My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-6)

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Part 6
“I’m ratan sinha, inspector. Is this the house of mr.raghav gadodia??”
Raghav?? Now who is this ?? i saw swara’s dadi’s face clouding up hearing the name. Dadaji’s and shekar uncle’s face was tensed while shoan and shomi aunty had a bemused expression on her face. ragini’s face had gone pale hearing the name.

“ there is no raghav leaving here and don’t you dare to call him a gadodia!!’’ the office was confused and said that the records says otherwise. Dadi started to shout again but was interupted by a person whom none of us expected to speak

“That’s enough dadimaa!! Yes officer this is raghav gadodia’s house. Can we talk privetly??’’
“Sure miss..umm…”
“Ragini gadodia”
All the maheswari’s were shocked hearing the timid ragini shouting at her hitler dadi. And who was this freaking raghav? His surname is gadodia . so he will not be her bf or something!! Thinking this i sighed out noisely earning a glare from badepapa.
Her dadi had started her drama ..
“ dekhiyena jiii , because of that wretched boy my ladoo again shouted at me..”
“That’s enough parvathi! Mind your tongue . you are speaking about my grandson. Because of your zidd ,i was forced to throw him out. But i won’t hear anything against him”
To say that we were shocked would be quite an understatement!! We were bamboozled! Ragini had a brother!

“Baba had explained that raghav was his elder brother’s son and was living with them since his parents death. He was very close to ragu and ragu can even kill for him!! Which explains her behaviour towards dadi. He is basically my elder bhai fell in love with some girl and married her without the family’s permission ,so was thrown out”
I finished narrating the bhai story to lakshya and sanskar as they had gone looking for ragu when baba told us about him.
They informed that ragini had gone with he officer.

She was out with the officer since an hour. Something was not right. I can feel it. Everyone is silent ,even lakshya and is waiting for ragu. But to me this silence feels like the calmess before the storm . i just hope that our family will not be completely swallowed by this storm.

OMG!! Why is she not back yet!! One blo*dy hour had passed since she was gone. Her dadi was almost silent now. I was going to search for her when a man in his twenties ran into the room. He almost collapsed on shekar uncle .
“ .. i.i..s laa..dooo?’’
“ shiv !! calm down beta .. what happened??’’
“ uncle , where is ladoo??? Did she go somewhere??’’
“ an officer had came here searching for raghav. She went with him”
blo*dy crap!!
“ shiv , what’s going on ?? i had asked that boy to stay out of my ladoo’s life!!’’
“ dadi !! don’t worry , raghav will never come to your life , he is DEAD!! Are you happy now?? I Hope that ragini will never see his body!!!!”

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  1. Sindhura

    Oh no ragini brothr died

    1. picture abhi baaki hai meri dosth!!

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    Nice keep going

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  5. Crystal089

    nice yaar its intersting

  6. Silent_writer

    Omg itsss shocking n fabb

  7. Ragz_teju

    awwww so sad but interesting yaar

  8. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear….

  9. Asra

    awesome dear…oh no ragini bro died…soo sad….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  10. A.xx

    fab but i don’t think he’s dead.xx

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