hello friends!!.here is the first episode ☺️..


It is evening time…Avni is seen standing near the edge of the bridge and staring at the river flow under the bridge…

avni in mind: this is the same river where I was shot before 16 years and this is the same place where my aisha maa and papa was killed before 16 years….

Avni gets teary remembering the horrible night before 16 years where she was shot and she lost her parents and her brother was snatched by dayawanti….

avni wipes her tears and gets Angry and…

Avni in mind: I battled for my life all these 16 years..I was in coma for all these years..I never had my childhood and it’s all because of dayawanti…she snatched my parents,my happiness,my dream and everything…now it’s time to return her deeds!!I won’t see neela maa till I finish my revenge..if I meet neela maa then my concentration on revenge will fade so first I will take my revenge!!

Suddenly a paper flies and lands on her face and she picks it and sees dayawanti’s face and gets angry…

avni in mind: dayawanti Mehta…get ready to meet your death!..iam coming soon to revenge. Your death is written on your grand daughter’s be ready for it!!I’ll give such a horrible death for you miss.dayawanti….

She smirks and crushes the paper and throws away while Neil comes that side and sees Avni standing near the edge and he tries to pull her aside but he slips and falls on her and both rolls down near the river and they end up falling on each other and they look each other…..

avni breaks the eyelock and she pushes him and she gets up and she scolds him…

Avni angrily: hey man!! How dare you push me here?

neil: stop shouting miss. If I had pushed you then why should I fall along with you??

Avni angrily: that means you have tried to kill me right?

Neil gets shocked and angry..

Neil: hey fool!!you only tried to do suicide by standing at the edge and I just thought to save you but I slipped so we fall here by mistake…

Avni: what??when did I tried to do suicide??!

Neil: if you dint do suicide then why did you stand at the edge??

Avni gets Angry and shouts..

Avni angrily: why should I share my personal matters with you???

Neil: ok…don’t tell. Then come along with me atleast..

Avni: where?? To fall again from some other bridge huh??

Neil hits his head with his hand and ..

Neil: you are talking too much..

Avni shouts: Its my mouth so iam talking and who the hell are you to comment on my talk???

Neil thinks: this girl is like burning volcano!!hope I escape from this girl soon…

Neil: fine..I won’t comment hereafter alright? come with me to get out from this area….

Avni tries to shout again but Neil closes her mouth with his hands and they look each other through eyelock…

neil looks at her eyes and slowly whispers: just be quiet and follow me alright??if you try to fight again then I should tape your better follow me!.

He removes his hand from her mouth and Avni looks at him and she follows him as per his instructions..


Neil is still walking while Avni gets tired and sits…

Avni: excuse me man…

Neil turns and sees Avni sitting…

Neil: what happened?

Avni tiredly: I can’t walk further..iam so tired.

Neil: ok..we will take some rest!

Neil too sits there near Avni and he stares her while Avni looks at him confusedly…

avni: why are you staring me like ghost?

Neil: because I want to ask something..

Avni: what??

Neil: I can see your eyes filled up with full anger and hatred..are you going to kill someone or are you going to take revenge???

Avni is shocked at his question and she thinks about dayawanti…

Avni thinks: how did he find it??I should not tell anything to him…

Avni: I won’t tell anything to strangers..if I want to kill anyone then it will be you only and not anyone else…

Neil: what??what did I do??

avni stares him and..

Avni: because you are asking too many questions which is making me angry..

Neil laughs hearing this while Avni gets angry and she stands and she tries to go away…

Neil: hey stop!!I just laughed. I swear I dint make fun of just come and sit!.we will go out together..

Avni angrily: I don’t need your help. I can go myself…

Avni walks away while Neil thinks by sitting in the same place…

Neil thinks: this girl shows too much of attitude and anger!!weird girl!! I know she will come back as she can’t go alone from this place as it became dark now..

Avni walks further and she sees sky becoming dark and she feels scared and she notices she is alone and she gets more scared….

Avni thinks: I should have not shown too much of anger!!. now therre is no one near me..iam scared of darkness!!

avni thinks: ohh shit!!I don’t even have tablets to control my fear…if something happens to me..nooo.. nothing should happen to me till I finish my revenge!!let me call that person…

Avni shouts: excuse me stranger.. where are you?? please come and take me with you please.iam sorry for showing too much of anger so please come and take me…..

Neil hears her scream and he smiles…

neil thinks: this girl showed me too much of attitude na??now it’s my turn to give her I’ll prank her for sometime.

