Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 10

Sanskar : Sir pls gives us some time. Will discuss and let you know.
Sanskar and Swara left the cabin.
Swara : How can Laksh do this to me? His is having relation with another woman?
Sanskar : No Swara don’t go for any wild guesses. Might be any of his relative or any cancer patient. He is just helping her.
Swara : Yes. You are correct. Laksh won’t do anything like that.
Sanskar : Now we should not stop this transfer. Let them continue it.
Swara : Yes. But I need to know who this Ragini is. What is her relation with my husband?
Sanskar : We can get the address from the bank itself and search her.
Swara : Sanskar, Will you help me in finding Ragini?
Sanskar : Sure Swara. I already told you that you will get all help from me. Consider me as your friend.

Later Swara inform manager to continue the transfer and collect the address of Ragini.

Sanskar : Swara r u coming to the office today?
Swara : No Sanskar. I’m not in a mood to come for the work. Let me go to the home.
Sanskar : Ok. But don’t think unnecessary matters and worse your health.
Swara just nodded her head.

Sanskar drops Swara to her home and left to office. That whole day Swara was gloomy and was not talking to anyone. Janaki though that because of Laksh’s memories. So she also didn’t disturb Swara.

Next day morning Sanskar call Swara and ask her to get ready by 8.00 So that we can go to Mullashery and reach office by 10.00. Swara inform Janaki that they are going to see a person. And it is related to Laksh. So Janaki thought it might be related to Laksh’s accident.

Sanskar came and Swara sat in front seat with him.

Swara (monologue).
God before few weeks Sanskar was my biggest enemy and today he is the only person that I can share my problems. How fast a person whom I thought my enemy had become my friend? And the person whom I trust most is…………..

After sometimes they reached Mullashery and enquire about the address of Ragini to a person in the junction. He directed them to Mangalathu house. They reached in front of Mangalathu House.

Sanskar press the calling bell. An old woman came outside.

Ols woman : Yes. Who are you?
Sanskar : My name is Sanskar. I want to see Ragini.
Old woman : Sorry but here we don’t have any lady name Ragini. Here me my son Ramesh, daughter in law Mena are staying. My son got transfer to the village office in here. So we also came.
Sanskar : So it is a rental house?
Old lady : Yes . The owner is Chandran. You can check with him.

Sanskar came back to Swara. Suddenly he saw a man and lady are coming to that house.
Sanskar thought it as Ramesh and his wife Meena.

Sanskar : R u Ramesh?
Ramesh : Yes. I’m. But I didn’t get u.
Sanskar : You donno me. I came here to see Ragini, the previous family stayed here.
Ramesh : O we donno anything about them. A girl and her daughter and her mother stayed here. But don’t know where they are now.
Sanskar : May I have the owner Chandra’s phone number?
Ramesh gave owner’s number.

Sanskar explain everything to Swara.
Swara : Ono by one all doors are getting closed. How will we find out about Ragini now? And she is having a daughter? What if that is Laksh’s child. Suddenly she remembers Laksh’s and her conversation.

FB starts

Swara : Laksh.
Laksh : Yes Swara.
Swara : Amma was asking a baby. Y don’t we start thinking about a baby?
Laksh : So you want to have a baby? Even me too. I too want a baby boy. We will try. If not getting success will consult a doctor for you.
Swara : How mean, so you decide I will have some problem. (with fake anger)
Laksh : HAHAHAHA. Anyway I will not have any problem.
Swara : How you know? Did you check it before?
Laksh : Thank God u didn’t ask me whether I tried it before & laugh

FB ends

Swara (monologue)
It means it will be Laksh’s child only. How can Laksh cheat me? She cries.
Sanskar : Swara pls control yourself. It might be some one whom Laksh is helping.
But Swara was not able to stop her tears. Seeing Swara in that stage Sanskar too had tear in his eyes. He just kept his hand on her shoulder. After some time Swara stop crying but still she was sobbing.

Sanskar : Swara, Why don’t you go to Laksh’s house and check with his mother?
Swara got shocked . How can I Sanskar? What will I ask her?
Sanskar : I know Swara it is difficult but may be Laksh’s mother knows anything. If not they must know now.

Next day Swara went to Laksh’s house. But only the maid was there. She told Swara that Sujatha has went to a temple. Swara decided to go to Laksh’s sister Lavanya house and left to there.
Seeing Swara Lavanya had fake smile. But Swara understood that Lavanya didn’t expected Swara there.

Swara : Chechi, I came here to see Amma. Need to ask something about Laksh.
Lavanya : About Laksh, What is that Swara?
Swara : Who is this Ragini?
Hearing the name Ragini Lavanya got nervous but she composes herself
Ragini? Who Ragini? I don’t know any Ragini. How did you get this name Swara.
Swara : I got a call from Bank and they said me that every month an amount of 5000 is transferred to Ragini’s account from Laksh’s account. So thought it might be any of your relative.
Lavanya : No we don’t have any relative in that name. Any way let Adharsh come. I will ask him to check.

Swara feels that Lavanya is hiding something. So she left from there. In the bus station someone called her name. Swara turned and got shocked seeing the person.

Swara : Kavitha?
Kavitha : You remember me Swara?
Swara : How can I forget you Kavitha?
Hearing this Kavitha bow down her head.

Kavitha : I’m sorry Swara. To separate you and Sanskar we planned this incident. Me and Sahil. Sanskar is innocent.

Swara got shocked and angry. She slapped hard on Kavitha.

  1. Phoniex

    God what is happening. Her life has turned upside down

  2. I think she just accused Sanskar finding him with Kavita in hotel after that she never tried to search the actual truth. even after years she was in this conception only but just now Sanskar is helping her thats why she is assuming him good friend. If kavita haven’t told swara truth then today also she will blame Sanskar. I can’t say about future becoz she didn’t showed any sign of trust till now.

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    Ohoo enthoru suspensa ithu

  5. All matter is coming out now . Awesome continue soon….

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