Let’s talk about love (kanchi saga…. Few shots by abhilasha) shot 9

Hello guys thank u all of u for this much love……..ur beautiful cmnts means a lot…….only 2 shots r left but I will be writing os whenever I wll be free ….silent readers too plz plz cmnt !!

Lets start-
It was mehandi ceremony ….sanchi’s hands were being decorated by mehandi while kabir was staring at his angel sitting in green lehenga with flower jwellery.
Mehandiwali- mam what name we have to write?
Sanchi- hitler!
Kabir gives death glare and goes to sanchi and takes mehandi cone and writes kabir on her hands.
Sanchi was speechless.
Kusum- kabir atleast write name of sanchi on ur hands…its shagun.
Kabir- ok maa write tsunami …..i means sanchi.
Sanchi pouts.
Isha- yr its so boring na.
Pragya- ha yr lets do something interesting.
Veer- I have an idea.
Veer- music
Cutiepie plays…
Ishagya along with swaveer danced in full mastii.
Sanchi and kabir too joins .

Aftersometime all were busy whereas sanchi was going to her room but she felt a force which pulls her inside storeroom.
Sanchi shouts…….
Kabir puts hands on her mouth- its me yr……don’t shout!
Sanchi- o god u scared me ….go or anyone will see us.
Kabir- u r soon to be my wife…..
He was moving towardsher …..she closed her eyes … was about to kiss her..
Ishagya(they didn’t see them) shouts sanchi
Kabir- lo aa gyi mere pyaar ki dushman(my love enemies have come)
Sanchi giggles and goes
Isha- sanchi its sangeet and now u have to get ready yr
Sanchi- ohk sweetie
Pragya- yr what should I wear?
Sanchi- sangeet is mine na?
Isha- something something
Pragya gives death glare..

Lets see what our newly wed couple was doing
Swara- sanskar I m not getting what to wear …u know I m not having any western dress and theme is western!
Veer- oho yr u know what from last half an hour u r saying so…and I gyess u have plenty of dresses.
Swara- those are old!!….let me check in my bag!
She stands on a stool to take out her bag but was about to fall on veer …..veer kissed her and both shared a cute eyelock.
At sangeeet ceremony-
All were looking gorgeous in western outfits…
But 2 persons were looking the best…..
Our kabir in white tuxedo and sanchi in red gown with diamond pendent and earrings.
Isha and pragya were looking beautifulin white and green one piece and our next couple was looking so good …veer in blue shirt and black and swara in blue frock.
Ishagya were hosting the ceremony..
Isha- so welcome gorgeous ladies and handsome gentleman …lets celebrate the beautiful night of sangeet of our cutie sanchi and ho(pragya pinches) kabir jiju.
So first call our elders …kusum aunty …savitri aunty…and jaya aunty…
Trio mothers danced on london thumakda.
Swaveer danced on ishq wala love beautifully!
Isha and garv danced on enna sona(ok janu)

Pragya was going to dance but slips …she was about to fall but someone holds her…
Pragya- thanks…btw who r u?
Man- I m sohum ..kabir’s frnd!
( if someone has watched her previous show bani ishq da kalma …u can imagine that sohum..he was her husband)
Sohum- if u don’t mind can we dance…since m not having any partner!
Pragya agrees and both danced on pyar ho ..
( yr what these girls have done….dont want their dostana ….they wont die single…lol)
All clapped!
Pragya- lets call our kanchi the beautiful couple!
Kanchi dance on sanam re!!
At the end all danced on nachange sari raat.
At night-
Sanchi was standing infront of her father’s photo …jaya comes-
Jaya- beta its rule ….every girl has to go to her house!
Sanchi- maa kash aj papa yaha hote!
Jaya- he is beta!….in our memories!!
Sanchi hugs her and cries!
Next day-
Wedding preparations were going on top in mm ….veerand garv were helping in it….while swara was checking the mandap….and ishagya were helping tem.

