Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 8

Hello everyone. Thanks for the comments. As I already give the hint how the story will be. Sorry I cannot make it as SWALAK. But will try to give a SWALAK story soon.
Here we go with next part.

Next day evening they left to Trivandrum.

Swara rejoin on Monday to office. Suddenly Sanskar called her to his cabin.

Sanskar : I was feeling so bored here on Saturday.
Swara didn’t say anything
Sanskar : Why don’t you ask me the reason?
Still Swara kept quiet.

Sanskar : You were on leave and were not able to see you.
Swara (angrily) : If you don’t have any official matters to discuss I will take your leave. And she got up from the chair.
Sanskar : I don’t have another girl in my life other than you Swara. If I marry anyone it will only be you. I will be waiting until Laksh to die. Because I LOVE YOU. ONLY YOU SWARA.

Swara got up and says : For that you have to wait another 50 more years. Even after that you won’t get me. And stormed out of the cabin.

She came and sits on her seat.

How dare Sanskar say that to me? What does it means. O GOD he want Laksh to die soon.

Suddenly her phone rings. The call was for Ashok. Later intercom rings.

Swara : Hello
Sanskar : Swara, It’s me. Don’t cancel the call. Pls listen to me.
Swara : What should I listen? You want my husband to die soon. You want to see me a widow. How cheap you are?
Sanskar : Don’t misunderstand me. I mean that I will be waiting for you.
Swara : I prefer to die than becoming your wife. She cut the call.

What if Sanskar comes to me? I should ask him to get out from my cabin.
If anyone asks me the reason will tell them that he tries to misbehave with me. So he will be out form his company. So that chapter will be closed. But what will I answer Laksh? What it if Sanskar gives the proofs that shows we both were lovers once. GOD I donno what to do.

She calls Sandeep and tells that she was not feeling well. So she wants to go home early. Sandeep allows her to go.

Days passed. After that incident Sanskar also didn’t come to disturb Swara.

One day evening Laksh came and told Swara that he has to go to Bangalore for a meeting on coming 15th. So if she wants she can go to her mother’s house for 3 days. He will come back only on 18th. Swara agreed to that, and she also took leave for 3 days and left to her village.

Next day morning she got a call from Sanskar.

Sanskar : I was trying to forget everything Swara. I really don’t want to disturb you. But I cannot be without you. I know Laksh is going for a meeting to Bangalore. I want to come to your house on that day. I hope you will spend some time with me. Just few times freely like my old Swara.
Swara : What you thought that I will receive you. I’m not you Swara. I’m only my Laksh’s Swara. Don’t you dare to come near to my home?
On 15th Laksh sendoff Swara to her village. She ask him at what time is his train. He said that it is 3.30 PM.
She ask him to take care and left.

Swara reached home by afternoon. Janaki was surprised to see.

Janaki : Swara??? You came alone? Where is Laksh?
Swara : Amma. Laksh is having a meeting in Bangalore. So he is leaving today evening. I’m alone there. So Laksh ask me to come here for 3 days. Not only me I called Kavya also she will reach here by 4 PM.
Keshav : Swara mole.? How r u? You lose weight dear.
Swara : Mee? No way Keshav mama. It is because you love me so much, that’s Y you feel I lose weight.

Later in the evening Kavya also came. And both sisters were gossiping and slept by 10.30. But by 2 AM Swara got a call. She picked up and in sleepy tone.

Swara : Hello
O.P : Hello Swara. It’s me Sanskar. Laksh had an accident. Pls come back soon to Trivandrum.
Swara : She got scared. Might be the train had any accident? Where did it happen?
Sanskar : Near Kowdiar. He is in critical stage. He is admitted here in city hospital.
Swara laughed at his statement.
Swara : Mr. Sanskar what you thought? I will come back to Trivandrum now? I know my Laksh. He might be crossing Kerala border now. That Laksh had accident. That too at Trivandrum. Don’t try to do this kind of cheap trips to me. She cut the call.

After few minutes she received another call from Sandeep.
Sandeep : Hello Swara?
Swara : Yes sir. Tell me. Anything urgent?
Sandeep : Swara athu…. Laksh had an accident near Kowdiar. Pls come to city hospital. He is in ICU.

Swara was numb. She doesn’t know how to react. But her mind was saying. Laksh have to leave 3.30 to Bangalore. How come he had an accident in Trivandrum? Did Sanskar do anything to my Laksh? She calls Janaki, Kavya & Keshav and four of them left to Trivandrum.

In the hospital.

Sujatha, Lavanya & Adharsh were already there as Swara informed them. Sanskar was also there.

Adharsh was speaking with Sanskar about the accident
Sanskar : Me and my friend was coming from a party. A car was crashed there near to the electric post. Soon I identified the car because Laksh is my friend & Swara was my collage mate & also colleague. Soon we brought him to the hospital.

Swara was listening to him carefully. But she doubts that Sanskar was lying about the accident. Let Laksh gain conscious, then I will see him. She was literally crying and praying. By afternoon doctor came and said. Sorry Ms. Laksh, we could not save your husband. Really Sorry. He is no more.

Swara didn’t react. She was numb. She just stared at Sanskar. Sanskar sense her glance and left from there.

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