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Hatel takes Avni (ananya) with her while Avni looks at her and thinks of how she met and used her to enter mehta house…


Avni came out of coma just before 10 days and her heart was filled with revengeful anger and she went to temple and prayed…

Avni: my lord…I have sacrificed a lot for you. So, please just help me to  punish dayawanti..other than that I don’t want anything in my life.

Hearing her prayer the temple bell rings automatically..

Avni finishes her prayer and she thinks something..

Avni in mind: I should do something to earn money to live..what shall I do now??

Avni thinks and gets idea..

Avni in mind: I used to do hair styles for my mom in my I’ll better start a parlour shop to earn.

Avni started a parlour shop and six months have passed and one day she thinks..

Avni in mind: how will I punish dayawanti??I should enter mehta house to take my revenge but how will I enter??

Avni was sitting in her shop and was seriously thinking about how to take revenge and suddenly she sees Hetal entering her shop and she gets shocked….

Avni in mind: Hetal aunty…

Hetal comes to her and…

Hetal: hello..

Avni stumbles in shock: y..yeah..tell me what shall I do for you?

Hetal: actually I was searching for a hair stylist for a week and I couldn’t get it..but finally I saw your shop here and came…

Avni: ohh..shall I do your hair style?

Hetal: noo.. actually I came here to approach you to do hair style for a bride. Will you come to our house and do bride’s hairstyle for engagement?

Avni thinks..

Avni in mind: is the bride riya?. Now I should not think about this and I should just focus on revenge. God have given a great chance to enter Mehta’s house..I will use this chance to fulfill my aim..

Avni: sure..I will come.

Hetal: then come to our house tomorrow. Here is the address(she writes address in a paper and hands it to Avni).

Avni gets it and thinks..

Avni in mind: Tomorrow iam entering my own house as stranger…but one day I will change this fate once I complete my revenge.

Hetal: can you please tell your name?

Avni: iam ananya verma.

Hetal: ohh..thanks. ok let’s meet tomorrow…

Avni: sure.

Telling this Hetal leaves.


Hetal takes her to Gowri’s room and..

Hetal: you please wait here..I will get gowri soon. I don’t know where this girl went but I will bring her soon..

Avni: ok..

Suddenly a voice is heared..

Someone: iam back aunty…

Avni and hetal turns and sees gowri…



Teni is seen getting ready and suddenly rocky comes and hugs her behind…

Teni : rocky..please behave.

Rocky makes a face..

Rocky:what nonsense?iam behaving only..

Teni: if you are behaving then allow me to get ready.. and don’t try to get close till your award function ends.

Rocky makes a fake sad face and..

Rocky sadly: you are really an unromantic and silly wife. I thought to do makeover for you but you rejected….but it’s okay as your wish I won’t come near you till the function gets over.

Rocky turns to go but teni holds his hand smilingly..

Teni: I know about your drama’s mr.drama king. Ok.. this time I will accept your drama but next time I will also do drama if you do..

Rocky: that’s great my lovely wife.shalk I start your makeover?

Teni: yeah…

Rocky smiles and he lovingly does makeover for teni and teni smiles..

After finishing the makeover rocky looks her romantically while teni gets shy seeing him…

Rocky: woww!I did a better makeover than you… today you are looking like an angel.

Teni makes a face and..

Teni: are you indirectly telling me that iam looking like a devil daily?

Rocky : noo..I just complimented my style.

Teni gets Angry..

Teni: that means you dint compliment me right? You are an idiotic husband..

She starts beating him while he runs…

Rocky: hey stop!. I just pulled your leg…But I swear you are looking like a princess of heaven.

Teni Angrily: shut up!. Don’t try to do drama again.. this time I won’t leave you..

Rocky runs on the bed while teni too climbs the bed to beat rocky but her leg slips and she falls rocky and both of them falls on bed…

Their look at each other..

After sometime teni gets up angrily and..

Teni Angrily: I don’t want to waste time with you now. Its already time up for your award function so I’ll go and prepare for it..and you too get ready fast.

Rocky: until you kiss me one time..I won’t get ready.

Teni Angrily: then sit at home without attending your function.

Telling this teni goes away angrily while Rocky thinks..

Rocky in mind: I spoiled my own romance..

Rocky gets up and he too goes and gets ready…..and while he changing dress teni hides and watches him and smiles..

Teni in mind: there should be lots of fun in relationship rocky..iam sorry for showing my anger but it’s all fake. Iam just pretending to be angry for a silly reason to suprise will see a huge suprise soon..


Gowri comes to Hetal and..

Gowri: iam sorry aunty..I went to get cake from my friend so I got late.

Hetal: it’s okay. But inform and go next time okay?

Gowri: sure aunty..

Gowri sees Avni nearby and asks about her..

Gowri: who is she (pointing towards avni) aunty?

Hetal: she is your hair stylist. She will do your hair style for your engagement today.

Gowri gets happy and hugs Hetal and praises her..