Timeskips to evening-
Sanchi was looking like an angel of heaven has landed on earth in red lehenga with gold embriodery in golden jwellery ……isha was wearing pink and green lehenga and pragya was in greyish silver lehenga ..they were givin final touch to sanchi …..swara comes in golden lehanga and said- barat has came.
Sanchi- really???…she ran towards window to see his love who was looking so handsome in golden and red sherwani..
Kabir look towards sanchi and both appreciate each other in eyes only!
Ishagya- nigaho nigaho me dil lene walo…..
Sanchi shies!!
Kabir was welcomed in mm by jaya-
He sat in mandap and priest perform rituals….
Priest- call the bride!
Ishagya brought sanchi …
Kabir gets lost in her!
Sanchi gives?? to him…while kabir gives flying kiss..
Both exchanged flower necklaces …all clapped for them.
Both take 7 bows and promise each oter to spend and share their happiness and sadness with each other!
Kabir makes her wear nupital chain and puts vermilion in her hairline…..
All clapped and throw flower petals on them ……
They took blessings of elders!!
Finally they become kanchi!!!
Last episode will be basically epilogue and I will try to give a beautiful ending….plz give ur reviews and I malso sad for ending it but its necessity of time…I hope u all will understand and thank u all …love uh!!

  1. Trisha139

    I am so sooo happy that I am the frst one to cmmnt abhilasha this was breath taking that pintch to isha by Pragya was my fav part ….eager for last part nd after that pls continue wd something

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I will surely write something…. And I m really happy that u like it!!

  2. Neha7873

    Loved it Abhilasha ! Enjoyed the whole thing … loved the way you potrated the mehendi scene ?????☺

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear… Glad you liked it!!

  3. Amazing superb mindblowing it’s sad it’s ending.

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      Thank you so much dear….. Glad you like it!

  4. Nutts

    It was verynice and fantastic but why last episode

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      Thank you so much dear and thisnt last episode…. I will post last one today!!!

  5. Yaar its just awesome pls update next episode quick… Ye I remembered that bani serial guy …and both friend are super good and rude..

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      Thank u so much yr and I will try to update as soon as possible!!

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    Lovely ch yaar. ???

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  7. So nice and amazing story .per bhot dhuk ho rahe hae ki urna nice story ka the end gigi.thanks abhilasa for such aan amazing and wonderful story.happy krishna is tumi and HAPPY INDEPENDENT DAY????????????

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u very much dear and I m really happy that u like it and don’t be sad and bid goodbye to this happily…..
      Happy independence day and happy janmashtami!!

  8. Awww so cute episode Abhilasha dear..????..can I make a suggestion…why not story takes a leap & we get to see some scenes of our junior sanchi & junior kabir…???haha… wrote 2 bcz i want to see Jr.kabir nature like his mother while Jr.sanchi attitude like his father’s ???? what do u hv to say?? anywz dear we love u a lot for now and forever ?????

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…. U r really so sweet personality and I love ur cmnts and I will surely use ur suggestion… Thank u for that also…. Lots of love for u too!!

  9. Anee

    Hey Abhi dear sohun’s entry was awsm uknow sohum was also my fav character in bani. but unfortunatly his pair not happened with bani but here raji with sohum means pragya with sohun its great yaar.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and ya even I like him … Initially me too was upset with swapping but later rajji and so hum love was gr8!!!

  10. Hey abhilasha it’s super amazing really loved it.

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      Thank you so much dear and glad you like it!!

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  12. it was really ff and kanchi marriage episode is really awesome
    waiting for epilouge
    but feeling sad as it was going to end

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      Thank you so much dear for this lovely cmntd!!

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    Wonderful Abhi can’t wait to see da text part ??

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      Thank you so much dear… I have submitted next part!!

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    its wonderful waiting for the next one

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  15. Abhilasha

    Hey guys sorry I have write sanskar instead of veer….. Actually when swara is there my hand automatically types sanskar!!

  16. Superb dear especiall mehendi part eagerly waiting for next episode feeling bad only one last story left . I will be eagerlywaiting for your next writing.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…… I will miss ur beautiful and overwhelming comments!!

  17. Wow Yarr finally our kanchi are married. Sooo happy . loved today’s episode. And I like the way you describe their clothes. The whole dressing comes in front of eyes. Waiting for next ff. Post it asap

  18. And happy independence day.

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