Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 15

She called Sujatha and Lavanya immediately and Sujatha tensely said Adharsh to get the car. Adharsh said he will go outside and bring the car. And he left in the bike. After 10 minutes Sujatha was waiting for the car but Adharsh didn’t turn up. So she call he neighbor and ask his help to bring Swara to the hospital. He came immediately and took Swara & Sujatha to hospital. Immediately Swara was taken to the ICU. The doctor checked and informs Sujatha that Swara is fine but they lost the baby. Sujatha got numb. The only reminiscence of her late son has also left her. Swara’s stage was not less. Even though she hates Laksh now but that baby was of her too. Lavanya was waiting for Adharsh but there is now news about him and she was scared. Next day she receives a call saying Adharsh was admitted in the hospital due to an accident. He had minor wounds only. Lavanya got panicked and rushed to the hospital. Adharsh was lying in the bed. He had a smirk on his face.
Lavanya : What happened to you?
Adharsh : To stop taking Swara to hospital I had to do this small accident.
Lavanya : What was needed to do this accident? She already lost her baby.
Adharsh : She lost the baby? Really? Thank God . Now the whole property is under our name .
Both Lavanya & Adharsh laughed evilly.
Sanskar heard about Swara’s condition and went to see her to the hospital. He met Sujatha and introduces her as Swara manager and friend of Swara & Laksh. Sujatha welcomed him and bought him to Swara’s room. Seeing Swara in that condition pinched his heart.
Sanskar : Swara
Swara looked at him and started to cry. Sujatha was consoling her. She went inside to take juice.
Only Swara and Sanskar were left alone. Sanskar ask Swara to join back so that she forget everything and move on in her life. Soon Sujatha came with a glass of lemon juice and she also suggested to Swara to join back. She agreed to join back. Sanskar had the lemon juice and bid bye and left. Days were passing soon. Swara also left to Trivandrum and joined back and their life was falling back into the track. One day a beggar came to their house. He was wearing a torn shirt. Sujatha felt sorry for him and ask maid to bring old shirts for him. She came and asks Lavanya for any old shirt of Adharsh and she gave few shirts. The maid bought it to Sujatha and she gave it to the beggar. But suddenly one shirt few tablets fell down.
Sujatha (POV) : This is the same tablets Swara was having prescribed by her Dr. She went inside Swara’s room and checks the tablets in her room. She found both are same and was suspicious about it. But kept quiet. Next Day morning Sujata got ready and left to the hospital. She was carrying the medicine she got from Adharsh’s shirt and the medicine Swara was having. Sujatha me the doctor and discuss with her about her doubt. Dr. agrees to help her and sent the medicines to laboratory for test and informs they will get the results next day. So Sujatha came back. When she came back Lavanya ask her where did she go this early morning and Sujatha replied she went to her friend’s house. Next day morning Sujatha called the Dr. and Dr. explained her that the tablets Swara was having is not the one which she prescribed. The power inside the tablets was used to abortion. The person has exchanged the tablets so that no one doubts him/her. Sujatha was shocked to hear this. She was really angry that Adharsh & Lavanya done this sin to get the property. She decided to transfer all her money, lands, jewelries and the whole property under Swara’s name. Next day morning itself she went to Adv. Sarath Menon’s office and asks him to prepare the documents for property change. But Sarath denied giving whole property to Swara and asking her to give it to Lavanya. But Sujatha explained Sarath the reason behind her decision and he also agrees to that. Radhakrishnan saw Sujatha coming to Sarath Menon and they were discussing. Later when Sujatha left Sarath called Radhakrishnan to his cabin and ask him to prepare the documents for property change. He asks to whom and Sarath replied Swara. Soon Radhakrishnan called Adharsh and inform him about Sujatha decision. Adharsh was shocked and was angry on Sujatha.


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