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Hello guys vanshree is back Thank u everyone for such lovely comments I never thought so I will get I will not be able to post the epi regularly as i m quite busy these days and I m going out of station and this ff which I wrote I thought it wil not get published And i wrote evrything which came in my mind I know i talk a lot Thank u for comments once again and if u have any quieries please ask and please tell me if it is boring okk now i will definately stop
RECAP:Anika leaves the oberio manison shivaay to give proof that anika saved tia.

Shivaay calls khanna to bring the footage Khanna comes with the tab and gives it to shivaay showing how anika saved tia and after that tia spilling oil and then coming with pinky(in my part tia spills the oil)
Shivaay:mom u wanted the proof this is the proof and connects the tab to tv and it shows everything

Pinky dumbstruck seeing the video she was just numb with her mouth open lsame happened with everyone else tia was tensed her face colour faded at that moment pinky Don’t know what she thought went and gave tight slap to tia
Tia:pinks mom wo wo..
Before she could say anything another slap came ont he other cheek that from jhanvi
Pinky:how dare u do this to me huh because of u my heera daughter in law has to leave the house
Jhanvi:pinky i told ualresdy could never do anything like that but u never listened to anyone.

Dadi:but why did u do this to us huh tell me why what did we did to u?? why u want kill ur own child?
Tia:Seriouslt grand ma oops mrs kalyani singh oberoi u r asking me this ur family ruined my family my bussiness and beacuse of anika only my husband died
Pinky:Your husbands what do u means??
Tia:oohh pinky mom u r so innocent i used u against anika and u made my work more and more simple and she explains how she did everything and how did robin died and in family(she told her dad died due to oberois)and the child was not shivaay’s but robin’s

And this time she got slap from dadi shivaay had called the police and they came and arrested and when tia was going she said laughing like MR.SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI U ARE RUINED ANIKA HAS GONE and left
Everyne eyes had mixed feelings anger rage and guilty .
Pinky fainted she was laid down on the couch and shivvaay sprinkled water on her face and when she gained consious she had tears and said shivaay i m sorry it was all my fault plzz bring anika back . i want to apologize to her meri heera bahu ko le a shivaay shivaay plzz tu toh kuch bhi kar sakta hai shivaay shivaay left from there leaving pinky and one by on eevryone left leaving pinky behind she was feeling guilty and was having hatred for herself

And here shivaay in his room was totally numb he has no idea what to do tears were in his eyes omru came there and comforted him
Shivaay:om tu sahi kehta tha mein anika ke bina nahi reh sakta nhi reh sakta uske bina (om u said truth i can’t live without anika)
Om:haa shivaay ab hum kya kare usse kaise dunde (i know shivaay but what will we do now)

Shivaay then rembered there first meeting in that templethen dadi came and said
DAdi:puttar bhagwan sab thik kar dega and with she went away patting shivaays back and asked om ru to leave shivaay alone shivaay then took his car keys and sat in the car and went away (dadi comforte him that god will do god to him)
Here anika was in the temple where she first met shivaay she was sitting with her back taking shape from pillar she was remmembering her moments with shivaay tere cute nok –jhok her eyes were filled with tears she had made her mind that she will never ever meet him nor she will got o OBeroi manision she saw sahil sleeping in her lap and then only pandit ji came beta tum kab thak yaha ruko gi jao beta ghar jao yeh samay theek nhi hai

(till when will u stay here and this is time its not safe)
Anika:pandit ji ghar hoga tabhi toh rehenge aur samai ka kya wo toh mera humesha se hi kharab chal rha hai kabhi bhi maa baap ka pyaar nhi mila aur jinho ne diya unhone ne ho shaak kiya chodiyeh naa kya jaata hain mein jiyu yaa maaaru(pandit ji if i have home then only i will stay and what about luck it was bad from starting only i didn’t got parents luv but when i got they doubt me who cares if i am alive or dead )
Pandit ji:beta aise maat bolo tum toh meri beti jasi ho tum jab thak chao yah areh sakti isse apne hi ghar samjo bhagwan sabke ke liye humeha khule hai and he leaves from there (don’t talk like this ur like my daughter only u can stay here god doors are open for everyone )

Here dadi goes to god idols in the house says kyu bhagwan ap mere bacho ke sath aise kyu kiya ishqbaaz toh sikha di lekin pyaar hi cheeen liya (lord u have aught him ishqbaazi but u snatche ther luv from them)plzz find anika and sits down there and someone keeps hand on her shoulder a it was jhanvi
Jhanvi:mummy ji anika zarur wapass aiyagi (Anika will definately come back)
Dadi:kash aisa hi ho (same happens)
Scence changes
Shivaay goes to same temple where they first met

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  1. ?Amazing….But i think shivaay should suffer more….

    1. Vanshree

      thank You everyone for liking my story and for suggestions dear sorry for replying you all late and I willl definately post the next part tomorrow sorry sorry sorry sorry once again.

  2. Amazing episode darling. Waiting for next????❤❤❤❤

  3. Lisaaa


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  5. Fantastic

  6. Sairan

    Wowwwww…Let them meet..But don’t make Anika agree too early

    1. Ya i agree with here

  7. Shivika

    Superbbb…..spellbound……loved it…

  8. Shuklarashi

    Awesome Plz continue dear .Plz update next part as soon as possible

  9. it was superb post soon

  10. Vincy

    Let them meet but Anika should be in her old avatar n Shivaye in his Tadibaaz avatar… It will be interesting then

  11. Let them meet

  12. Let them meet… Superb episode…

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