Let’s talk about love (kanchi saga…. Few shots by abhilasha) shot 8

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Hello guys ….first of all ur cmnts make me emotional and so happy at the same time…thank u so much for ur love to my ff….and after seeing ur this much love I m extending it to 2 more shots….so lets start-
Sanchi and kabir were so happy ……aferall they have find their love.
Kusum and jaya calls panditji-
Panditji- so the best time for marriage is after two days.
Kusum and jaya- that’s great….what about you both?
Kanchi- as u wish!

Kusum- so tomorrow is engagement and day after tomorrow is mehandi haldi and then next day sangeet and finally wedding.
Jaya- we have to do lots of arrangements.
kusum- now we should go.
Next day-
All wedding preparations were going on in mishra mansion …..jaya was checking all …….prasha and swaveer were helping jaya.
Sanchi was still checking patient files.
Jaya- see this girl today is her engaement and she……..prgya and isha go along with sanchi and buy all dresses and jwellery .
Sanchi- ma no….but jaya cuts her words and send her.

At kabir’s house-
Kabir too was checking files whereas kusum was choosing dresses for sanchi .
Kusum- stop that work and come here.
Kabir- maa( in kabir style)
Kusum- its an order.

Kabir came .
Kusum- so hows this yellow one?
Kabir- no…….(he takes out a red and golden saree) maa this is good.
Kusum- oho my son’s choice has become really good.
Kabir smiles.
At shopping
Isha was checking out dresses and pragya was checking out jwellery …..sanchi was trying all that stuff.
Sanchi- yr its too much now.

isha- sanchi its ur first marriage ….u should look best.
Sanchi- what do u mean by first marriage …….i m not going to do lots
Pragya- exactly yr thatswhy u should make each and every moment should be memorable na.
Isha- oho u have too became intelligent and romantic ….something something.
Pragya- hum tumhara muh tod denge( I will break ur face)
Isha- and I will see that silently?
Sanchi- don’t fight guys and I think I have done with my stuff…..now u guys go and buy for urs till then am checking something for kabir and kusum ma.
Ishagya- kusum ma…..oho.
Sanchi- shut up guys…..blushes.

Ishagya- ok fine we r going to buy for our.
Sanchi then went to watch section
Sanchi to herself- these all are really dull…..i need something else….then she sees an elegant watch ……its perfect.
Then her eyes travels at a black shirt.
Sanchi- this is osm…shebuys it.
Then she buys a saree for kusum.
Ishagya- are u done?
Sanchi- ya n u?

Ishagya- ofcourse.
They pay the bills and leaves for home.
Pragya on the way- lag gyi lanka.
Sasha- what happened?
Pragya- I forgot to buy my perfume.
Sasha- like seriously…..
Pragya pouts.

Isha- o teri we didn’t to spa.
Sanchi- comeon yr don’t be like typical girls and I have ordered beauticians.
(Now its going boring lets skip to engagement )
At engagement
All arrangements were done perfectly amd mm was looking beautiful.
Kabir along with kusum arrives.
Kabir was looking greek god in black suit with little designing on it.
Sanchi comes down andwas looking breath taking in golden lehnga and crop top over it with pink and golden dupatta .
Both were mesmerized to each other .
Sanchi- u r looking smart.

Kabir- I know I m but u r not looking nic.
Sanchi was mouth opened as she expected praise from him.
kabir- u r not looking nic but killer.
Sanchi blushes.

On stage-

Swaveer were hosting.
Veer- so a warm welcome to engagement of mr khadus and ms khadus going to be mrs khadus.
Kanchi gave death glares.
Swara- so it’s the beautiful time to exchange the rings.
Kusum and jaya brings rings and gave to kanchi.
Kanchi exchanged rings …rose petals were falling on them.
Ishagya and swaveer-now lets celebrate.
Ishagya came on floor –

They danced on ghani bawri.
All clapped for them
Swaveer came and danced on gerua( dilwale) ……..song finished but te lovebirds were lost in each other eyes.
Sanchi- veer song has finished.
Both parted
Then came kusum and jaya and danced on shehnai(kai po che)
Swaveer- so now its turn for most awaited performance of the night…our kanchi.
Kanchi came on stage.
Song plays and they started dancing
Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi

Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naaraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha
Main toh tere rang mein
Rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon

Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera
Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..
Phir dil ke raaston pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashan mein hai
Yeh inaayat jo hui (x2)

Main toh tujhe milke jee uthi hoon
Teri dhadkan mein chhupi hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahin
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..
Hey… ha…
Jis pal tu saath mere
Uss pal mein zindagi hai
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwahish ab nahi hai (x2)
Mmm.. main toh bas tujhse hi bana hoon

Tere bin main bewajah hoon
Mera mujhe kuch bhi nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..
They danced beautifully making everyone awww and all cheers for them.
At night-
It was midnight sanchi was sleeping or u can say dreaming of kabir ….then she heard a knock on her window.

She was a little scared …
A man came from window …he was obviously kabir.

Sanchi- o god I m dreaming of him again.
Kabir- no sanchi its me only.
Sanchi- o hello that’s not possible …my hitler part 2 will be sleeping selling horses .
Kabir came near her and kissed her .
sanchi- u r real.
Kabir gave him a packet and asked her to get ready without any ques.
Sanchi did so an came in a white gown looking like a fairy.
Both silently came out and went to car.
Sanchi- where we r going?

