Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 13

Here we go with the next chapter.

Swara was crying and Janaki was trying to console her. Both went to home. Janaki ask Swara to think about what Sanskar’s mother said her. Swara was not in a stage to decide anything. Should she give birth to this baby or not. She was confused about her future. But Janaki was very clear that to go for an abortion. Somehow she convinced Swara to undergo abortion. Later Janaki spoke to her friend , a gynecologist Dr. Sicily Philip and explain her the situation. Sicily promise to help Janaki & Swara. But for that they have to go to Trissur as Sicily is having multispecialty hospital at Trissur. Next day itself Swara & Janaki left to Trissur. When they reached the railway station a man was waiting for them with a car. Soon he bought both of them to Sicily’s house. Later in the evening Sicily came back from the hospital. Both had dinner and went to bed. Sicily’s husband was not at home as he had gone abroad for a business meeting.

Next day morning Sicily wake up Janaki and gave her a cup of tea. Both had tea and Janaki went to call Swara as they have to go to hospital for the procedures. But she was not able to find Swara in the room. She searched everywhere but Swara was not found anywhere. Suddenly her sight falls on a paper on the table. She started reading the letter.

Dear Amma,

I know you are concern about my future. But amma I cannot think of a life by destroying my child. Sorry for eloping from there without informing you. You also took care of me & Kavya after our father death. I’m your daughter Amma. I will not fall weak.

Your’s Swara

Janaki started crying after reading that letter. Sicily was consoling Janaki.

Janaki : In my selfish thought I didn’t think about that baby. How can I be so cruel?

Sicily : Janaki pls control yourself. Anyway Swara has taken the correct decision. Let bygones be bygones.

Later Janaki bid bye to Sicily and left to Trivandrum. Swara was waiting Janaki there. Both mother and daughter ask forgiveness each other.

Next day Swara went to office and ask Sanskar that she want to speak with him. After office hours Sanskar came with the car and both went to a beach. On the way to beach Swara was gloomy. Sanskar ask Swara the matter she was saying will speak later after having a coffee. Both went to old coffee house at Shangumugham beach and order 2 coffee. Waiter serve them coffee and left. While having the coffee

Swara : Sanskar.. I’m sorry I cannot marry you.

Sanskar was shocked and angry

Sanskar : What the hell Swara you only agree for the marriage and what is this now?

Swara : I cannot marry you or I should not marry you.

Sanskar : Y? What are you telling?

Swara : I’m pregnant with Laksh child.

Sanskar was shocked. After a while

Sanskar : So what Swara? What is the problem in that? I will look after that baby as mine. Don’t you trust me?

Swara : I trust you Sanskar. But I don’t want that. You will have a beautiful life with another girl. I don’t deserve you Sanskar. I don’t deserve you.

Both Swara and Sanskar was crying and later he drop Swara to her office and left.

  1. It is like whenever swara want sanskar will be present there and whenever she want she can throw….. And moat Bekoof is sanskar here.. He believe her every times and what he get…… Swara never trusted him in any phase of her life

    When she earlier left hin during collage.. No trust and when he came back in her life just as after her marriage and now also…..why

    What is guaranteed that in future she will not do like this becoz its all like watever she feel she do

  2. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Very nice

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