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“Now what was that for?” he asked pulling his hair clearly frustrated.God he was looking cute n the way he was pulling his hair….I just couldn’t think straight.But I have to control myself,my desires….

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Do not I repeat DO NOT TEST MY PATIENCE miss….

“Radhika, I am Radhika Mishra.” I said.


“Radhika, I am Radhika Mishra”she said.

Radhika… What a nice name !!just like her..yes….she is gorgeous,not like other girls here which are almost throwing themselves at me, giving me seducing smile. She is real definition of beauty yet she doesn’t know about it. I could see it.She doesn’t have any knowledge of her assets.Her innocent blue eyes,her tempting lips. God how much I want to taste those lips…and her smile it’s enough for any man to go on his feet…What????…..what d hell is wrong with you Arjun? What r you thinking? She is just another chick. Nothing More Nothing Less!!!

With that I looked at her only to found out she already looking at me.What now? She was looking like waiting for me to say something.Oh wait!!! Doesn’t she know…..

“Don’t tell me you aren’t aware about my identity!!”

But to my surprise she shook her head.WTH!!! She doesn’t know me??

“Okay. Well I am not good with this introduction thing. But still I am Arjun Mehra, CEO of Mehra group of industries.”

“So you’re are that Arjun Mehra.”she said to herself rolling her eyes but it was enough for me to hear.

“What do you mean?” I asked rather rudely.

“Well… before coming here my friend warned me to stay away form you saying you’re a bad news and I should stay away from you as much as possible.”

How dare she!!! Yes I am the way she described me but that doesn’t give her right to insult me.

“So what r u doing here with me.Just leave.”I spat at her angrily.

“Wait!!! You’re misunderstanding me. I didn’t said I don’t want to leave .”

“But you did say that I am a bad news and you should stay away from me.”

It hurt me. I don’t know why but it hurts to know that she thinks this much low of me!!!

“I just told what I had been told. It doesn’t mean I also have same opinion about you.”

“So you’re believing a stranger over your friend?” I asked smirking.


“So you’re a believing a stranger over your friend?” he a with that annoying smirk .

In your dreams Mr.Mehra . I won’t trust you even in my dreams. I know what kind of bastard you are!!
I just want to hurt you in such way that you won’t be able to think and I will surely do it. Just wait and watch Mr Mehra.But for now I have to play clever.

“I am not believing anyone. I just believe you shouldn’t judge anyone on basis of other’s opinion.I judge people on the basis of my own experiences.So don’t be under any misunderstanding that you have impressed me or anything like that.”


Aahhh!!! Feisty one….God this girl never fails to surprise me. How much I want to have her in my arms.The things I want to do her…. f**k Arjun you’re behaving like a horny teenager.Take a grip on your thoughts.

“So …..” Placing my hand on her waist I pulled her towards me. “Wanna try me?” I asked her placing a soft kiss on her earlobe.

“So….wanna try me?” he asked kissing my earlobe and my breath nearly hitched.

His hands start moving on my back sensuously making me more nervous than I already was.What’s up with his hands? Can’t they stay at their places.I literally wanted to push him away and then again I wanted his touch.His hands were roaming on my body and if that wasn’t enough his lips came downwards towards my neck,his warm lips planting gentle kisses on my collarbone.My knees started going weak.His kisses were intoxicating.I just couldn’t control myself more.His lips found my sweet spot and he started sucking it making me more hot.His lips traced the line from my neck to my jaw with small, hot kisses, sending exquisite shivers through me. Just when he was about to place his lips on my own l placed a finger on his lips earning a groan from him.

“Not so fast Mr.Mehra. Everything isn’t easy. Learn to wait for right time to win something.”

“I don’t wait for right time or opportunity Radhika.Whenever I do something that’s the right time for me”

“Arrogant much? Well but this time it isn’t going to be easy because I am not an easy catch Mr Arjun Mehra.”

“I love challenges baby And about easy catch Arjun Mehra don’t go for easy things sweetheart”

“We’ll see”

“Yeah. We’ll definitely see.”


She wants to play it that way,okay then she would get it that way.Arjun Mehra never lose sweetheart.

Get Ready To Fell Head Over Heels In Love With Me Babe….

Hey guys how r u all? After a long time.. Finally updated . I didn’t got much time so haven’t read it.Guys I have been observing no. of commenters is getting less.Is it because you aren’t liking this story? Just let me know if you aren’t liking my story. I will try to make it more interesting.Hope you like this part and don’t forget to drop a comment.

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  1. DramaQueen1004

    Ur story is interesting… I think d real problem is dat u post once in a blue moon… don’t take this in a bad way… wat I’m trying to say is that u shud post sooner then maybe you will get more comments n more readers… though I read d last epi on time it took me some time to remember d storyline when I saw dis post in mmz page…
    Btw this epi was awsum
    M waiting to read the next
    So pls try to post soon

    1. I know I should post regularly but what to do I am really busy these days.Its just a matter of 10-12 days then I will be regular in my updates. Thanks dramaqueen for making me realize where I had gone wrong. I will try to post soon dear.Glad that you liked this part.Do read my other story if you got time.?

  2. DivzS

    Totally addictive dialogues…. And a superb fan of manmarziyan here. Awesome reading a new ff on it. Waiting eagerly, if possible, update daily…. Will you??

    1. Hey divzs glad you liked it.Just wait for 10 – 12 days then I will be regular in my updates though I am not sure about updating daily . will post next part soon.If you’re interested do check my other story ‘YOU’RE MINE’ .

    1. Thanks preet.?

  3. Nice update…. Feisty radhika is melting due to proximity huh?!?!?!?

    1. Thanks dear….can’t blame Radhika though…Arjun is too hot to handle??

  4. Hemalattha


    1. Thanks dear ?

  5. This update is quite tempting.but I really enjoyed it.thanks for this update.and please try to give weekly updates as your story was too you take care

    1. Thank you chashni…glad that you liked it…will update soon…love u loads….till then take care

  6. Thanks for giving arjun’s pov and about this episode it’s just awesome, and I have no words to explain this chapter.
    And yeah radhika is pplayingalong with arjun, hmmmm it’s getting more interesting and you just rocked it dear.
    Post the next one as soon as possible, love you lots and keep smiling ??

    1. Yeah she is playing our innocent Arjun??? .But Arjun doesn’t like to lose. Let’s see who will win this game?. Will post next as soon as I’ll get time….till then take care,love you too ?

  7. I really like your story.plz update soon.

    1. Sure dear….

  8. awsome episod..

    1. Ridziee

      Thanx pooja

  9. Hae mai marjavan
    It’s so good
    Glad i waited for its next update
    Update soon ?

    1. Ridziee

      Awwww ? glad that you liked it…will update on Sunday dear

  10. Arti viswanathan

    Ridziee darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, outstanding, fantastic episode. …..i liked it to the core. ….. i liked all the scenes. … i still don’t understand that why radhika is taking revenge from arjun…. Update soon….. will be waiting for next episode. …. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. …..

    1. Ridziee

      Tysm arti ??? …and abt radhika taking revenge you’ll come to know as the story unfolds…till then have a little patience…will update soon ….

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