Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 7

Laksh and Swara reached by 8 PM in the night. Sujatha came and hug Swara.

Laksh : Amma? You don’t want to hug me?
Sujatha : Poda.. Who need you now? I have my daughter.
Laksh : So mean…..
Swara : Amma, I can feel something is burning here….. And winks at Laksh.
Laksh : I’m not jealous ok.
Swara : Who told u that u r jealous? Hmm? And both Swara and Sujatha laughed.
Laksh kept a pout. But was happy to see his mother and wife laughing.

Next day morning Swara gave a gift packet to Sujatha.

Sujatha : Swara, This is very nice Setum Mundu.
Swara : Your son is also having something to gift you.
Sujatha : Let that Kumbakarnan sleep. We will go to temple and both got ready went to temple. On the way back to home Sujatha was looking at Swara.

Swara : What happened Amma?
Sujatha : Swara, I want to ask you something.

Swara understood what Sujatha wants to ask. Her cheeks turn red by thinking it.

Sujatha : its 5 months now after your marriage. Y don’t you consult a doctor.

Swara thinks can she say that they are taking precautions. But didn’t say anything.

Sujatha : I have only 1 more wish, I want to pamper Laksh’s baby.

Swara just kept quiet.

Both reached home. Laksh was sitting in the living room reading newspaper and having tea. Seeing both wife and mother smile and ask.

Laksh : Y don’t you call me? I would have join you to go to temple.
Swara : Look who is telling? I called you many times. But who listen it. Kumbakarnan was sleeping na?
Laksh : Amma, I brought a gift for you and handover a packet. It was a gold tulsi chain. (Swarnam kettiya thulasi mala).

Sujatha : (with tears) You can read my mind Laksh. And hug him. But you must give me a precious gift than this.

Laksh : What is that?
Sujatha : Ask you wife. I told her that.

Laksh turned to Swara. She smiled through eyes. He understood what does it means. He also smiled looking at her. At that time Lavanya, Adharsh and Ananya came.

Ananya came running : Happy birthday muthashi.
Sujatha : hugged her and kissed her cheek. Ananya gave her a gift packet.
Adharsh and Lavanya also came and wish Sujatha.
Lavanya : Swara you didn’t gain weight? Usually after marriage girls will put on weight.
Swara just smiled at her.
Lavanya : How is your job?
Swara : It goes good chechi.
Adharsh : Laksh, when did you both come?
Laksh : Yesterday night Aliya (Brother in law). If we come today it will be late. So though to take 1 day off. Do you have office today?
Adharsh : Yes. But half day. We will lunch together.

He left to the office.

Laksh also helped in making sadhya (traditional vegetarian lunch of Keralite) with adapradhaman.

Later all had lunch together and was chitchatting in the living room.

Lavanya : Swara u guys will go tomorrow only Na?
Swara : Yes chechi.
Lavanya : So tomorrow Lunch at our house.

Lavanya, Adharsh and Ananya are staying few houses away from her family house.

Later in the night, Swara enter to the room , Laksh was playing in his tab.

Swara : Laksh.
Laksh : Yes Swara.
Swara : Amma was asking a baby. Y don’t we start thinking about a baby?
Laksh : So you want to have a baby? Even me too. I too want a baby boy. We will try. If not getting success will consult a doctor for you.
Swara : How mean, so you decide I will have some problem. (with fake anger)
Laksh : HAHAHAHA. Anyway I will not have any problem.
Swara : How you know? Did you check it before?
Laksh : Thank God u didn’t ask me whether I tried it before & laugh
Swara : But Laksh…..

He didn’t allow her to complete her and smooch her lips. They had a deep liplock. Soon he removed her dress and both get intimate.

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