Avni shouts many times but Neil ignores to punish her for sometime and after sometime Avni sees the sky with full dark and she starts fearing and her heart beat starts beating faster and she keeps her hands on chest and..

Avni (with fear) thinks:I can’t control my fear…please come and save me please. Iam scared of this dark….

Suddenly the sky completely becomes dark and Avni gets panic attack and she starts wheezing in fear and she  starts hallucinating the same incident of dayawanti shooting her…..

Avni cries in fear and shouts seeing hallucinations: dayawanti..please don’t shoot me!!!someone save me please ….

suddenly she hallucinates dayawanti shooting her and she breathes heavily due to fear…

Avni(wheezingly): nooooo…ahhhhh!!!

She feels head spinning and keeps her hand on head and she falls unconscious by taking heavy breathes. While Neil still sits in the same place and thinks…

Neil thinks: why this girl became silent suddenly???did she really went??let me go and check….

Neil goes and finds Avni unconscious and he gets shocked and he immediately goes and picks her in his arms and he brings to the sitting area and makes her lie on his chest….

he tries to wake her up..

Neil: excuse me..miss.please open your are fine right?

avni slowly opens her eyes and she still have fear as it is dark and she holds Neil’s hands tightly and..

Avni slowly: please.. don’t leave me alone.if you leave me Then I will please don’t leave me alone.

Telling this she falls asleep on Neil’s shoulder while Neil looks shocked at her…

Neil thinks: what happened to her?? Till now she was strong..but why is she so much scared??why did she fall unconscious suddenly??ok.. let me ask her tomorrow. Now I should not disturb her sleep….

Neil sees her sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and so he doesn’t move her as he thinks it might disturb her sleep so he too sleeps laying on her head…..



its night time…in a bedroom, teni is seen making her baby sleep in cradle…

teni: cute child!! common sleep!!

Teni sings lullaby song and she sees the baby finally slept and she finally relaxes after making the baby sleep….

teni in mind: finally ipshita slept…now I can relax for sometime!

Suddenly rocky opens the room door happily and he shouts in joy….

Rocky shouts(in joy): yahooooo!!!!!wooohoooio…iam really happy now!.

Teni gets tensed and she runs to him and she closes his mouth and he becomes silent and both looks at each other….

rocky removes her hand from his mouth and he look romantically at her and…

Rocky: iam already in happy mode and now you are making me more happy by trying to romance me….

Teni gets angry and..

Teni: shut up! Rocky. You are so stupid like monkey!

Rocky gets shocked and he makes faces and he jokes…

rocky: hey teni!!! Is it true of what you said?? Are monkeys also become stupid like humans???

Teni fumes..

Teni slowly shouts: shut up rocky!.iam not joking and iam seriously talking to you…

Rocky becomes silent and…

Rocky: why..why are you angry now? I thought to share your some happy news but you are like atom bomb now.. what happened?

Teni: have your brain lost screw?

rocky: I can’t understand of why you are Angry at me…what did I do?

Teni Angrily: I already told you not to make noise when you enter the bedroom because ipshita will get distracted from her sleep if you make noise….but you are repeatedly doing same mistake almost all days!!!

Rocky makes a face and do sit ups and asks sorry…

Rocky: iam sorry baby…I really forgot about forgive me okay?

Teni doesn’t reply anything and she moves angrily but rocky pulls her closer…

rocky whispers: I am sorry my jaan.see there(pointing towards ipshita) our princess is sleeping peacefully..she dint wake up even from my you should forgive me should punish me only if ipshita gets awake due to my scream alright??

Teni still stands annoyed and rocky kisses her cheeks to reduce her anger on him….

rocky: atleast now did you forgive me??

Teni smiles and…

Teni:forgiven. I know you will do lot of drama to make me cool down. Your my weakness rocky. When you kiss or romance me..I easily get melted and in the same way I got melted with your I forgiven you…but next time I won’t forgive even if you kiss me okay?

Rocky smiles and…

Rocky: okay..wifey!

After sometime teni asks him something..

Teni: why were you so happy today? What good news did you bring??

Rocky: actually I got nominated for one of the best business person in india and they will announce the result tomorrow!!…

Teni gets happy hearing this and she hugs him…

teni happily: iam so proud of you rocky!.I know you will surely win the title….

Suddenly rocky becomes upset and teni notices it and ..

Teni: what happened now?why did you become upset now?

