Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 2

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Days are passing. Bond between Swara and Laksh became strong. Now they are husband and wife in every manner. (I don’t want to drag more about their married life). Like this their life was going smoothly. They were very happy and enjoying.

One Sunday evening Laksh & Swara plan to go for a movie and a dinner. While Swara in the theatre for taking the ticket for a movie, saw Laksh is happily talking with some guy. He message Swara to take one more ticket for his friend. Swara took the ticket and comes to Laksh. Suddenly his friend gets a call and he excused from there.

Swara : Laksh, who was that?
Laksh : He is my friend; I met him in a seminar like few months back at Mumbai. He is working as a GM for one company in Mumbai. He is here to meet his friend & attend a business meeting
Swara : Okie. But where is he, you didn’t introduce him to me . So bad.
Laksh : Arey Swara, he got a call . Here he is.
Swara turned to see the person and was shocked. The man also shocked seeing her.

Laksh : Sanskar, This is my wife. Swara. And Swara this is Sanskar.
Sanskar : Laksh , is she your wife?
Laksh : Yes, but you both knows each other?

Swara become tensed hearing Laksh.

Sanskar : Yes of course. We both were………. Classmates in the collage.
Swara (sighs) : Yes Laksh, He is my classmate and gave an angry glare to Sanskar…and tell come lets go inside, movie will start now.
Laksh : Yes, come Sanskar, lets go inside.
They settled in their seats. Laksh and Swara together, Sanskar just behind Swara. Sanskar is having tears in his eyes seeing Swara with Laksh, but composes himself. Whereas Swara is tensed because of Sanskar presence. She is watching the movie but her mind is travelling back to 3 years back. A dreadful incident where Swara lost her love, Sanskar.


A hotel lobby is shown. There police has arrested a boy and girl for immoral traffic. It was Sanskar and his classmate Kavitha. Seeing this scene Swara was crying bitterly.

Sanskar : Swara, pls believe me I didn’t do anything. Kavitha was in a problem, so helping her I came here. I donno anything.
Kavitha : Sanskar, How can you say this, it was you call me here, and now seeing your lover, you change the plate?
Sanskar : Just shut up u bl***y bi**h.
Swara : Enough Sanskar, I didn’t know you were this much cheap. I HATE YOU. HATE YOU COMPLETELY. DON’T SHOW YOUR FACE TO ME AGAIN IN MY LIFE. I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU THIS MUCH DEEPLY. I WAS MADLY BOUNDED IN YOUR LOVE. BUT YOU CHEAT. Saying this she left the place crying.

Flashback end.
Sanskar : Laksh, take these 2 ice-creams for you and Swara.
Laksh : Thank you Sanskar. And gives 1 cup ice-cream o Swara.
Swara 1st hesitate to take, but took it for Laksh sake. She doesn’t wants to have the ice-cream that was bought by Sanskar. She just threw it down the sit.
Swara : I hope he sees that I had not had the ice cream he brought for me. I don’t want anything form him.

After finishing the movie trio came out.

Sanskar : So Laksh, what is your plan?
Laksh : Have dinner from some good hotel.
Sanskar : Ok then if you don’t mind, I want to invite you both for a dinner at Hycinth.
Laksh : Sure…. We will have it from there. We will follow you in our car.
Sanskar : Ok. Done.

In the car
Swara : What is the need to accept his request Laksh?
Laksh : What happened? He is you classmate and also my friend. So what is the problem in accepting his request?
Swara : Ok. But the bill should be paid by us. Not him
Laksh : Of course Swara.

Soon they reached the hotel Hycinth.

In the reception Sanskar was waiting for them. When they reached.

Sanskar : key of room no.203 please.
Receptionist : Here it is Sir.
Sanskar : Thank you.

He turn to Laksh and says if you want can take rest for some time and we will go for the dinner in the restaurant.

Swara : No need. I’m fine.
So they left to the restaurant.

Sanskar and Laksh were keeping on talking and without Laksh notice Sanskar gaze was on Swara. She feels very uncomfortable because of his intense gaze. After the dinner Sanskar went to rest room, here Swara ask Laksh to pay the bill once it comes. Sanskar comes back and seated with Laksh, the bearer comes and keeps the bill. Suddenly Sanskar took the bill and signed it. Swara was angrily glaring Laksh.

Laksh : What Sanskar? I wants to pay the bill, and look you paid it yourself.
Sanskar : Haha Laksh, this bill is for room no 203.
Laksh : Anyways thank you for the treat Sanskar. Next time it is my chance.
Sanskar : My pleasure. Ok guys good night.
Laksh : Good night Sanskar.

Soon the left to the home. Swara was still angry on Laksh to accept the treat and not paying the bill also.
Laksh goes to get fresh up. Suddenly Laksh’s phone started to ring. Seeing the call Swara attended the call

Swara : Hello?
OP : Swara?
Swara : Sanskar?
Sanskar : Thank you so much Swara for spending time with me.
Swara : Don’t think too much! It is just because of Laksh. And don’t ever try to be near me. And she cut the call.

Later Laksh come from restroom and both of them dozed off.

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