Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 12

Here we go with the next chapter.

Ragini ask Swasan to get inside and sit.

Both of them came inside. Swara saw the house. It was kept very clean and in order. Suddenly her gaze fell on the picture frame of Laksh on the wall with garland. Seeing it Swara had tears. She turned to Ragini and ask her how Laksh and Ragini knows each other and when this is yours and Laksh’s daughter Y he married me?

Ragini : Laksh and I know each other from childhood onwards. My mother was a maid at Laksh’s house. I was also studying with the greatness of Sujatha Amma. But after 10th std my mother don’t want me to continue my studies and she want me to help her in the house hold chores. I was not able deny her and started working there. At that time Laksh was studying at Ernakulum. He uses to come every weekend. In the beginning he was just flirting with me. But later we both start love each other immensely. One day Laksh call me to his room and when I enter he hugged me and started kissing me. Suddenly Lavanya came inside and trash me very badly. Laksh was not able to stop her. He was literally crying and begging her to stop it. But she was beating me very brutally. Later they throw me and my mother from the house and job. Days were passing. Laksh stopped coming to see me and speak with me. He completed his studies and got job at Trivandrum. One fine day when my mother was not at house I was sitting inside the house and it was raining heavily. Suddenly someone banged the door. I thought it was my mother. But when I opened the door was shocked to see Laksh at the door with wet dress as he had drained in the rain. Suddenly I ran inside and bought a towel and dry his hair. He was not speaking anything but was staring at me. We both hugged each other and started crying. At that time we both lose our control and become one. But after that incident Laksh promise me he will not bung me. But I become pregnant and knowing this news Laksh mother tried to commit suicide. But she was rescued correct time by Laksh. How good she might be at heart a mother will not allow her son to get married to a maid’s daughter. She took the word from Laksh that he will not come to see me and will marry a girl according to his mother wish. Without any other option he accepted it. But Laksh never stop loving me. Even when your proposal came he asks my permission to marry you. But later onwards he changed. He was only speaking about you. He came here on the same day he met with the accident.

Swara and Sanskar did not know how to react. Sanskar looks towards Swara. She was not crying but was blankly looking at Laksh photo. Later she stood from the chair and asked Sanskar to move. But before moving out she turned to Ragini and said whatever happened to you is because of your problem. Y you both pushed me in your dark life? What sin I had done to both of you? I will not forgive either Laksh or you for this big cheat. If Laksh informed me about you I could have forgiven you both. But Laksh was having good life with you and me and cheating only me. You will not get any forgiveness from me. Saying this she ran outside and sat in the car. Sanskar started the car and drove off. On the way back Swara was crying miserably. Sanskar don’t know how to pacify her. After 30 minutes they both reach Swara’s hose.

It has been 1 month since Laksh death. Swara was no more crying after came back from Ragini. She was determined not cry for a cheat like Laksh. She turned very bold and Janaki was also very happy that Swara started to be normal. But the thought of Swara’s future life was disturbing Janaki very much. She was thinking to make Swara remarry. When she ask Swara she denied telling she won’t be able to do a marriage again. But Janaki was adamant after all she is a mother who is worried abt her widowed daughter. One day Janaki decided to speak with Sanskar. Sanskar was happy that Janaki was asking for his hand for Swara. Janaki ask him to bring his mother to speak about the marriage. Sanskar agreed and it was finalized that Sunday Sanskar’s mother will visit their house. As planned Sanskar’s mother came and she like Swara. But Sanskar was scared for Swara’s reaction. But Swara agreed for the marriage on a condition of after 6 months. Sanskar’s mother told Swara that I agreed for this marriage because Sanskar loves you deeply and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Also you didn’t become pregnant. So I’m accepting you as my son’s wife. Things were going very smoothly. But one day while having breakfast suddenly Swara vomited. But thought might be because of the food. But Janaki was having a doubt. She asked Swara when her last date was. Swara tried to remember but was not able to. She said Janaki that last month she didn’t had her date, in that tension she didn’t gave importance to it. Janaki ask her to call office and inform them that she will be late today. Swara do the same. Later Janaki took Swara to the hospital and do the necessary check -ups. After 1 hour the nurse came and calls Swara. Both Janaki and Swara went inside.

Dr. : Hello Mrs. Swara? Where is your husband?

Janaki : Sorry Dr. He is no more. He died in an accident 2 months ago.

Dr. : O sorry. I didn’t know that. Any you are her?

Janaki : I’m her mother.

Dr. : Ok. Anyway congratz Mrs. Swara. You are 2 months pregnant.

Hearing this Swara and Janaki was shocked.

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