Life Diaries (chp 17)-Boyfriend, Girlfriend

I finally told him my feelings and he hugged me, all the hugs I had before with him were friendly hugs but this hug was the most beautiful and romantic. I kissed his cheek while parting away, he’s the first one who I love like this. I remember when he said in hospital that he will be there for me always as a friend to talk to whenever I want and I hugged him and gave him a cheek kiss, that was the shocking thing I ever did. He might be wondering why a cheek kiss? He he…maybe because I loved him from the beginning and realized later. I loved the way he calmed me when I got panic attacks, when I was alone he cared for me, who does all this nowadays? No one.

“You won’t go leaving me?”, I asked insecure. “No, never, I won’t ever go, you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me”, he said and laid down on bed. “Will you eat something?”, I asked as his stomach churned. “Only if you eat with me sweetheart”, he said and I agreed. We both went out of the room and had dinner with aunty. “Meher, how are you now?”, his mother asked. “Fine aunty, all because of him”, I said giving Abeer a big smile. “I know everything about you, if you ever feel alone, you can talk to me also”, she said and I hugged her.

I and Abeer left for his room. After talking for sometime we both slept and this time on same bed. I snuggled into him and he too hugged me. He kissed my hand before dozing off to sleep.

It was midnight, I woke up and saw Meher panicking in her sleep, I calmed her without disturbing her sleep and she calmed. I went to have water and my gaze went on the blooded knife still on the floor, I picked it and washed it keeping it back in drawer and went back to my room. Now I saw a different view, Meher was having panic attacks again. She clutched the bed sheet tight and murmured in her sleep, sweat started forming on her forehead. I went and calmed her but now it became impossible.

I woke her and calmed her making her drink water after making her eat the medicine and she slept again, I took a tissue and wiped her forehead slowly and threw it. I slept beside her holding her hand so that if she gets an attack again, I calm her easily. Next morning I woke up and saw Meher awake, I smiled. “Good morning girlfriend”, I said. “Good morning”, she replied with a smile but something was bothering her for sure. “What’s bothering you?”, I asked cupping her cheeks. “Now Akshat won’t come? I m still scared about it”, she told me. “No he won’t come”, I said comforting her and kissed her cheek softly. She did the same and it was the best morning ever.

  1. Jasminerahul

    meher hugging abeer n kiss on the cheek.he too hugged n kissed her hand.all these romantic scenes r so pure n innocent.abeer comforting her with cheek kiss that akshat wont come was very sweet

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