Life Has No Rules: Meet The Characters

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Anokhi Mahummud(Debattama Saha)

A sweet, orphaned 25 year old. Lost her parents at age 7. Lives with her Bestie Zara. Owns a clothing business. She doesn’t believe in playing by the rules. Lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. She gets affected by the problems amidst Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Riddhima Dey(Helly Shah)

Bengali. Lives in Bangladesh. College student. She lives away from her family, in a hostel. Currently studying in Dhaka Medical College. 21 year old, second year student. Lives in her own world of fairytales. She aspires to be a cardiologist. Her life gets affected by the problems between the three countries.

Shaurya Sabherwal(Karanvir Sharma)

Businessman. Hindu. He believes that life shouldn’t be caged. 29 year old, engaged to Shagun Kapoor. His father is a politician and his mother is a university professor. Owns SIAC.

Trisha Das(Gracy Goswami)

Bengali. Bondita’s younger sister. Helps her sister in her career. College student. She’s a fun, happy-go-lucky person. An aspiring engineer. Currently studying in BUET. 20 year old.

Vansh Raisinghania(Rrahul Sudhir)

Owns Lifeline chains of hospitals. Hindu. Lives in India. Son of Uma Raisinghania and Late Ajay Raisinghania. He believes in Women rights and gender equality. He will fall for Riddhima at first sight. 34 year old.

Bondita Das(Anchal Sahu)

Bengali. Lives in Bangladesh. Older sister of Trisha. A famous poet and classical singer. She is best known for her poem “Aaj Jaybo Shonar Bari”. At age 9, she had taken part in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Anirudh Roy Chaudhry(Pravisht Mishra)

Bengali. Lives in Kolkata. A serious, no-nonsense lawyer. He’s not in good terms with his uncle Trilochan because of their opposite thinkings.

Zara Rahmani(Eisha Singh)

Anokhi’s bestie. Another orphan. She’s a ONCE(Twice fan, if you didn’t know). Ardent follower of Islam ☪️.

Kabeer Ahmed(Adnan Khan)

A mysterious person. You will get to know more about him in the story.


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