle..

Avni: how is this style looking?

Aisha sees her style in mirror and..

Aisha: wow!!my princess done a magical job. Its so amazing..

Avni smiles and hugs her..

Aisha: one day.. someone will do your haistyle as you will become bride that day.

Avni makes a upset face and..

Avni: no one will do my hairstyle except you..if you bring someone then I will chase that person out.

Aisha smiles..

Aisha: fine I will atself do your haistyle for my bride that day..

Avni thinks and..

Avni: ok..what is meant by bride?

Aisha smiles and..

Aisha: you will know it soon Avni..

Avni and aisha smile.


She gets emotional and tears fall from her eyes..

Avni in mind: why did my fate snatched everything from me?.if I had my mother then I would also been sitting here as a bride but…

Gowri notices her through mirror and..

Gowri: please stop for 1 minute.

Avni stops doing hairstyle and looks her..

Avni: why?dint you like my hairstyle??

Gowri stands and turns to her and..

Gowri:I noticed your tears and that’s why I asked you to stop for 1 minute. your tears tells that you are hiding something  which is making you pain…you can share it with me and get relieved. Because when you share your sorrows with someone then your heart will feel comfort and you can share it with me.

Avni wipes her tears and..

Avni: sometimes..our heart doesn’t get relieved even after sharing our sorrows and my heart is such type.

Gowri: why do you think like that?

Avni: because..even if I share with you, there is no use as I can’t get my happiness back even if I try.

Gowri hugs her and..

Gowri: do you know one thing?

Avni looks her…

Gowri: even I had a problem where I thought same like you..but lord made me understand that there is no use of thinking negative. And in the same way iam advising you as a friend that not to think, share it with me and if possible I will surely help you.

Avni cries and hugs her..

Avni cries: my destiny and my fate snatched everything. I don’t have anything to be happy..iam just living for a reason.

Gowri wipes her tears and..

Gowri: don’t tell like that. Destiny doesn’t snatch anything and fate only snatches. You can make your destiny happy by changing the fate.

Avni: I can’t because everything is over now except my motive.

Gowri too gets emotional and she too remebers her past and..

Gowri: you know one thing..even I was thinking like you once upon a time. Before 14 years and when I was 9 years whole family died in front of my and my brother’s eyes and we lost all our courage to live. I and my brother thought to die but God sent a beautiful women named dayawanti to save us and she adopted us as a member of their family and took care of us. And now we are so happy..and I even got a beautiful lover. Iam sure you will also get such beautiful life again..

Avni is shocked to hear it..

Avni in mind: I couldn’t believe that dayawanti did such good work. Is dayawanti upto something or did she became good for real?..

Avni hugs her and..

Avni thinks: I Will tell my problem without telling family’s name orelse her happiness will be ruined.

Avni: thank you for advising me and iam relieved as I am happy that you are happy in this family.but my heart pain can’t be reduced because before 16 years….

Suddenly a voice is heared from outside..

Voice: gowri come down fast if you got ready..

Both gets tensed and Avni hurrying starts doing hairstyle..

Avni: I will tell you once your engagement overs..

Gowri: but you should not stand upset in my engagement okay?

Avni: sure.

Avni finishes her hairstyle fast and she even helps her to do makeup and finally she compliments..

Avni: now..the diamond princess is ready.

Gowri smiles..

Avni takes gowri down..


omkara ,mishti, parth and Sejal are standing in a room and..

Parth: maa..let’s give privacy for them. So that they can talk nicely..

Sejal: you are right.

Parth and Sejal move out of the room.. while mishti and omkara alone stands in a room.

Mishti: i normally talk openly…so iam asking you frankly. Do you like me?

Omkara looks her shocked..

Omkara in mind: what will I reply her for this question?.iam not feeling any love for her..I can only feel her as a normal person.

Omkara: a.. actually I need some time to understand you and decide about our marriage.

Mishti smiles..

Mishti: no problem. We will be friends till you finalize your decision.

Omkara smiles..

Omkara: thank you for supporting me.

Mishti: I can understand human’s nature.i know that a person needs time to settle with new matters so..I will always support your decision.

Omkara: then..let’s go and tell our decision to my mom.

Mishti: ok..

Omkara and mishti goes to Sejal…

Omkara: maa..

Sejal: yes soon you guys finished your conversation?

Mishti: actually..

Omkara: maa..I came to tell about our decision.

Sejal smiles..

Sejal: tell me beta.

Omkara: we will be friends for some time so that I can understand her better and then I will tell my opinion about marrying her.

Mishti: yes..aunty.

Sejal gets shocked..she pretends to accept their decision.

Sejal fakely smiles and..

Sejal: ok..I will support you both in this decision.and mishti you can stay in our house atself as you are an orphan..

Mishti gets shocked..

Mishti: can I stay In someone’s house aunty?

Sejal: don’t think it as someone’s house..think this as your house and stay. I will always be a mother to you and even omkara is there to support you here…

Mishti gets concerned and she looks omkara signalling him to say about his decision.

Omkara: is right. Mom supported our decision so we will also support her decision. and also it will be good if you stay here as you will also feel better to be there with a family.

Mishti smiles..

Mishti: thank you so much omkara.

Omkara: it’s my duty to make Everyone happy.

Sejal: ok..mishti you can go and stay in rhat room(pointing towards a room)

Mishti: sure aunty.

Mishti goes to her room and Sejal changes her face and tells omkara..

