Life is unpredictable (Fs by Nisa)

Hiiii Guysss its NISA here

i know you all were waiting for next EPISODE of Ff and in last episode i said i will post and os too

Let me tell you i am working on both Episode and OS and will post them soon

but here i got an idea of FS i was preparing for IFTAAR when i got the idea and i was like why not to write it

So hope you all like it because it my first ever FS and i will try my best and looking forward how you all will react


First let me introduce with all characthers

KUNJ SARNA :A billionaire bussiness tycoon,Definetion of perfection but a Sadu every girl drool over him (including me) and he took advantage of all that Yeah he is a play Boy, A jerk who just belive on One night stands because of his BITTER Past but you know someone is coming to make him forget his past and turn him As sweet and humble as before

TWINKLE LUTHRA: wife of Yuvraj Luthra A simple yet most beautiful girl she has prettiest smile but you know prettiest smile hide most painful truth of life Same with Twinkle her life is worst than death but soon her life gonna change and she gonna experience all colorof LIFE and LOVE

YUVRAJ LUTHRA: husband of twinkle a bussiness tycoon but not successful as Kunj He is a charmer he love his wife so much that world thinks but no one knows the truth of their life he is an know all get punishment for there mistakes but what Uv did is not a Mistake it was SIN and he will get worstest punishment


Tie your seat belts and get ready for the roller coster ride of ZIDMIN life

should i continue Do comment below

Love you All

Nisa ❤

  1. It looks very interesting
    U should definitely continue
    Are u gonna be posting regularly?
    Waiting for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Lovey_kz

      will try to post regularly but i am working on my other Ff and os too so can’t promise

  2. Nice intro

  3. Shalu Choudhary

    Plz continue dear but plz tell me it is ff of twin or zaimin and plz post other ff also

    1. Lovey_kz

      ItsFs of twinkle and kunj

  4. Hi my lovey dovey is back so happy love u man and the story omg didn’t n story was waiting for this type of story my goodness can’t tell how happy I am and I am so happy as I love a play boy kunj wali story and bechara twinkle wali story Aapne MERI aadhuri iccha Puri kar Di Di love u and plss Di can u do a request to sodhant world who is on Instagram to make a VM n zidmin on ishq wala love as, though I see all ur edits and VMS but I can’t comment or like as I am not on Instagram plsss Di can u do me this favour plsss Di plsss do psot soon I am really excited for this story bye love u take care

    1. Lovey_kz

      Okk i will ask her and thank you for liking my story your reviews means alot

  5. Anaya_Ali

    Hey lovey ?
    It’s Awsm plot?
    Interesting story?
    I would luv to read it…
    Kunj a play boy. Something different..
    And twinkle is already married…
    Again that UV is villain ?
    This time I am early ??

    Luv u
    Post everything soon
    OS,FF& this fs also
    Chl ab jldi post krna jo b krna ha…

  6. Twinjsidminfan

    Hey Nisa
    It sounds soooooo interesting ??????
    plzzzzzzzz do post sooner ??? also the f2f and the os eagerly waiting for it
    Luv u ❤❤❤

  7. SSK

    Hi Nisa, the starting is quite interesting. Plz post soon 🙂

  8. Amazing story dear
    Interesting plot
    Plzzzzz post soon dear aur apna ff bhi
    Luvvv u dear

  9. sounds interesting..
    plz post soon ..
    other ff & is also ..I m waiting.
    luv u

  10. Sounds so interesting
    Post soon
    Looking forward to read it.

  11. Interesting start…..

  12. Wowwewwvsuperb intro
    just loved it

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