Kabir- no questions.
Sanchi pouts.
Kabir stopped his car at a silent place and tied sanchi’s eyes with blindfold.
He takes her somewhere and unfold her blindfold.
Sanchi was really surprised looking at beautifully decorated place with red and white balloons and lights with scented candles on a table with 2 chair.
Sanchi- this is for me…
Kabir- no for me ….i do for me these things.
Sanchi gives glare and smiles then
Kabir made her sit and then brings golgappas and feeds her.

Sanchi too feeds him.
Kabir plays music and offers his hand to sanchi.
Sanchi gives her hand.
Toota jo kabhi tara plays
Both danced …….their romance was added up with rain .

Ye mausam ki barish
Both shared a passionate kiss and hugged each other.
Next day
Sanchi wakes up with a wide smile reminiscing last night.
She checks her phn and kabir’s msg was there.
Kabir- gm my life.
Sanchi- gm my love….today is haldi.
Kabir- ya I will come to apply u haldi.

Sanchi- sorry but males are not allowed
kabir- I will come.
Sanchi- lets see.

At haldi-

Kabir’s haldi was done at his home and kusum too k that haldi and forwarded tto sanchi’s house.
Sanchi was in yellow suit and all were applying mehandi while swashagya were dancing .
2 ladies came in saree with long veils an join swashagya.
Jaya and kusum were amused to see those women.
Swara was dancing but one women was constantly trying to dance with her.
The other one moves to sanchi and applied lots of haldi on her.
Swara opens the veil of lady one it was revealed to be veer ………….sanchi unveils other one it revealed to be kabir.

After kusum left kabir and veer looked at each other.
Kabir- veer I need a help….
Veer- from me??….what a gr8 day.
Kabir- now listen actually have challenge sanchi that I will apply haldi on her so….
Veer- even I m missing swara.idea!!
He discusses something with kabir and both smirks
Fb ends
Kusum holds their ears.

Kusum- naughty boys …..
veer- its only sir’s plan
Kabir- I wont spare u veer …who was missing swara?
Veer- and who wanted to apply haldi on sanchi?
Swara and sanchi burst laughing along with all ladies.
Sanchi- u r good at dares.
Kabir smiles.
Ishagya- so our khadus jiju is naughty ….oye hoye sanchi u so lucky….hum to shayad single hi marenge.
All laughed.
Precap- mehandi …sangeet and wedding .
Plz share ur views …..silent readers plzz !! And as my dialogue never stop smiling and stay healthy.

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  1. It’s too good abhilasha really loved it.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so much dear.

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    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and actually nowadays I m quite free but soon my exams will start and I have to be regular at my studies so……. But I will think about that.

  3. Sakash.

    Superb Shot Abhi dear.I am glad u extended ur shots.I enjoyed each and every scene.I laughed at kabir and Veer come in lady dresses for haldi.It’s too good and nice.Keep writing dear.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear… M really glad that u liked it and it feels gr8 to get such cmnts.

  4. Anee

    Hey abhilasha thanks dear for extension really loved it suprbbb.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…. It means alot.

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      Thank you so much dear…. I m glad that u enjoyed it….. It gives immense happiness when our efforts are successful to make u pol smile.

  6. What a story yaar.so so so beautiful story and wonderful?????????????

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      Thank you so much dear and it means a lot.

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    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…. Ur cmnts always give me immense happiness and encouragement and even I don’t want to end but its necessity of time yr….. I won’t completely stop and whenever I will get time I will surely make a com back.
      Luv uh lots….

  8. Very nice,keep writing dr..

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      Thank you so much dear

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    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so much dear and I m really happy with hr response and yr even I don’t want to end this but its important!!!

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      Dear I m from uttar pradesh

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      Thank you so much dear and m glad that uu liked and cmntd!!

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      Thank you so much dear and it means alot and I have submitted the next part!!

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    1. Abhilasha

      Its ok.. It happens!!

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    Awesome and fantastic episode yaar. Enjoyed it a lot ???

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear!!!

  24. this episode is full of funny and romance..so nice..
    waiting for next one eagerly

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      Thank you so much dear and I have submitted the next part!!

  25. AnahitaAnnie

    Thanks a lot for the extension.. And today’s episode was awesome. U are really good with emotions and it was super cute. Plus kaveer sneaking in together was really adorable. U are one of my fav authors. And khadoos and veer in a saree ??. Plus Isha and Pragya will die single.. Woow.. It eas sarcastic and cute at the same time.. Pls keep posting when u are free. Love ur writing a lot!!??

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much Annie dear and I m immensely happy with ur this cmnt and it really means alot for me to hear such compliments from u and u r my inspiration…… Luv uh alot… And r u writing any os…. U know what I forcefully make my frnd to read spy squadsquad today and she has too became ur fan!!

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        That means lot Abhilasha.I have an OS in mind which will be posted after the ff ends.. But Thats won’t be special. It will just be focusing on a nervous Kabir trying to confess to saanchi and misinterpretations and finally ❤❤

      2. Abhilasha

        But I m really excited for it…….. Can’t wait to read it!!

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