Sejal: I just pretended to support your decision in front of mishti as I don’t want to upset, you should marry her for sure.

Omkara gets shocked..

Omkara: maa..

Sejal: this month is going to end in 10 I will conduct your wedding within these 10 days.. so try to accept her and try to know each other after marriage .

Omkara is shocked and gets upset..

Omkara: but mom..

Sejal strictly: my decision is final. So go and tell her that you have accepted her.

Omkara: but I need time maa..

Sejal: there is lot of time after your marriage. So you can make those times to know each other.

Omkara: but…

Sejal: no whatever I say orelse…

Omkara gets more upset and..

Omkara:ok..I will do whatever you say but don’t try to blackmail me.

Telling this he goes upset while Sejal smiles..

Sejal in mind: iam sure everything will become better once you marry her omkara. Iam doing everything for your goodness only so try to accept it.


Avni brings gauri down while Neil stands in stage and looks gauri and gets mesmerized…

Gauri looks him from far and blushes noticing his eye on her..

While Avni couldn’t see the groom but looks gauri blushing..

Avni whispers: if you blush like this then your engagement will be filled with blushes instead of ring exchange…

Gauri: if he sees me like that then what will I do?

Avni: iam eager to see your groom..

Gowri: I will introduce him to you once engagement overs..he is such an amazing man.

Avni smiles..

Avni: ohhh….

Gowri: also he is a policemen.

Avni gets suprised..

Avni: woww..then you are safe from all kind of disasters

Both reaches the stage and finally Neil sees gauri coming and he is shocked to see Avni with gauri..

Neil in mind: what is this weird girl doing with gauri?if gauri already knows her then why dint gauri introduce her to me??

Gauri smiles and climbs the stage and shows Neil to Avni and Avni gets shocked…

Avni in mind: w..what..that means I had fought uselessly with gauri’s fiance and that too with policemen.ohh noo I blamed him wrongly thinking that he was following me..ohh shit!

Avni and Neil looks each other with shocked reaction..

Gauri notices her and asks..

Gauri: what happened?

Avni stumbles.. i..I..will go and sit in guests place.

Gauri in mind: why is she tensed?I hope she is fine..

Gauri: please stay in stage along with my family and let’s take photo together..

Avni sees Neil and gets more tensed..

Avni stumbles: no..iam alergetic to group we will take later.

Avni slowly leaves gauri and moves back to get away from his sight and suddenly she hits someone and sees him…..while Neil’s eyes is fixed on Avni..


Teni and rocky are driving car and suddenly a women comes in front and they stop the car suddenly with high break…

Rocky angrily: excuse me lady.. can’t you walk carefully?

Lady looks teni and rocky inside car and..

Lady: your both are not meant for each other. The time is coming close to separate both of you…

Rocky and teni gets shocked while Rocky gets more angry..

Rocky angrily: hey dare you to curse us?I will kill you if you tell anything more..

Lady laughs..

Lady: iam future predictor. That’s why I told your future..I know you get angry on this but this is the guys will know it soon..

Rocky and teni gets more shocked and Rocky fumes in anger and he was about to go out of the car and slap her but teni stops him…

Teni: I think that women is let her go. Its just her prediction and not we will go now.

Rocky calms and keeps his forehead on hers and cries..

Rocky: though we have small fights but it’s just for fun .I don’t want to lose are my life and wife forever.

Teni: don’t worry rocky..we will be together always.

Teni consoles rocky and they go towards auditorium and they reach it…

Teni: finally we reached…

Rocky: yes..let us forget our fights and enjoy the moment now.

Teni smiles..

Teni : I am sorry..I was not angry on you and I just pretended.

Rocky gets shocked..

Rocky: that means you fooled me huh?

Teni laughs..

Teni: yes..

Rocky: wait and watch..I won’t spare you once we reach our house.

Teni: let’s see that in house. Now come lets enjoy this function..

Both goes inside and sits in their place and even riya comes there and she spies them..

Riya in mind: my revenge is going to get fulfilled for sure..

Suddenly anchor announces something..

Anchor: let’s make this day special by starting with the dance. So here are every successful businessmen and let’s start with the amazing dance performance by everyone.

Everyone cheers and Anchor switches on the music and Everyone starts to dance including riya….while teni and rocky dance romantically…

Subhanallah song plays..

Both dance happily .


PRECAP: Neil and Avni shake hands. Rocky gets angry on teni. Dayawanti’s reality is shown. Mishti fights with someone.

  1. Nice chapter why riya went there house is she planning something like accident their dance was nice avni and gauri scene was nice too in very little time they became great friends who are sharing their sorrow with each other advising each other avneil was literally shock after seeing each other avni is sorry for behaving rudely with neil. om mishri started their relation with friendship was nice I think mishti got comfortable with om but om didn’t he needs time and his mom was just acting and pressurizing him felt bad for om well waiting for next episode

  2. Aldy

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  3. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Gauri and Avni’s friendship was lovely. Shocking that Dayawanti adopted Gauri and her brother when her parents died in an accident. Wonder what is her plan regarding Gauri. Finally Neil and Avni met each other. Omkara and Mishti conversation was nice. Glad that Mishti is open-minded. Sejal persuading Omkara is expected. Wonder whether he marry Mishti Or Gauri. Sheela, Teni and Rocky scenes are awesome. Surprising that an astrologer predicted Teni and Rocky’s separation.

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