Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 14

Next Day Swara went to Laksh’s house. Swara told Sujatha about the pregnancy and she was very happy.

Sujatha : My Laksh had gone, but he left his soul here in you Swara. Sujatha compelled Swara to stay there for 2 days and Swara agreed. After Laksh’s death Lavanya & Adharsh were staying with Sujatha and their daughter Ananya was studying in a boarding school. Lavanya was not happy when Swara said she was expecting. But remain quiet as she doesn’t want to make an issue with Sujatha. Because after Laksh’s death Lavanya will be the successor of Laksh’s property as he don’t have an heir. But now Swara is pregnant with Laksh’s child and everything will go for Laksh’s widow and child. She was worried about that.

After 2 days Swara went back to Trivandrum and resigned from her job and left to Laksh’s house as discussed with Sujatha. Sujatha took care of Swara very carefully and now Swara was on her 4th month.

One day the peon informed Adharsh that he is having a visitor outside. Adharsh came outside to see who it was but cannot find anyone whom he knows. He turns to go inside. Suddenly hear someone calling him from back. He turned to that person but was not able to identify him.

Man : You are Adharsh, right?

Adharsh : Yes, but I didn’t get you.

Man : You donno me. Even I also don’t know you very good. Only seen few times at Adv. Sharath Menon office. I’m his clerk. Ramakrishnan.

Adharsh was surprised but Radhakrishnan’s sudden visit. Because e Adv. Sarath was Laksh’s close friend.

Radhakrishnan : I need to tell you something about your mother in law visit to Adv. Sarath’ s office.

Adharsh was shocked. He said we will go for lunch today and he asks for permission for half day. Soon Adharsh & Ramakrishnan go to a restaurant and ordered food.

Adharsh : Y my mother in law came to see Sarath? Anything serious matter?

Radhakrishnan : Yes I heard she was saying about WILL.

Adharsh : What WILL? Did you hear anything?

Radhakrishnan : Yes, she wants to transfer all her property under Laksh’s child name. But for the time being Swara will be the owner for all the property.

Adharsh was shocked and angry on Sujatha.

Adharsh : How to stop the property transfer?

Radhakrishnan : There is a way. Sujatha madam is doing this only because Swara is pregnant with Laksh’s child. If that child is not born then the WILL will also be stopped.

Adharsh : I want that property. For that I will go to any extent.

Radhakrishnan took him to a fraud Dr. Who gave medicine for Abortion illegally. Radhakrishnan explains the Dr. the issue and Dr. was ready to help them. He prescribe some medicines , which looks like exactly as iron tablets and ask to exchange the iron tablets that Swara having now with the duplicate. If the lady starts taking these pills, within 3 days we will have the result. Nothing will happen to the mother.

Adharsh took the pills and handover it to Lavanya and ask her to do as Dr. Suggest. Lavanya without anyone’s notice .Swara also started taking those pills considering it as Iron tablets. After 3 days in the night as usual Swara had her dinner and went to sleep. After sometimes Swara feels wetness in her bed and dress. Suddenly she switches on the light and was shocked to see herself in a pool of bed.

  1. Well its all about karma.. Watever has to happen… Will happen
    Ee can’t blame anyone in that
    Well in this case Ragini will become owner of property
    I Don’t get one thing why swara is not trying to provide right to Ragini after knowing all this tht he is having a child without wedlock

  2. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Cheap kiliye ek nannisi jaanko mardala.

    1. but poora confused hogaya hoon with this part…
      for property they killed child

  3. Awesome

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