Life Diaries (chp 29)-Haldi Function

I watched as she walked towards me wearing a yellow anarkali, her hair were pulled back into a perfect french fishtail with side teeka and her dupatta perfectly on her head. She was wearing nose pin and jhumka earrings, her look was perfect. I kept staring at her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Some grooms eyes other girls around and makes their brides jealous but I make other girls jealous from my girl. She sat beside me and I smiled at her, she smiled back. “Let’s make this function more fun,” I said naughtily and she blushed.

Everyone applied haldi to us turn by turn, I held her hand and she blushed harder and harder. I kissed her quickly, her smile was so beautiful, I could hardly stay away from her. Then after sometime, we both stood up. Guests started leaving and she too started leaving but I held her hand and turned her firmly towards me hugging her. “Your clothes will be ruined,” she said and I parted away. “So what? Clothes can come again but innocent girls like you can’t,” I said and she smiled and again we had a hug. She left with her family passing me a smile and I drooled over her.

Later that day I called her. “Hey beautiful,” I said feeling her smile. “Hi,” she replied. “Can we meet?,” I asked. “Mumma will not allow,” she said. “Tell her you are going out with your husband,” I said. “No…,” she replied. “OK I will handle all that, now are you ready?,” I asked. “Yes,” she says and I said bye and disconnected the call and went to get ready.

I got ready in a dark blue sleeveless floral dress that was plain till shoulders and had flowers printed on the rest of the dress, it was little high neck and reached my mid thighs and had frills below the mid waist. I carried a blue clutch with me and wore black high heels. Just then doorbell rang and I knew it was Abeer, I went downstairs but mumma reached the door before me and opened it. I went back to my room and did a natural makeup. I made a side puff in my hair and went downstairs and Abeer smiled at me checking me out.

I knew he must’ve made mumma say yes and he forwarded his hand to me and we went outside the house to the elevator with all the men staring at me making me feel uncomfortable, I stopped in middle. “What happen? Are you ok?,” asked Abeer rubbing his thumb on the back of my palm. “These men are staring at me,” I said and he kept his arm around my arms. “I am here, they won’t do anything to you,” he said knowing about my nervousness and pulled me a little forward with his arm around my arms as I was really uncomfortable, they revived that old fear in me again.

We went to elevator and pressed the ground floor button, all this while I had my face hidden in his chest with his arm around me. We reached the ground floor and he opened the door for me and I sat inside. He closed the door and sat beside me on the driver seat and switched on the AC. “Comfortable?,” he asked and I nodded in positive. We reached after a short time and our car has stopped outside a club. “Abeer, not here,” I said. “Then where you want to go?,” he asked keeping his hands on steering wheel. “Ok let’s go inside, but we won’t get drunk,” I said and he agreed.

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    what a smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    haldi romance was nice.meher reminded of previous experiences n got scared.i hope nothing bad happens

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