Gowri happily: thank you so much aunty. I was feeling bad that there is no one to do hair style for me but you helped by bringing this hair stylist…

Hetal: you are like my child it’s my duty to fill your happiness. Okay go and get ready soon and take this stylist with you..

Gowri : okay.

Avni sees their bonding and gets emotional remembering her moments with Hetal before 16 years…
Avni hides her tears and consoles herself..

Avni in mind: Avni.. don’t allow emotions take place your heart. First focus on revenge .you should just focus on revenge miss.avni aisha…

Suddenly gowri takes her inside her room and..

Gowri: can I know your name please..

Avni: my name is ananya verma.

Gowri: nice name.. and my name is gowri.

Avni: ohh.. even your name is good.

Gowri smiles and..

Gowri: thank you. By the way can we become friends?

By telling this gowri forwards her hands for handshake to become friends while Avni looks on and thinks..

Avni in mind: this girl is speed. I usually don’t believe strangers soon but I will accept as she is also one of this family member but I don’t know what relation she is having with mehta’s and I will find out that soon..

Avni shakes hands with gowri  and..

Avni: okay..we will be friends.

Gowri smiles and..

Gowri: I think you will feel that iam so speed in asking friendship with you at first sight atself but don’t feel bad about it…. though we don’t know each other..we will try to know each other soon. None of my friends are here to attend my engagement so I need some friends with me to pamper me but unfortunately there is no one for me here instead of them you should be there with me as a friend okay?

Avni gets happy hearing this..

Avni in mind: god is so grateful. I was thinking how to stay here after I finish her hair style but god made my path easier… now I can take my revenge easily.

Gowri: ok..I will go and change my dress okay?.once I finish my dressing you do my hairstyle okay?

Avni: okay.

Gowri goes to restroom to change her dress while Avni waits for gauri.


In a guest room Neil is seen sitting thinking deeply while Shwetha comes in and shouts seeing him…

Shwetha shouts in shock: aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…

Hearing her scream Neil gets shocked..
Neil (in shocked voice): mom..please stop!

Shwetha stops and looks at him…

Neil: what happened to you suddenly mom?

Shwetha makes a face and..

Shwetha: I should ask you this question. So can you please tell me what happened to you now?

Neil looks at her in confused way..

Neil: what happened to me suddenly??.iam fine only right?. Why did you shout looking at me then??

Shwetha: if you are fine..then why are you sitting simply without getting ready for your engagement??.you know it’s already time up but you are sitting here simply without getting ready.

Neil makes a face and..

Neil: know that I won’t be peaceful if I dint  get any answer for my questions right?

Shwetha: ofcourse I know that. Did you dint get any answer from any criminals?and may be that is the reason you are sitting here simply thinking deeply about how to get answers from him… am i right?

Neil: you are absolutely right but its not about a criminal in my station but it’s about a weird girl…

Shwetha gets shocked and makes a face..

Shwetha (shocked tone): a weird girl?

Neil: mind is filled up with 1000 of questions regarding her. But I couldn’t get any answers from her…she is very arrogant and misunderstanding.

Shwetha: is she a thief or any criminal Neil?

Neil: no..

Shwetha: then why are you bothering about her?

Neil: I don’t know. When i saw her first time..I saw her eyes full of hatred and she always behaves rudely… sometimes she is behaving as if she doesn’t have mind and my mind is making me to get the answers from her but I couldn’t as she is running away  and also I doubt her as she is looking like mastermind person and that’s why iam sitting thinking deeply about that weird girl..

Shwetha gets shocked and..

Shwetha: are you out of your sense Neil? Instead of thinking about your fiance and lover., you are just thinking about that weird girl..what happened to you?

Neil: don’t doubt my intention..iam true to gauri. Iam just thinking about that weird girl in doubted way and not in romantic way. I won’t go anywhere till I get answers from her…

Shwetha: you told that she is not a criminal then what answers do you want from her? ?Iam scared that you are going Towards wrong…

Neil gets angry..

Neil shouts: maa.. please keep your foolish mind shut.i already told you that I doubt her but you are doubting me here …and i love gauri..I will surely marry her only.but I want to find about this girl because she is behaving very differently and Also she entered this mehta house and so I need to find about her details…

Shwetha: what details do you want from her?she may be a guest..why to bother her??

Neil: she is not looking like a guest but she is looking like a killer or revengeful person. Iam sure that she is upto something here…iam a trained policemen and so I can guess each person’s intention through their eyes and deeds and that’s why I want to find about her as I felt she is going to do something wrong like revenge or kill or something like that… and if my doubt is right then I will surely stop her actions.

Shwetha becomes upset..

Shwetha: Neil… forget your police duty in your engagement atleast..

Neil: I will try…but I will keep noticing that girl alone.

Shweta: ok..get ready and come soon okay?

Neil : okay..

Shwetha goes while Neil takes shower and thinks about Avni..

