Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 11

Swara : Sorry????? What will your sorry do now? What enmity do you have with me?
Kavitha : I know just a sorry is not enough? But that only I can do now. Forgive me for it Swara. Sahil was madly in love with you and I was mad on Sanskar. So we want to separate both of you. But unfortunately we both didn’t get our love.
Swara was crying terribly thinking of Sanskar.

Kavitha : I got the punishment for the sin I had done to both of you. I got married to an Ayurveda Doctor. Life was going smoothly. But Sahil , he had the video clips of my arrest and was threatening me to obey him. I denied him and he told everything to my husband. Now look where m I ended. We are divorced and my family also disowned me.
Swara : Let bygones be bygones. Forget everything.
Kavitha : Swara what you doing here?
Swara : I came to my husband’s house.
Kavitha : O You got married?

Swara : Yes Kavitha. My husband was working in UST Global Trivandrum. But…
Kavitha : You will have all the happiness in this life Swara. You didn’t do anything wrong and you got a good life. Me I done bad and look where I’m in my life? Its also God’s play. Ok I need to leave now. Bye.
Swara : Bye Kavitha and take care.
They both hug and Kavitha left from there.

Swara POV.
What all are happening around me. How is Sanskar? How much pain he was going through? He tried to speak to me many times but I was an idiot that didn’t listened to him. And Laksh I was not able to understand him also. If I could have listened Sanskar once. I won’t be marrying Laksh and will not become a widow. Now what all God has planned for me in my life?

Suddenly her phone rings. It was Sanskar
Sanskar : Swara where did you reach now?
Swara : I’m reaching Thampanoor Bus station now. Will be there in 15 minutes.
Sanskar : Ok Swara wait for me there. I will drop you to your house.

Later she reached bus station and Sanskar was already waiting for her there. Both get into the car.
Sanskar : Swara did you meet Laksh’s mother?
Swara : No Sanskar. She was not there, went to some temple.
Sanskar : O so your journey was waste.
Swara : No Sanskar I saw Lavanya chechi, and she knows something about Ragini.
Sanskar : How, means did she told you like that.
Swara : No, but when I say Ragini she got tensed and I’m sure she knows Ragini and she is hiding it.
Sanskar : Hmmm. It means Laksh’s family knows about that lady.
Swara : Not only that Sanskar, I got to know something else also.
Sanskar : What was that?
Swara : I’m sorry Sanskar. I came to know what happened that night in the hotel. Today I met Kavitha.

Sanskar understood everything. He consoles her.
Sanskar : Swara don’t be silly. Stop crying. Let us forget about it.
Swara : No Sanskar. If I had given a chance to you to explain and prove you innocence I won’t be a widow. It was my stubbornness that destroys my life.
Sanskar : No Swara don’t blame you. We both were no lucky enough to be together.
Swara was crying and Sanskar was trying to console her. After sometime she stop crying and search for a kerchief. Sanskar took one kerchief from his pocket and gave to her.
Swara : Kavitha is in not a good position now. She explained everything that she got from Kavitha.

Sanskar : Campus life was having its own good and bad side. It was a kind of madness for her towards me. When she realized she can’t get me so to show me down she herself become a victim. Poor girl. Now leave all that Swara. We can’t change anything. Life cannot be predicted, it will go on its way.
Swara : Hmm.

Later Sanskar drop Swara to her house and left. After 2 days Sanskar called Swara to his cabin.

Swara : Sanskar, Why you called me? IS there anything urgent matter. I was doing a work for Sandeep.
Sanskar : Pls sit down Swara. And yes I have some very important news for you.
Swara : What is that?
Sanskar : I got the address of Ragini.
Swara : What? How?
Sanskar : If a person goes from the rented house to some other house sure he will give the new address to the postman. So I enquire in that way Finally managed to get that address.
Swara : Thank you so much Sanskar. So when should we go? Shall we go today?
Sanskar : Yes Swara, We can go today afternoon. That place is here only . Just 30 mnts drive.

Swara and Sanskar both decided to go in the afternoon and as planned they left to see Ragini. Without much difficulty they found her house. Swara knock the door. Suddenly a old woman came and open the door. She was surprise to see Swara & Sanskar

Old woman : Ara, Enthu venam? (Who are you? What you want?
Sanskar : We came to meet Ragini. Can we meet her ?
Old woman (angrily) why you want to see her? Again you people came to threaten us? We don’t want anything. Pls leave us and let us live our life peacefully.
Swara : No aunty you are mistaken. We just want to meet Ragini & I want to know something from her.

Ols woman : Who are you? What you want to know from my daughter?
Swara : My name is Swara. I’m Laksh’s wife.
Hearing Laksh name a lady came outside with a girl.
Lady : I’m Ragini. What you want to know ?
Swara : Ragini? And this girl?
Ragini : This is my daughter. Mine & Laksh’s daughter. Theertha.

Hearing that both Swara & Sanskar got shocked

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    Amazing but is it SwaLak or SwaSan?

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    god what was that guy how can he do that

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    Is it Swasan or Swalak

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      HI Rizna,
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  5. Awesome.pakshe entha ithra vaikiyathu?

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