Rocky sadly: even riya Mehta got nominated…we should face her tomorrow. I thought I should never meet her in my lifetime but tomorrow I…

Suddenly teni keeps her fingers on his lips from preventing him to talk further and…

Teni: let it be. Don’t worry about her..we are not going to make any problem with her as we are just going to attend the award function!!.

rocky: you don’t know anything teni..I know that we won’t do any problem with her but she will always make fuss….you don’t know anything about her!!she is one idiot!!if she spoils my day tomorrow then I will break her bones for sure!.

Teni suddenly kisses rocky which makes him come out of anger and he looks at her suprised…

Teni: I kissed you to make you calm down….have you calm down?

Rocky smiles and he pulls her closer and…

Rocky: you said..I too get melted towards your kiss or more kiss please?

teni gets shy and tries to run but he pulls her closer and she feels more shy and she again kisses him in his cheeks which makes rocky more happy and he shouts in joy…

Rocky shouts: yahooooo;!! Finally my romantic wife is back after several months!!!!

Teni looks him confused..

Teni: what do you mean?

Rocky : actually don’t you remember that you dint even romance me from the day you became pregnant…. and finally you romanced now!!that’s why I am happily celebrating…….

Teni smiles….

Rocky shouts: my lovely wife is back again!!

Suddenly ipshita starts to cry hearing rocky and teni looks rocky angrily….

teni angrily: finally you succeeded waking ipshita right??now I will give you a big punishment….now you should make ipshita sleep alright?

Rocky : noooo..teni..iam sorry please!.making ipshita sleep is difficult than NEET exam. So please kindly make her sleep…

Teni Angrily: shut up!.if you don’t make her sleep Then i will shift to other room alright??

Rocky: teni…

Teni Angrily: I will go now…you should make her sleep orelse I will go and sleep on other room…

Telling this teni walks away while Rocky makes face…

rocky thinks: lord is cruel to me!!this teni is becoming lady hitler nowadays…what a fate!!!

Thinking this he starts to make ipshita sleep…



  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Avni’s introduction was nice. Surprising that when Neil try to save her, Avni accused him. Avni taking oaths on destroying Dayawanti seems she is on a dangerous path. AvNeil conversation was spicy. Shocking that Avni is afraid of darkness and got panic attacks. Neil saving her was nice. Teni and Rocky scenes are cute. Rocky accusing Teni that she became an unromantic wife was funny. Teni giving punishment to Rocky was hilarious.

    1. Avneil fan

      Thank u so much 😊. happy that you liked avni’s introduction.
      Avni will face dangerous situation in destroying dayawanti but Neil is there to protect her😘. happy that you liked Neil saving her.happy that you loved teni and rocky scenes 😊😊

  2. Nice episode avneil first meet was same like the show but avni’s fear is different and yes she wasn’t with neela these years she was in coma so who took care of her teni rocky scene was cute and yes baby’s always do that when my di come home her baby didnt allow to sleep us peacefully she cried much louder then other kids well waiting for next episode

    1. Avneil fan

      Thank u 😊. actually some parts will be similar to original serial but will have different plot. Yes Avni was not there with neela and she was in coma in hospital and now only she recovered 😔. happy that you liked teni rocky scene 😊.yes..babies always cries and even I have sister and she cries almost 20 hours a day I think🤣🤣.next episode will be uploaded tomorrow

  3. Jasminerahul

    Oh poor avni is still haunted by her childhood n is revengeful.hope she will punish dayavanti.avni was simply fighting with Neil.when avni fainted Neil taking care of her n avni sleeping on Neil’s shoulder was sweet.rocky teni conversation was funny.poor Rocky is not able to romance n calling her Hitler was funny.teni scolding him when the baby woke up as its difficult to make the baby sleep was funny n realistic.perfect pics.

    1. Avneil fan

      Yes..Avni will surely punish dayawanti🤗. happy that you liked Neil taking care of Avni 😊. happy that you liked the funny scenes of rocky and teni 😊. thank u so much

  4. Avneil fan

    Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow ☺️

  5. Aldy

    Avneil scenes were awesome….I always love the strong character of avni…avneil falling from the bridge and avni arguing with Neil was superb…Neil closing avnis mouth was nice.. shockingly, avni has some problems that she hallucinates dayawanti killing her, is it due to the fear? I like Neil taking care of avni…teni singing lullaby for ipshita and scolding rocky for disturbing ipshita was cute…their family scenes were so nice… waiting for next chapter

    1. Avneil fan

      Thank u 😊.yes..I too love strong character of avni🤗. happy that you liked avneil arguments 😊’s due to fear 😔. happy that you liked Neil taking care of Avni 😊. happy that you liked teni rocky and ipshita scenes 😊.I will upload next episode tomorrow ☺️.as I had gone out of station I couldn’t upload today too..😔

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