Neil in mind: who are you miss.accuser?I feel something wrong with you and that’s why i wanted to get answers from you but you are running away..I will soon find about you! Get ready to meet ACP Neil khanna. The way you stared at this house made my mind doubt you as you were looking like a naagin.



Omkara and parth are talking eagerly nad happily too..

Omkara: bhai…why are you sitting like a statue always?

Parth stares him confusedly..

Parth: what do you mean?

Omkara: yes.. tomorrow is your engagement and today is your fiance’s award function but you dint do anything special to her…your not making my bhabhi special.

Parth stares him again..

Parth: iam the biggest gift for her so there is no need to make anything more special and waste money dumply…

Omkara hits his head..

Omkara: you should have become a human bank!.you don’t deserve to be a human at all..iam sure bhabhi will change you one day from your mindset..

Parth gets irritated..

Parth: first of all you try to find your girl…orelse

Omkara: orelse what??

Parth: don’t you remember what Panditji told?

Omkara thinks..


Pandit: omkara’s kundli is complicated.

Sejal: why pandit? What is complicated for my son??

Pandit: he should find a girl within this month orelse he won’t be able to marry for next fifteen years..

Sejal parth and omkara gets shocked..

Sejal(shocked tone): is there is no other way to solve this problem Panditji?

Pandit: there is no ther way except this…

Everyone leaves sadly and Sejal speaks to omkara..

Sejal sadly: please find your love soon omkara. You should get married within this month…

Omkara: maa..but…

Sejal: no ifs and buts..if you don’t find then I will find your bride myself.


omkara: don’t talk about my life parth…I don’t know how to find my love so I’ll better live alone.

Suddenly a voice hears..

Someone: omkara beta..I found a better girl for you won’t be single. If you see her..iam sure you will fall for her at first sight atself.

Parth and omkara turns and sees Sejal with a girl..
Sejal comes with a girl to omakara and introduce her to omkara..

Sejal: omkara..this is mishti(pointing towards the girl). And mishti this is my son omkara(pointing towards omkara)..
Mishti smiles seeing omkara while omkara stands dumb without reacting anything seeing mishti…


precap: omkara is confused. Aman and Avni meet.neil and gowri engagement.riya blackmails teni.


  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Neil doubting Avni was shocking and interesting. Sadly Shweta misunderstood his suspicions. Gauri and Avni becoming friends was nice. Avni getting emotional on seeing Gauri and Hetal bond was sad. Teni and Rocky fights are cute and funny. Shocking that Omkara’s horoscope is complicated and Sejal has arranged his marriage to Mishti.

    1. Nice episode avni entered mehta mansion and be friend with gauri she us happy that she can stay there to fulfill her revenge and neil is fully doubtful on her and yes avni’s eyes speak more then her hetal is gauri’s aunt but it’s not clear why her engagement is happining is mehta’s mansion where is her family and parents teni rocky scene was cute teni acted like she is angry but she isn’t what is her surprise and what is riya up to in function so after neil and gauri there will another engagement for riya and parth what prist said about omkara’s kundali was shocking sajal find Misti for omkara I personally like tejasvi from kkk she was my favorite well waiting for next episode

    2. Avneil fan

      Thank u so much 😊. yes..gauri’s friendship with Avni will help Avni to take revenge🤗.gauri’s relation with Mehta’s will be revealed soon 😊. happy that you liked teni and rocky scenes 😊.yes.. after Neil and gauri’s engagement there will be parth’s and Rita’s engagement🤗.yes.. I too like tejaswi.if possible I will try to include her in supporting Character🤗.thank you for detailed information

    3. Avneil fan

      Thank u so much 😊😊. happy that you liked gauri and Avni becoming friends ☺️. happy that you liked teni and rocky scenes 😊.

  2. Jasminerahul

    hetal avni scene was did she get money to start the beauty parlour? gauri avni scene was lovely.Neil is doubting avni.hope he will support her after finding about her.never expected Neil to say everything to riya opposite parth? or mishti?surprising that mishti has been selected for om.why is he stunned to see her?does he know her already? Rocky teni scene was romantic. nok jhok was funny.what surprise is she planning for him?perfect pics

    1. Avneil fan

      Happy that you liked Hetal and Avni scenes 😊.how Avni started parlour shop is a secret and it will be revealed later 🤗.surely Neil will support Avni after knowing her truth 🤗.parth’s pair is secret and you .om is not stunned but he is just standing without any reactions seeing mishti 🤗. happy that you liked rocky and teni scenes 😊.her suprise will be revealed soon 😊.thank you so much 😊.

  3. Aldy

    Nice episode…hetal Avni scenes were nice…Gauri Avni bonding was so cute…Neil is so curious about Avni…rocky teni scenes were awesome…will mishti fall in love with Parth..

    1. Avneil fan

      Thank u so much 😊. happy that you liked Hetal and Avni scenes 😊.yes..Neil is so curious about Avni. Happy that you liked rocky and teni scenes 😊.mishti’s pair is secret 🤗.you will know it soon..

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