My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-3)

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Part 3
Ragini had been discharged yesterday. Till now she had not talked to me and i was getting hell nervous. That duffer lakshya maheswari had called me again!!stupid man..i just hate him .baba told me that lakshya had visited ragu and she had talked to him and dadi didn’t had a problem with it. Ughhh..i’m going bonkers in this theatre house!!! Bhagvanjiii i just my baby doll to speak to me once..then i promise i’ll even speak to lakshya. Wait a sec ..why i’m i even thinking about him now???????do i really love that much to forgive his mistakes??? God ..its soo confusing. When i tried to reach for my guitar , i saw ragu standing infront of me. Seeing her standing safe and sound , i hugged her tightly.

Shona was in deep thought when i went to her room. Obviously thinking some nonsense!!! She saw me and hugged me tightly. I asked whether she really believed that i would suicide. I wanted to know whether she also thought that i’m a coward and weakling. I had not talked to sanskar after the hospital incident evevn though he calls me everyday. The nerve of the jerk !! how dare he call me after doing all the stupidities a person can do in one life!!! Lakhya had came to visit me but i forgave him as he was not really at fault. That bichaara had agreed for the marriage only on swara’s insistence.

No i never believed that my raguu ,my baby doll was a coward and i told her so. I was glad to see ragu beaming at me . my heart felt content seeing her smile. What all would i do to keep that smile in my doll’s face. She stared saying something but before she could say further ,i asked her about sanskar. I was curious to know about their friendship. After ragini regained conscious, sanskar had called me and lucky together and had told us his entire truth. I was appalled hearing sanskar’s truth and knew with all my heart that lucky would never do such a thing. But sanskar had understood his mistakes and apologized to both of us. Afterwards sanskar and lucky hugged each other like they were karan – Arjun . I forced myself not to sing the background karan-arjun Milan song!!!!
When i asked about ragu face clouded over and said in a clipped tone that she don’t want talk about that topic. I was surprised seeing my doll being angry at someone. And that too sanskar. I knew that they both shared some unique bond. And if she can forgive monkey lucky and me ,then why can’t she forgive him??? Before i could suggest all these points ,we were interrupted by dadi ‘s voice . what a perfect timing!!!

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  1. Ragz_teju

    its superb dear… I am loving it so much

  2. markekonlotha

    no raglak ff story tis dys..every1 srarts writin ragsan ff plz dear 2 rit raglak ff story also..

  3. A.xx

    nice loved it and post soon.xx

  4. Nice epi…

  5. Fairy

    so so sooo amaznggg!!!!!loved it nxt part soon.keeep rockng n stay blessed drr 😉 😉 😉

  6. Jazzy

    hahahah monkey laksh awesome

  7. Asra

    amazing dear…loved it….tkcr dear….

  8. Sreevijayan

    Awesome updste dear

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